Thursday, July 29, 2010

Check, Check, Check

Mr F got a raise (maybe he'll be able to drop all the extra work soon and we can have a normal life?)

The seller agreed to pay our radon mitigation (cannot believe it... totally thought they'd shoot it down)

I signed Kid up for school (yes I'm freaking out)

Of course I still feel like rolling around on the floor and crying out "I can't do it!". I'm planning on loading the kids up and hitting the road on Monday morning. Saying I really don't want to go down there and face the packing/moving music doesn't even come close to expressing my complete and utter dread of the tasks ahead.

I suppose I'll live through it.

18 days until the moving truck comes...

Hopefully I won't have become addicted to meth in the mean time.


trifitmom said...

you can do this !! maybe offer yourself a treat each time you complete something during that time.

we put an offer, and they countered and it was reasonable - so i am hoping hubby will agree b/c i want this house. but we also have to lower our price and sell our hosue fast or someone else could come in and swip it. .....fingers crossed. i hate this shit.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I hope you sell fast. Did you get one of the St Joseph statues yet? It can't hurt.

Claire said...

17 -18 moves - I've lost count - with four kids - my heart goes out to you - and look I made it!!! It is hell but you know what Winston Churchill said, "If you're going through hell keep going!" Can't wait for you to come out the other side!

P/F said...

Things ARE looking up.

....and I love what Claire said. Might be my new mantra.

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