Monday, November 29, 2010

Day One

More on all of this later... but.... as of today we're homeschooling.

I just could not send her back to a woman that had not one positive thing to say about her.

So, after much debate and looking at the next 10 year investment in private school (nearly 200K for Kid alone) we decided to give free (or closer to it... I've already ordered $700 in curriculum, and signed her up for $400 worth of classes for next trimester) a shot. Even if we can just finish out 2nd grade that is a major savings to put toward another year's tuition. And we'll know for sure that we've tried everything, and paying the big bucks is worth it.

So, we're trying it.

Curriculum arrives next week.

Today... the zoo.


Smitty said...

Good luck! I mean with the home schooling. The weight loss too, sure. But really I mean the home schooling. I'd be privately worried if you and Mr F were complete idiots and were doing this because of the "dangerous imprint" that public schools leave on a kid. But seeing as how you're both reasonable, skeptical, intelligent people, and given the sweat you have both put into this decision, kudos for having the balls to stand up and do this for Kid.

And maybe (though my own skeptical nature doubts it) the district will get the hint about Ms. Lazypants and her lack of teaching ability.

G in Berlin said...

I mourn with you for the loss of your free time, but I am glad that you are happy with the choice you have made. And it could be really fun.I also can't imagine anything as soul destroying as a teacher who does not have a modicum of empathy or sypmathy for your child.

Sandcastle Momma said...

There will be hard days but in the end you are going to love it. The freedom it gives is amazing. Do you know how much you can learn from the zoo? So much better than reading about things like that in a classroom and Kid is too sweet to be subjected to that teacher.
Kids learn so much better when you take away the stress of having to perform to some "school set standard"
You can do it Mrs F!!!

lucinda said...

I'm proud of you. I know how hard it was to make the decision. Ask for help when you need it.

moley said...

Wow! Good luck.

I hope you find it as much fun as we have. It is the best decision we ever made as a family and our kids have never been happier.

Alexandra said...

You make me wish I had a child to home school.

Jen said...

Curious...did you have a talk with the principal? If so, how did that go? Is Kid excited?

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks everyone. I'm trying to be excited and not shitting my pants. The zoo was a good ease out of the school routine.

field trip to Frankenmuth! Get ready!

We are not officially taking her out until Wednesday... Kid needed to try it first (seeing as there is no going back, we agreed) ... so I'll let you know what happens when we make this move official. Until then she is just "at an appointment".

Gigs said...

I was wondering about the principal too. Make sure let him/her know the main reasons you are making this decision. BTW, I think you will be awesome at this. You are so thoughtful and driven, it seems like it will be a good fit for you.

Marie said...

Yay!! This deserves a trip to the store for a new notebook and some fresh pencils..Might as well start fresh and whats better than a brand new notebook? (or is that just me??)

Honestly, I won't be surprised at all if Kid is way ahead of her class by the end of the year..and more confident in her abilities as well! And without the early morning battles.. A win/win/win!!

Deb said...

When you guys are ready to discuss the early settlers, we've got Laura Ingalls Wilder covered here in Minnesota. :)

Congratulations and good luck!

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