Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Okay we were gone ALL DAY.

Lots of stuff happened.

We got an offer (hold your applause... it's low and we haven't countered yet).

We may be getting ANOTHER offer tomorrow... so... things are going in the right direction.

We found a house we LOVE.

Well... not KId.

She said she loves houses that are "richy" and "seem like they are REALLY rich".

Let me translate for you that "REALLY rich" = REALLY tacky. (sometimes you can take finishes too far, Kid)

We're going back to see the house this weekend and walk around the area and be REALLY sure before we make an offer.

Also by then we'll know what's going down with our Asheville house and we'll have a better idea what kind of offer we can make.

Pictures and commentary to come once Mr F downloads his camera!


angie said...


Liz said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're getting 2 offers, knowing that another one is coming in will make all parties bring their best to the table! Fingers crossed for you. I love Kid's perspective. A few weeks after we'd moved into our temporary rental house here, my 8 year old daughter says, "you know mom, this house seems so fancy with all its gold handles and lights, but it's really kinda junky". I about peed my pants:)

gooddog said...

WA-HOOOOOO! I am so hopeful!!

HC said...

Big money... big money... no whammies!

julie said...

I am so excited to see photos!!

I hope that the people making offers know that there are other people making offers (that sentence just sounds dumb, but you understand, right?). Hopefully that will put the pressure on them to up their offer.

Clearly, I have not had enough coffee yet. Me can't talk.

Rah said...

so exciting!!!

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