Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's hoping I don't murder Mr F before dinner.

Mr F has made the faux pas of confusing eating turkey with having experience cooking turkey.


Deb said...

Mine put the whipped cream in the freezer, thus delaying my favorite part of the meal (pumpkin pie!) by at least another hour.

Happy Thanksgiving, Furiouses.

katieo said...

I bet that was an awesome turkey.

so great that the Furious family isn't spending a lonely Thanksgiving in Asheville with no family around. woohoo!

Mrs Furious said...

At least you had pie... for some reason my brother didn't farm that out properly and some bad BAD bad $4 grocery store one's were served. With cool whip.

It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself ;) Mr F had the unfortunate impulse to give me some cooking advice right when I was under the most pressure. He won't be doing that again (he swears). It was nice to have the holiday with my family.... and especially nice not to need to pay hundreds of dollars to get there!

Mrs Furious said...

ones not one's

lucinda said...

The turkey was sublime! Stepfather Furious loved it enough to tell me it was much better than the one I made last week. Hmmmm... wonder what made him think that was a good thing to say, and so close to Christmas. :-)

Smitty said...

We had considered yet again deep-frying our turkey...always great results...but remembered a post maybe last year where you, Mrs. F, absolutely swore by brining the turkey.

We found an Alton Brown recipe, brined the turkey...and voila! Amazing.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh, good! I follow the Alton Brown method, too. You'll never go back.

ha, I didn't hear that. oops.

Mr Furious said...

To be fair, I know better than to offer cooking-specific advice to Mrs F. I was foolishly offering up unsolicitied—and bad/stupid/wrong—advice on transportation and logistics...

I like to think I won't be doing THAT again any time soon.

I'm now accustomed to how awesome the Mrs F brined turkey is—and the word is certainly out among her family—so it was nice for her to get the validation from a whole new group of guests last night who were blown away.

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