Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy Hands

We've been trying to get things all picked up and clean today. While were not hosting Thanksgiving, I don't know... it's just time to do a deep clean... I'm hoping to start going Christmas on Friday! Plus, there are some things you just want to take care of before the slush starts to make its way inside. I'm not doing a company clean like the rest of you, but I am in charge of the turkey for my family's T-day eating enjoyment, so I have all the prep to get done today for that. I'm about to rinse the bird and submerge it in the brine I cooked up last night (been sitting in our natural cooler... our back stoop... do not add warm brine to a cold turkey!!!). While I waited to get that all ready I decided to scrub all of the floors... late Fall has a done a real number on them... really need to get everyone to commit to using ONE DOOR before winter starts (I'm talking to you Mr F). The kids always want to help scrub floors (why?... I do not know) and so once we were done I kept their cleaning cloths going...

Here they are wiping down all of our knobs and door knobs with washcloths soaked with hand sanitizer. I'm not a huge fan of disposable cleaning products and this works like a reusable clorex wipe. I wish I'd thought of this idea BEFORE we all got our 2nd cold in 2 weeks.

PS... Do not confuse the Method brand "wood for good" spray bottle (which is polish!) for the Method "wood for good" cleaner in the squirt bottle!!! You will crack your head open if you accidently clean your floors with the spray... not that I know anything about that personally ;) But, YO! it's really slippery if you do that! Killing two birds with one stone nearly killed me!

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Kiki said...

I used Pledge on my wood floors once...we had fun for a week with that!!! Hope your day is amazing!!!

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