Monday, December 20, 2010


It's Monday.

Christmas is on Saturday... right?

Just got in from our whirlwind trip at 2AM last night.

The cat was bouncing off the walls (literally) until well after 3... despite having fortuitously viewed a Jane Goodall communicate with animals dvd just last week.

I tried to communicate that I was tired.

Maybe if he was an African Grey Parrot he would have understood (they're psychic).

In the end I think he was picking up on my leniency (and guilt) and so he stalked my face (hidden under the covers to protect its delicate flesh) like it was his prey (it was).

Anyway, back to the important stuff...

It's Monday.

I have a very few things for Kid (It's kind of hard to shop for them when you are with them all the time).

The wrong thing for Mr F (that I had cancelled but showed up anyway).

And NOTHING else.

I need to ship things and ideally have them arrive before Christmas.

I'm having a heart attack.

The thing is, I don't even have any ideas.


Know of a great, universally appreciated gift, that ships for free (or cheap).... let me know!


Jen said...

Mrs. F. - I haven't commented in forever but I'm still reading! has free 1-2 day shipping if you spend $50. (Or if you also order something from the sister site I think you only have to spend $25). It just saved my butt on some niece and nephew gifts. Probably best for Baby but you should be able to find some things for Kid too. (Mr. F. is out of luck.)

Holly said...

Money is all that comes to mind.

trifitmom said...

beer of the month

Nutmeg said...

Amazon gift card (They Email them to the recipients!)

A month of Netflix!

Between work and constant contractions we don't really have anything either. Hopefully the ordered gifts will arrive in the mail.

I'm not sure we really need to get my mother in law anything though because on friday we found out that we are having a girl (the first girl in my husband's family in 80 years!)

Liz said...

Yikes! Men love meat, right? Beef Jerky of the Month Club. Seriously, I ordered some for my husband and he loved it so much I think he forgot he really wanted an ipad:) Good luck and Merry Christmas!!

Ashley said...

For the girls--Calico Critters! They're perfect for that age group and a nice quality toy. Amazon had the cottage (which comes with furniture and a critter) for $48. Also, if you join Amazon Mom you get free 2-day shipping for a couple of months. It's free to join. Good luck!

Mrs Furious said...

bwahahaha that is hilarious.
Hopefully Mr F is reading this, because I love beef jerky.

congratulations! First girl in 80 years?! That sounds like a pretty good gift.

I wish that would work. It does help take care of the nieces, though.

Checking it out!

might work!

Mrs Furious said...

Funny... that is exactly what they both asked Santa for this year! I'm on it!

Andrea said...

The only things Ive bought are those damn pillow pets and really Im not sure I even want them in my house, is it just me once you start bringing in the stuffed animal toys they breed in corners. Im at a loss thankfully at 4 and 2 they dont really care.Good luck.

Smitty said...

It is official. Trifitmom is a genius. Shopping...DONE. Beer of the month is not only the gift that keeps giving, it's a gift that will invariably draw him closer and more attentive in his love for you. Mrs. Smitty got me Bacon of the Month once, and I am still smiling over it. I viewed her in a different, more loving (like that was possible) light.

Deb said...

Sleep? Oh, wait. That's just me.

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