Friday, July 30, 2010

It Turns Out...

Carpeting the 4 bedrooms is going to be just over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Does that not seem like a bit much for carpet?
That's not even for expensive carpeting (like I wanted).

Which just makes me wonder...

Exactly how much do I hate dog scented/stained- wild rice colored- shag carpet?

In other news, the seller has asked if we can close on the 18th (as planned) but have her stay through the 20th.

Hmm... that's a problem... since our movers are going to arrive sometime between the 19th & the 23rd.

Which, we all know, under present circumstances will mean they arrive on the 19th at 8 AM sharp.

And, no, we have absolutely no say or control over when they arrive (long distance moves are annoying like that).

On a positive note, Mr F has agreed to take some vacation days (about time) and come to Asheville so that we can have 4 or 5 days of packing with two adults and not leave it all the the shortest one to try and do by herself. Think about it peeps, have you ever actually tried to pick up a fully packed "dishpack". Those suckers are about 4 feet tall. I'm about 5 feet. It just isn't going to happen.


wootini said...

You want the carpet. Oh how I have wished COUNTLESS times that we had replaced the god-awful carpet before moving in. It has been a slow, painful and as yet incomplete process to replace it after move-in (9 years in). Finding the $, time and will to move all the crap out of the room(s) in question is overwhelming after the fact. You will be so glad you did it.

Oh and thank goodness Mr. F is coming to help pack!

Good luck!

wootini said...

Should clarify: you want the NEW, non-dog scented carpet!!!

Mrs Furious said...

"you want the NEW, non-dog scented carpet!!!"
haha! Yes, I got that ;)

Yeah we're going ahead. I had gotten pricing online and thought it'd be closer to 2100 but of course there are so many weird things that are extra that it's much more money. But like you said, we also have always regretted waiting to make the house nice.

Alexandra said...

We had those extras pop up with our recent wood floors. But it is SOOOO worth it! Looks like you already decided, but do it. Definitely.

lucinda said...

Yes to the carpet. If you do nothing else, it will make the house fresh, clean and yours.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Can I suggest playing this over and over again while you pack?

Ms.Droark said...

AWE~ check lowe's they currently have a 97 dollar installation fee

Hope that helps!

Ms.Droark said...

AWE~ check lowe's they currently have a 97 dollar installation fee

Hope that helps!

Kiki said...

So glad you decided to do the deserve them. At least that is how I legitimize everything....can't wait to see the pics!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Ms Droark,
Thanks. We went there and we are definitely going with Lowes. Significantly cheaper... and way more color selection.

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