Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Earning Potential

"If [Baby]'s ever going to make a lot of money, she is going to have to learn how to juggle fire." Kid calls to me over her shoulder, while riding bikes around the driveway.

I'll take that under advisement.


Smitty said...

That pic looks beautifully home-y.

Just, you know, supporting your decision.

Mrs. Smitty and I are going to be in Ann Arbor on Thursday. You guys around?

Deb said...

Beats dancing on a pole.

trifitmom said...

we saw a house we liked and we are putting our offer in tomorrow. they already have an offer and we need a contingency so who knows. i am trying to stay sane. and if they accept then it is lower our house price and get this baby sold. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mrs Furious said...

this is actually the cougar's house... staying here clearly influenced our purchase. Almost identical to the houses in her 50s/60s sub.

I wasn't planning on being in AA tomorrow. Mr F certainly will be... email him with your plans. I might be able to come down and meet up depending on the time. Of course I'll have the kids...

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