Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Lump Or Two

The tea was a success across all four generations. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more (my mom). The food was more than plentiful and absolutely delicious. It started with a plate of 6 savory sandwiches (cucumber, smoked salmon, asparagus tart, radish & lemon on crustini (delish!!), fig & procuito, chicken salad in puff pastry) after that I was already full... don't worry that didn't stop any of us. Then there were honey cakes with lavender, blueberry & lemon scones, chocolate cake, truffles, pink grapefruit tarts & green tea shortbread... all with lemon curd, devonshire cream & raspberry jam. It was ridiculous. We ate until we could burst and still had plenty to bring home to Baby.

They had us all choose our teas by smelling the different varieties. I have been to a couple of formal teas before but have never done this... it was the perfect way to pick exactly the right flavor. I hadn't really thought about the tea part until we got there (focusing mostly on the tiny sandwiches & cakes) and then I was worried that Kid might not really like tea and wasn't sure how disappointing that would be. That was before I smelled the Mayan Chocolate Truffle tea which when mixed with sugar and milk tasted a lot like hot chocolate. She loved it... and especially enjoyed adding the sugar cubes.

Kid enjoyed the plate of finger sandwiches and then the plate of "kid friendly" sandwiches they brought up fearing she wouldn't like the grown up fare. They vastly underestimated her sophisticated palate but she didn't mind. She ate her smoked salmon, cucumber, chicken salad & mini quiche and then delighted in the ham & cheese, ants on a log, and pb & j... which she told me was just how she liked it... on white bread.

It was a fantastic afternoon with views looking over the bucolic cow pastures of the estate with the cloud covered mountains in the distance. Kid is the perfect age for this... she was in awe of it all and felt really special. If you happen to be up for the experience reserve a window table... that's what I intend to do for Mother's Day... when Kid and I will go back for a little tete รก tete. It's a whopping $22 a person but... trust me... you are actually getting $22 worth of food and then some. You won't need to eat again that day. Not to mention the good sized doggy bag you'll likely bring home.


Elizabeth said...

Awwww, I totally saved the one of all four of you to my computer. You're all adorable!

The tea box!!! Flashbacks of The Ranch!

This was obviously such a special and wonderful thing, I've gotten all sappy on you!

gooddog said...

That looks SO fun and cool and makes me wish that I actually had a child who would enjoy it in this testosterone filled household. My boys are watching underdog, then planning to dig worms to go fishing and ending the day with Tball. Oh for a dress and tea! :)

julie said...

How wonderful! I have never been to tea. I might have to look in to doing that...without the boys.

Torey said...

What fun! You all look so lovely and like you're having a blast!!
Where was the tea? I'll have to remember to tell my in-laws. . .maybe they'll take me!

Glad you're enjoying the visit!

Miss Theresa said...

What a beautiful picture of all of you! It definitely sounds like a wonderful time. I wish they would've had 'high tea' here in Sacramento when my daughter was young. Now she's 23 and we do 'happy hour' instead!

hicktowndiva said...

We love the Inn at Biltmore is our favorite place to stay in Asheville. Glad you had fun!

Kiki said...

Wow!!! It looks like you guys had a great time, the pictures are lovely and Kid does look like Kirsten Dunst!! You looked fab too, I love the color of the dress(?) you were wearing!!

Shannon - said...

WHAT FUN! Kid is turning into such a beauty! (always has been, but ya know!) You'll have to beat those boys of w/ a stuck

You looked wonderful as well, what good lookin' fam ;)

TUWABVB said...

What a wonderful idea and it looks like it was an elegant afternoon! Kid looks so beautiful and grown-up!

Mrs Furious said...

The Inn at Biltmore.

My mom & grandmother are staying there. It worked out really well... it's nice and has all the 4 star amenities without being too snobbish to have Kid hang out over there. Plus it's not that expensive.

It is a purple & cream herringbone. I bought it years ago and it has just been one of those timeless purchases.

Thanks everyone! We had a really nice time. This has been a wonderful long weekend.

I'm still hoping her potential nerdiness might offset her looks ;)

Christy said...

That looks soo sophisticated! How nice for you and Kid.

I think Kid is by FAR more beautiful than Kirsten Dunst.

Deb said...

What a great photo of all of you!

I never thought of going for tea in the U.S. Now you've got me completely hooked on the idea, and I'm off to hunt one down.

michelline said...

This looks wonderful. And Kid looked so beautiful!

Mrs Furious said...

Yes! I remember thinking the tea box was the coolest thing at the ranch.

Do it. Certainly some fancy hotel has one.

Oh... thank you.

Marilyn said...

What a great picture of the four generations! And I love the picture of Kid -- she's so cute. Is this your grandma who was sick recently? She looks good!

Mrs Furious said...

No this is my mother's mother. Nana is my father's mother and is 19 years older. She is still recouping from her heart issues but is doing well in spirit and is hopeful that she'll be up and about as she was in a few more months.

The Storts Trio said...

You look very pretty Mrs. F...

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