Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Guess It Was A Success

Last night was the first night (EVER) that we didn't have children with us.

My mom had her annual "Sweetie Santa Sleepover" for her granddaughters, and assumed that my girls would join in the morning (like usual).

But Kid was kind of interested in the sleepover... and very interested in not missing out on the night activites (hot cocoa and a movie) and for some unknown reason Baby was VERY interested in sleeping over.

This is a child who has yet to sleep through the night without parent intervention.

But she does love her eldest cousin... and... had been making her gifts all week... and wanted nothing more than to sleep with her.

So we packed them up and my mom drove down to pick them up.

Before they left Kid (who has not yet made it through a sleepover said...

"I'm not so sure about this"

We reassured her our phone would be by the bed! She could call and we'd get her at any time! You might really like it! You can sleep with your sister!

Then Mr F and I didn't really know what to do with ourselves.

We hurried downtown to see 127 Hours. Yikes! Mr F could barely watch it. Be forewarned if you have body injury/self mutilation fears... this movie is NOT for you.

It was fucking freezing out.

Mr F wanted to move back to North Carolina. (we jest).

We wandered around a bookstore looking at things the girls would like.

We went to a fancy dessert restaurant... even though I was just wearing my dirty yoga pants... whatev.

We laughed at a lady wearing one of those crazy fur rich lady hats.

We commented on how weird it was not to have to be home at a certain time.

We went home.

There was nothing on TV.

"You know, I really don't need my kids to be away at night." I said.

Mr F agreed.

We got ready for bed.

"Do you have your phone!" Mr F said anxiously.

"By the bed." I replied.

"What about the house phone!" He continued.

"By the bed." I replied.

We got in bed.

We looked at the clock.

"They're probably asleep by now." I said.

I opened a book. (about Mormons of course)

Mr F watched videos of the kids on his iPhone. (for real, peeps)

When we thought we might have crossed the hump of the kids freaking out (1 AM) we went to sleep.

We both slept fitfully, worried we might have to get up and drive the hour plus drive in the middle of the night.

But they never called.


Julie said...

And you two were probably so excited driving over to your mom's to pick up the kids. We were just like that!

lucinda said...

Weird for you, heaven for me.

Mrs Furious said...

We spent the entire drive debating who we should give custody to in our will.... if you're always with them you don't have to worry about the crazy freak accident that takes you both out in one fell swoop leaving your poor children orphaned!

Thanks for doing it. We'll get used to it. Eventually.
Charlotte has been asleep ever since we left, snoring loudly.

Andrea said...

Congratulations you made it, I always think the worst when the kids arent with me. my husband says im morbid because I will always say something about the kids being hurt or dieing in some freak accident. Motherhood is hard work with or without your kids

G in Berlin said...

We had that for the first time after moving here (so we had the in-laws) and although it felt weird, it was pretty cool. But our first time was a week in the US and that was too long to be without the kids. We really missed them by the third day.

Heather said...

I hate when my kids aren't with me because I am not sure I like who I am without them...I know it's wierd. It's the truth. And I was also going to tell you that because my husband designs kitchen he is automatically an expert on all things kitchen. Including cooking. Like he will say..."put salt in it...I know what I am talking about. It's what I do for a living." And I am always shocked becuase I thought he designs kitchens...hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

Gigs said...

Oh I know, it's weird isn't it? Last summer both of my boys went to camp together for the same week and it was crazy quiet and lonely. I miss them when they're not here...The shopping for them/thinking of them is so me! You know, you were supposed to have a romantic evening topped off by wild kids-out-of-the-house gettin' down. At least that's what my SIL told me... to which I responded, "BWAH HA HA HA!!!" 'Cause you know, there's no aphrodisiac quite like worrying about your kids!

Mrs Furious said...

" 'Cause you know, there's no aphrodisiac quite like worrying about your kids!"
Ditto watching videos of your kids in bed ;)

"And I am always shocked becuase I thought he designs kitchens"
ha! That would make me crazy! At least at a certain point Mr F knows he has no ground to stand on.

I said to Mr F "So if the kids die in an horrific accident I hope you are prepared to commit suicide with me immediately... we'll have to get some cyanide or something." He agreed.

Next time we need to go somewhere. If we had gone away to Chicago or something I think it would have been easier to enjoy ourselves than just living a regular day without them. I'm sure it will be a little less weird next time (I hope).

Deb said...

Hmm...yeah. That would be very weird. We just did our first long weekend away, and while I thought of the kids, it wasn't the same as sitting in an empty house without them. But it was unnerving to take a flight without them, and since their godparents were with us all weekend, we couldn't bring ourselves to get in a cab--all four of us--at the same time.

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