Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be Fun... Come Back For That

We've got a line up of 8 houses to see tomorrow. After watching back to back to back episodes of Sarah's House (love it) with Mr F, and his related commentary that the episode wherein she previews her potential houses was the most interesting, I've decided to give you all the same experience (what fun for you).

Although on a much less impressive scale.

So come back for that.

We're looking at everything from 1000 sq foot 1950s ranch (yowza that's small), to a somewhat ugly 70s house with a pool, to a .... get this... new (ish) subdivision house (I know).

We've got cul-de-sacs, we've got one acre yards, we've got hot tubs and swimming pools, we've got lots of blue toilets and salmon bathtubs and wallpaper borders.

Don't worry I'll take pictures.

We've got our list of priorities (3 bedrooms, a place for me to exercise, a yard to play in, sidewalks, walkable to school, etc). Our new motto is "This house is for the kids". So with some regret Mr F and I are sacrificing our personal aesthetic in order to get the best possible family house, in the best possible school, IN OUR LIMITED PRICE RANGE. It has become very unlikely that you'll see us in a cute Craftsman style bungalow this time around (Ann Arbor hasn't gotten that cheap.... yet....sniffle)

But, hey, there's a lot to love about 70s architecture... right?.... right?

One thing we know is that school starts in two months. We kind of need to get this show on the road if we're going to get in in time.

P.S. We're having two 2nd showings at our house this week. Fingers crossed, people. Because if our house sells I won't have to kill myself. (just kidding... kind of)


wootini said...

OOh fun with real estate. I can't wait to hear all the details. You never know! I've found, to my surprise, that even a tiny townhouse with crappy '80s construction (old enough to be a TOTAL maintenance PIA, but not old enough to be charming) has its charms when it's in a great location & shared with the right people and pets! :)

Good luck tomorrow!!!

HC said...

Love love love Sarah's House. And love the new mantra of house hunting! Looking forward to the real estate tour tomorrow. Good luck to you guys!

(and p.s. Moving to Tarrytown in a few weeks with Adam... pack, purge, repeat...so long to The Jers... :))

Rah said...

very excited for you all AND to hear about the houses you see tomorrow. mostly hoping that the two 2nd showings will end with your other house sold!!!

Marie said...

When we bought our house I was 6 months pregnant and we NEEDED TO MOVE NOW!!! With our budget the choices where not craftsman-cute.. The only reason we even LOOKED at our house was the great backyard..outside is ugly 70's brown and yellow siding..inside was (peeling) laminate cabinets and paneling on EVERY FREAKING WALL! But the price was right, the location and yard was good, and there was the potential for more room (3rd floor walk up unfinished attic). Six years later we have (slowly) done some work..sheetrocked some..painted panelboard elsewhere.. And I gotta say I kinda love it now in its weird half-updated way! I still HATE the siding, but am thrilled that we focused on things we could never change (location, yard) rather than things we could change (if we get a large inheritance.... :)

Good luck!! Can't wait to see the good, the bad, and the ugly!! (did I mention that we had 50's blue toilet, sink, and tub in our bathroom??? With yellow boomerang wallpaper?? Yeah...we managed to change that ASAP! :)

julie said...

I am so excited to hear about the houses!

Are the kids coming to all of the houses, too?

Mrs Furious said...

Congrats and good luck!

We're trying to be really open minded and let the aesthetics go. I think it's all about the flow of the space. I went in a tiny house that I loved because of the floor plan (it was already under contract... boo) and a *perfect* house I just couldn't like because the space wouldn't work for us. I'm really hopeful about the 70s house. I think the floor plan is going to be perfect.

I hope we get an offer this week. One of those is actually coming for a third showing tomorrow... so we're really hopeful it works out. That would be SUCH a relief. We really want to be able to move forward!

Oh I have seen more panelling last week than I thought humanly possible. And every crazy shade of tub/toilet combo... sea foam, powder blue, salmon, bright pink... hilarious. And always ALWAYS those crazy 50s bathrooms are in surprisingly great condition. No mold in the grout ever. What's up with that?!

Oh they are coming with me. Kid has watched enough HGTV in the past couple of months that she's into it and says things like "Oh nice finishes!". Baby loves the first couple of houses than opts to sit in the car watching movies. But since my main goal is a kid friendly house I like reading their reactions to them. They clearly just feel more comfortable with some versus others and Kid is really good at verbalizing it. She HATED the short sale house we had an offer on.

Lori said...

We have missed you!
Good Luck with the search and sale.
Can't wait to see the house hunting footage. Hope you include all of kids commentary! She really livens things up. lol
Fingers crossed!

Mr Furious said...

Tarrytown... Know the area well. I lived there briefly, down the road in Irvington for a few years, and Mrs F and I were married in Dobbs Ferry.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I've missed you all too.
Kid definitely adds the zest ;)

Andrea said...

Cant wait, fingers crossed the house sells.

wootini said...

And with the '70s house you could go all retro chic. A pool sounds awesome to me! Can't wait for the tour!

gooddog said...

You sound good! In a hopeful/maybe/surely/at some point in the near future all will be over sort of way! Yay! I've got my fingers crossed about the AVille house. Can't wait to hear more about what you've seen. Hugs!

angie said...

As long as you are near me, I am ok with whatever you choose :-)

julie said...

That is awesome about Kid being into this whole thing. It's good to get another perspective while on the hunt;)

Komal said...

You were married in Dobbs Ferry?? Where? Not far from where we are and I work at a foster home out there:)

@HC- Tarrytown is an adorable area:) Lefteris on Main Street....amazing greek food:)

Mrs Furious said...

We were married at Estherwood. It's a mansion on the grounds of a private school there.

Komal said...

I know exactly where that is!! It is a beautiful building. What a great place to get married:)

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