Sunday, December 2, 2012

And In Other News

My beloved grandmother, The Cougar, is passing away.

She tripped and fell 3 weeks ago.

No one knows why, but she just isn't pulling through.

One thing led to another and things have progressed very quickly.

A woman who was in good health, and her usual spunky attitude, just 4 short weeks ago at Kid's birthday party is now on hospice.

It's been an overwhelming shock and hard to comprehend.

I believe that her strong faith in an afterlife with her husband and parents and friends that have passed on before her is a comfort to her and that she yearns to join them and end her pain and suffering.

We had a close relationship both when I was a child and recently as an adult.

She was an avid blog reader and enjoyed her Cougar fame.

Mr F lived with her for several months when we were stuck in NC selling our house, firmly cementing her crush on him.

Just a month ago she was making us gag and laugh with her  sexually inappropriate comments towards him.

Now we are driving up to say goodbye.

Because she was a young grandmother (only just 82), and a constant larger than life presence at all our family functions and summer vacations, my girls have always considered her their grandmother, not my grandmother.

This is the first death of a loved one they will remember.

Kid is devastated.

Baby is nervously pretending that she doesn't hear us.

I'm trying to get this right.


Torey said...

Oh my! I'm so so sorry. I cannot imagine the pain you and your family are feeling.

I hope that everyone finds the peace they need.

HL said...

I'm so sorry.

Brenda said...

Oh no, I'm so sad to hear this. She seems like one in a million. Hugs to all of you.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks all. This is a really hard and devastating experience. Kid sobbed for hours last night feeling some very adult feelings of guilt and such about her relationship with her. It was sad. She said she knew that my grandmother wanted to pass away and be with my grandfather but she just couldn't understand it. No one can. It's really crazy that this has spiraled out of control like this so quickly over an injury that shouldn't have ended in death. I had a good meaningful (for me) time with her tonight and I don't think I have anything I feel was left undone or said. So sad though.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. F,

Thank you for describing to me what I can not see for myself. I'm heartbroken, yet comforted by your words at the same time. Next time you see your uncle give him a big special hug for me. Love you all of you!!



katieo said...

oh man. I'm so sorry. I had such a hard time when my Grandma passed. We'll keep you and the girls in our prayers.

Julie said...

Oh honey.
I thought the Cougar would live forever. I am so sad for you all.

Love to you all. Extra hugs for Kid.

Smitty said...

Having this -

and I don't think I have anything I feel was left undone or said

- while heart-breaking for sure, given the suddeness of it all, hopefully offers at least some solace, and maybe even a point of pride for an open and giving relationship fulfilled and a lifetime of memories to pass-along. I do hope you guys - and she - find peace.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks, everyone. I am so so sad. It's a very sad situation and she's been frightened and in pain and very confused. Today they doubled her medications so she'll hopefully be more comfortable. We have no idea how much longer she has... days or a week or two... there is no answer. It's so heartbreaking for me to think of someone suffering this way and I hope it gets easier for her to bear (and for everyone who is at her bedside as well).

Andrea said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, I loved reading about the Cougar.May you all find peace in this awful time.

Supermom said...

I will be thinking about you all.

Theresa said...

I'm so sorry. I pray that your grandmother finds some relief. Sending a virtual hug your way.

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