Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Negotiating

This feels like it's been dragging on forever.

Today we are countering the Asheville repair requests (since it turns out our range is NOT under warranty and we're not paying to fix the minor flaw... just be happy you are getting that super deluxe range already! Give me a break!). And back up plan is TAKING my awesome range and replacing it with a basic stainless range. Win-win. But we'll see if it comes to that.

We are also submitting our repair request for the new MI house: radon mitigation. That's it.

AND I'm still freaking out.

It is really difficult for me to show up here now. I just don't want to vomit all my stress out onto you all. I know it's annoying and a downer.

Unfortunately, right now, aside from a whole bunch of hot family gossip that I can't share, that's all I've got.

The main problem is that there are tons of stressful timelines and projects IN MY NEAR FUTURE... but... none of them can be started now. So I sit and stew and toss and turn... anticipating the stress.... and feeling helpless to do anything about it. It's rough.

I'm not someone who can just carry on and pretend that in 5 days I'm not loading the kids up and driving for 2 solid days to Asheville. To walk into who knows what. For real. Neither Mr F nor I can remember exactly how much work is waiting for us there (certainly a lot... but have we left ourselves a doable timeline?!?!).

God, I wish we had a corporate move! Last time we did all this in as fast a turn around BUT we had our stuff PACKED FOR US. I wish we could do that now. It would be such a huge relief. We wouldn't even have to go down (which I have mixed feelings about... I'm not sure it's great for Kid who has finally moved on emotionally). If I get really desperate maybe I'll get the movers to come price the packing of the remaining stuff... just so I can know. People, it might be worth the price... seriously... for my sanity. I'm starting to get anxious just thinking about that basement. Who knows what condition Mr F left that in. And how, exactly, am I supposed to do it all with the kids underfoot?

See? This is exactly why I don't want to blog. I'm sucking your souls out... and I just can't help it.

Things to look forward to post-move:
Mr F has vowed to get in the best shape of his life... this should provide hilarious blog fodder.


wootini said...

Ugh. I know this has dragged on for much longer than you had hoped it would... and I feel for you, trying to pack quickly with 2 kids underfoot. Crossing my fingers that everything goes ok. Wish I could buy you a margarita (or several) when it's all done. You deserve it.

Holly said...

Actually, yours is one of the first blogs I check when I visit my blogroll. Yes, even now. You word things in such a funny way that it's entertaining to read. Anyone who's been reading your blog for a while know that times are tough for your family, and expects to read about just that. Or a moment of levity in the midst of it all. It's a little ridiculous how happy I am to read of the progress of your move, agonizing though it is, considering that I've never met you. Keep slogging through -- you're nearly there!

Mr Furious said...

Mr F has vowed to get in the best shape of his life... this should provide hilarious blog fodder.


Smitty said...


Is Mr. F jumping on the P-90X bandwagon?

Mrs Furious said...

bwahahaha.... Mr F couldn't handle it.

I really don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm really worried about my potential for procrastination in this situation. I'm not very good at slow but steady work...

Oh thanks. I have been feeling really badly about the state of the blog and debate taking down these kind of downer posts... since I'm not sure they're good for anybody. But it will be over soon!

Mr F,
For reals on the hilarious blog fodder... or the getting in shape?

julie said...

The last thing you need to worry about is us and the blog!

Man, that completely blows that you have to go back down there and pack.

What is up with the stove that the buyer would need fixed?

Hang in there, Mrs F!

Mrs Furious said...

it's a five burner range and the middle (tiny useless burner really) doesn't ignite. It never did but it just wasn't a big enough deal to me to get fixed since you can just light it off an adjacent burner. Of course it's not under warranty and there is no way in hell I'm paying for a service guy to come out for that... it could end up being hundreds of dollars. If she pushes for it I'll just get a $700 replacement range and take that one with me rather than throw out another couple hundred. I doubt she'll ask though...

Mr Furious said...

For reals on the hilarious blog fodder... or the getting in shape?

Both, of course.

P.O.M. said...

My bestie's hubbers did the P90X thing and he seriously has this hot body. (Can one say that about one's friend's husband?)

My dude keeps saying he is going to get in the best shape of his life, but I'm still waiting.

Andrea said...

Its funny my hubby wants that P90X has been bugging me for two weeks being the rational person I am Ive looked on craigslist to see who is selling one so I may just break down and get it and then proceed to laugh at him when he's working out. Its only fair he ragged on me during my 30 day shred which got easier but sheesh Juillian kicks butt.

HC said...

Unsolicited advice ahead.... beware:

Don't censor yourself -- this is your outlet, and I think your readers enjoy being a support system. We come here because you tell it like it is, and don't fall into the trap of "staging and beautifying" your experience (which so many blogs do -- I totally used to fall into that). We're pulling for you! I think we all have faith that you guys are going to come out on the other side of all of this, and be wonderfully happy. Stay strong!

Gigs said...

Mrs. F., the blog doesn't have to be funny... as I've said before, it's just a day in the life, and it is what it is. Plus, the funny does always seem to come through somehow. You know we're all looking forward to Mr. F.'s transformation now! Still waiting for my guy to jump on that bandwagon... :)

Last night I was thinking of your live blog on the Bachelor, as I watched The Bachelorette, The Men Tell All. Please tell me you've had time for this guilty pleasure... So much drama!

Mrs Furious said...

Ha! Yes, we watched it!! We actually hadn't seen it this season but it was still good and now we're all set for the season finale. Oh and crazy Bachelor Pad which initially seemed like we would boycott... but by the end of the promo we were both totally sucked in. Hilariously Mr F was caught yelling "Gia?!?! You're too good for that!"

julie said...

Word to everything HC said.

You keep it real and that makes me feel normal in my own life.

Claire said...

I'm with HC - you make us all feel normal!!!

Deb said...

My soul is just fine. Vent, vent, VENT! Nothing is worse than anticipating a load of work you can't touch, so vent here.

Oh, Mr. F.

gooddog said...

Im on vacay so I know Im late to the conversation but I just wanted to ditto HC as well. I LOVE reading you... always... "for reals".

PS- in one month you will be living a totally different life! hip. hip hooray!

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