Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today Was Better

I appreciated all of the awesomely supportive comments.

I really do.

Some of you made me cry... in a good way.

So, thanks!

This whole time has been insanely stressful and complicated (feelings wise).

I've taken something away from her that she liked... and how much that means (rightly or not) to her is hers alone to decide.

We're talking about it.  

A lot.

I talked to the private school admissions person today.

I told her that I don't want to rush right into another school.  I thought Kid needed some downtime, and that we'd come look at the school in a couple of months.  I want her to be able to choose the school for the school's sake and not just to jump from one to the other because that is easiest.  I want her to feel (even if we're ultimately guiding the choice) that she does have some say.  I don't want her (or us) to make a decision in reaction to leaving her current school.  I want us to make a real thoughtful decision about choosing the RIGHT placement for her.  We just can't do that now.  We need some time to bounce back.  I also think taking a couple of months, and spending the time really exploring what type of learner she is, and what kind of environment she really needs, and what kind of teacher... is going to be an invaluable piece of information as we move forward.  In order to advocate for her in the best way I can, I need to be the expert on what she needs.  When it comes to schools... we're just figuring this out.  I don't want to pay $12,000 to a school that isn't going to get her where she needs to be going.  

The admissions lady said ...

"She's very lucky that you are able to take the time to do that."

And that made me feel pretty good. 

You know, especially since they are pretty interested in our money.

I'm not overreacting. 

And I'm not just reacting.

It's not easy (really it's not) but in time this is going to all be worth it.

Next Fall, we'll be able to make a much more informed, confident choice about what we're going to do for schooling.

And, heck, until then the extra sleep isn't anything to sneeze at. 


Marie said...

Sometimes time is the best thing. And if there are other major changes going on now (like medication and the adjustments those take) why jump from one bad situation to another that may or may not be better? i wish all families did that. It would really make things so much better..

Karen said...

I just wanted to say that I think you are a great mom and Kid and Baby are so lucky to have you. I so wish that everything could be "normal" for kid but she has a great advocate and lets face it that is way more than alot of children have. Besides what the h@ll is normal anyway?

gooddog said...

i think "she's very lucky that you WILL TAKE the time to do that" as well. Lots of us have the time... but rarely to I stop and investigate instead of just taking what seems to be a "good" choice in front of me.

Ask kid if I can borrow a couple of wolves for my own anger zone... it's been a little too unguarded lately. ;)

Deb said...

I'm in awe of this, because it's an incredibly adult decision, one that not many people could make.

You've hit on an interesting topic of discussion we're having at our house right now about how to determine the best way our son learns without first seeing him learning every day and understanding the process he goes through and needs. There's a lot less pressure on us right now than with Kid's situation--he's only in pre-K, and we're unlikely to put him in kindergarten next year anyway. But your approach to all of this is interesting and valuable to our family, and I have to thank you for talking about it so openly.

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