Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Worth A Shot

I went to the basement yesterday to scout out the girls' summer clothes. Having two girls you'd think I'd have the hand me downs covered. Well when Kid was about three I decided to sell her clothes and my maternity clothes. You see I wasn't sure if I was done having kids but I thought I might have been. And I reasoned I couldn't guaranteed I'd have another girl anyway.


I was pregnant with another girl just a few months later.

Fortunately I was able to hang onto everything size 3 and up. Plus I had set aside unisex stuff like Baby's badass snowsuits you've seen her in the past two winters. And several nice dresses that I didn't want to take pennies on the dollar for.

As it turned out my girls were born in different seasons and I really only got screwed with the size 2 stuff. That's not even true. I had the winter stuff (since I was selling the stuff in the spring they only took summer if I recall)... so I guess for making a triumphantly bad decision I made out alright. Until now.

No summer clothes for Baby.

I've been keeping my eye on an ebay lot of summer clothes but figured...

Hey, there are a couple hundred moms reading this RIGHT NOW... maybe one of them has my missing bin.

You know that bin sitting all lonely down in the corner of your basement?

In all seriousness I don't want to bid on a huge lot of clothes on ebay when I only need a couple pairs of shorts and shirts. If you happen to have a few that you wouldn't sell I would be more than happy to pay for the shipping if you'd send them my way. Baby is not picky. If you've got stuff the resale shops turned down... we'll take it! Baby will happily wear stained clothing... she'll stain it the first time she puts it on anyway (sad but true).

Size 2 shorts and shirts would be greatly appreciated. If you happened to have size 6 (toddler) sandals we wouldn't turn those down either (or size 11 while we're at it).


Mission Accomplished.

Thanks so much!!!


katieo said...

Dude. If it were boys clothes you needed, you know I'd have you COVERED. Well, Baby covered.

Andrea said...

Im so glad you asked I have you covered no joke I have a few dresses and jeans as well Id be happy to send your way!

Elizabeth said...

hey, who was it you didn't like on biggest looser? Tara?

I'm watching an episode, I think it's current.

Also, would making summer clothes work? shorts should be really easy, and cute little dresses. Just a thought.

Mrs Furious said...

Thank You!!!!

I know you would.

I've gone back and forth on Tara... but last week she went over to the crazy side.
And we have a mind connection... I was just thinking about how hard it would be/ wouldn't be to try and make shorts.

Robin said...

I wish I could help, but since Kara is only 6 weeks older than Baby, I'm in the same boat.

Is it bad that my 4 year old has bigger feet than Kid?

I've seen your sewing skills. I'm thinking shorts and simple dresses would be pretty easy for you.

Haley said...

Dude, if Salt and Pepa ain't to proud to beg, then I don't think you should feel bad. ;)

But seriously, you've got so many people pulling for you, I think you'll be flooded with baby clothes (actually...if you set up a P.O. Box and put it on the site like other bloggers do, who knows what might show up... just sayin...).

And Yay for Andrea! :)

Staci said...

Sorry, our size 2 days are over. Other wise I'd pass down shorts & shirts.

I'm glad you got some dresses & jeans coming your way. :)

I also think you making a few sun dresses would be awesome for the girls. Something they could even pass down to their little ones someday. :)

What about garage sales or goodwill?

Mrs Furious said...

I have scoured the three local goodwills... nothing. They are terrible here (IMO). I used to buy mostly used clothes anyway but here there isn't the same selection. There is one (that I know of) used kids store but it is one of those that charges $14 for a used item and we all know that is ridiculous. I can buy new at Target for cheaper than what they're selling. I don't care about it being a name brand.
MI was way better for used so when I'm there in the summer I'm going to get the girls fall stuff.
Also garage sale (at least in our hood) are not what they were either. There is a lot more old people I think.

Well I'm 5'3 so I'm thinking the overall genes for height might be a factor ;)

Does this mean you and Adam might start shacking up?!!!
And I'm sorry.
Stay tuned for NY updates I'm still waiting on my friend to give me a schedule.

Nutmeg said...

Hey, when I go to goodwill here for Eli's summer stuff, I'll keep an eye out. If I even had nieces I could probably score some clothes, but there are only boys in this family. And, Eli is the same size as baby so I couldn't even give our unisex stuff.

I think making summery dresses is a fine idea, but you can buy t-shirts and shorts for 1.50 at goodwill here, you'd spend more on the fabric to make clothes than that. Seriously, we have two large and excellent goodwill's here and toddler clothes are usually in great condition because they don't last long, they are not sorted by gender, so as I go through I'll yank some stuff out... I have a friend who needs girls clothes too, so if you don't want it, it isn't a big deal.

Mrs Furious said...

I think I'm going to be all set for now. I'll let you know if we need something. Thanks for the offer.

joann said...

Socre! I have size 2 summer stuff I will gladly pass on if you still need them! Just let me know where to send the itmems!

Haley said...

Well, we're not quite sure yet, but he's looking at a lot of jobs in NJ and likes the idea of moving in here with me...we'll be crammed in like sardines but it would certainly be the most frugal thing to do. I hyperventilate from excitement and anxiety when I think about it! :)

Sherry said...

Do you still need size 2 stuff? My 2 year old is wearing 4T stuff. I don't know how much summer 2T stuff I have left from last summer, but it's time for me to go through it soon. Let me know!

Mrs Furious said...

Joann & Sherry,
Thank you for the offer ladies! I think I'm set. I'll let you know if something changes.

" I hyperventilate from excitement and anxiety when I think about it! :)"
I think that's a good sign.

Anonymous said...

If all other offers don't pan out please let me know...I have a TON of girl stuff and you could even pick it up if you want...go shopping in my basement next week? With my sister having two boys I have to clear some of the girl stuff out that I was holding for her...

wootini said...

Sorry I got to this late... if you decide you need anything else, just let me know!

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