Friday, July 9, 2010

Get Ready For Another LONG Day

Party #2 is not meeting the noon deadline. They are seeing the house AGAIN (fourth time) tonight before offering.

Party #1 finally decided to counter our counter. And she came up 20K... so she's entering our ballpark now. She's giving us another deadline of 5 PM.

Of course Party #2 sees the house at 5:30 PM. Of course.

Oh, and there is another showing (unrelated from all this) today too.

So we're countering Party #1's counter at 5 PM.

If she accepts then that's that and we feel pretty good about that number.

If she counters it that will give Party #2 (and #3 if they jump in) a chance to make their offer before we're in contract.

You know, this whole experience (since Mr F accepted this job) has been crazy making.

But it seems like it's all going to work out.


Andrea said...

Dont leave us hanging all weekend, I might be worried and anxious and goodness knows eat all kinds of chocolate to help you cope.Seriously I hope it all works out :)

wootini said...

Insanity! I'm impressed that you're able to hold it together. Party #2 should have experienced buying a house back in the market craziness. Seeing the house 4 TIMES? Are you kidding me? We saw ours once and had to make an offer that same afternoon with an escalation clause or we would never have gotten it. Jeez.

angie said...

you are almost there. hang in there. call if needed in the house til 3ish, cell after. can't wait for this to be over!!

julie said...

wootini, word on that all with the previous market.

Stay strong on the curtain rods. Some people are just unbelievable. It is such bad karma. We ended up giving away little things around the house (like the beautiful extra tiles for the bathroom, a big box of firestarter stuff for the fireplace, etc) because our buyer was such complete ass (his lawyer and realtor both apologized to us after the closing.)

Amy said...

Good luck! It's all working out and it's so close to being over!!!!!

G in Berlin said...

I'm suspicious that anyone who can't meet a deadline (and needs to see the house 4 times) will wind up pulling serious crap before the conclusion.
Can't wait to hear the outcome. We've decided too that this is our last year of rental: next year we will sell.

Mrs Furious said...

alright... party #2 is backing out. They can't afford to get in to a competition.

So we definitely played this right.

Party #1 does NOT know they are backing out and presumes that they are still showing up for their 4th showing tonight.

Got that?

Don't ask don't tell style.

Okay. So we countered back just now at 10K over her counter.

We want to lock this in while she still assumes there is competition. Get her to move as close to our counter as possible.

It's looking good, peeps.

Gigs said...

The suspense is killing me...I don't know how you do it!

Mrs Furious said...


Well this evening party #1 countered our counter offer with her "final offer".

It's a little under where we want our final offer to be.

So we disregarded and countered her counter with our bottom line.

We wait and see. We have met every single one of her conditions and we are now asking her to come up 3K above her final offer (I know it might sound nickel and dime-y but we're standing to lose about 30-40K in equity when all is said and done and we need everything we can get. We're asking her to come up to what her pre-approval letter showed she was approved for... which kind of let us know she was prepared to pay. We'll see. Hopefully she steps up and signs our offer tonight.

We'll let you know.

In the meantime we're heading back to Ann Arbor tomorrow for a final round of houses plus a 2nd showing on our current fav.

IF her offer comes through we'll probably make an offer tomorrow on the new house. She wants to close mid-August so we need to get an offer in so we don't have to pay to store our things.

Positive thoughts please!

julie said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts.

When will you know?

Good luck.

Mrs Furious said...

who knows?!

We haven't been giving her expirations she has been giving them to us...

I assume we'll know in the morning. I guess at this point it all depends on how firm her final offer really was. I'm really hopeful we made the right gamble. Our realtor seemed to feel pretty good about it.


Nutmeg said...

This would be killing me!

Good luck.

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