Sunday, May 30, 2010

Step One

Pray for us, people.
We haven't *self moved* in... oh... 15 or so years.
Let's hope Mr F and I are still married by the end of the day.

If this mini-move goes well we will be attempting Step Two sometime this summer.
Step two will involve a 26 foot U-haul truck.
Driven by the bald guy.
Try not to think about it.
Oh, and, stay off the roads.


vkrem1dm said...

Long time lurker here- love your blog and wish you the best of luck on your move.

PS- was going to comment on your car and then laughed out loud when I read the label. Glad you haven't lost your sense of humor during all your house stress.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh thanks for reading.
yes, the secretly rich jokes, just keep on coming :)

I've decided to become really tied up in the kitchen right now... oops... the trailer is already loaded... how did the time get away from me? ;)

Rah said...

don't know if you read my blog but we are also in the process of moving and i AM praying for you. i absolutely cannot imagine doing this with the children and the distance you have going on with your move. hope it goes well...deep breaths and chocolate are helping me:)

Jaime said...

More power to ya sister. You guys can totally do this.

I'm about to embark on a move from Halifax to Victoria (one coast of Canada to the other) by myself...but thank Christ I can use a mover for my stuff. The drive will be crazy enough!!

julie said...

Sweet ride...even if it is only borrowed.

Good luck on this mini move. That is fantastic that Mr F is with you. I hope it stays fantastic and doesn't get too ugly during the car trip.

Are you going to the Cougar's?

Mrs Furious said...

We're not all going. Mr F just came down for Sat & Sun and leaves first thing tomorrow to head back to The Cougars with a load of stuff. Kid still has another week of school. I'm formulating my plan for after that now. We have a showing tomorrow... maybe this will be the one!

kids does not make it easier... that is for sure! But either way moving is just about the most stressful thing to endure. congrats on getting such a good deal of a house!!!

You'll need plenty of Starbucks to get through that trip! Hopefully it will be a beautiful drive (I assume that it will be)... perfect time of year for it. Good luck and drive safe! Watch out for giant U-hauls... those fools don't know what they are doing ;)

Lindsay said...

Aw good luck with the move!!!!

G in Berlin said...

I'm wishing you the best. We have accepted a counter-counter-offer to rent our place: I'm hoping it goes through but I never trust anything until the contract is signed and the security deposited!
Our broker was so worse than useless that we had already spoken to another about replacing her and she had told us to grab the first offer. We negotiated it $400/month higher against her strong advice!
Remember- brokers don't care about price- they care about volume and not needing to make an effort.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks! We fit an unbelievable amount of stuff in there!

So is that good news for you guys? Was renting your plan B for that property? I hope you are making a profit.
re:brokers... um.... I'm having a hard time not hating mine.

G in Berlin said...

Our plan A was a 2 year rental, so this rental, 1 year w/option for 2nd, is our plan B. We expect to go back (with the kids) for a "vacation" between tenants and actually fully empty the place out so that the next time we extend our stay in Europe,we actually put it up for sale rather than rent (selling was really plan B- we couldn't afford to hold it empty for long). I love that our vacations include U-Haul trucks every time. This time, we expect to move not only the remaining house stuff (last rental was partially furnished) but also to change our 10x30 storage unit upstate (three hours away, by my parents) into 2 10x 20 spaces, with the attendant break down and rebuilding of storage units. Yeah! Who wants a two week all inclusive vacation in Turkey for the same price instead of all this fun!

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