Friday, April 3, 2009

Well That Was Good While It Lasted...

But it's back to ME ME ME!

Truth be told I'm somewhat devastated since I just heard back that Kid did not get into the Charter School. At this point 10 of the current class would have to move or leave (that's more than half the class) in order for her to have a shot at getting in. Not likely. I didn't want to get my hopes up... but... I did. It would have been just the prefect solution for us.

Ah well.

I guess I'll go do laundry.


Marie said...

Ugh..I hate that feeling. The dread of even looking at the finances and the nausea that comes when you figure out how bad it is. Right now we are better (it was rough for about 5 in "what bill should we pay" rough..) but we are still standing on thin ice. I work per-diem as an RN and there is talk of eliminating those positions, so no "extra" money for us (you know, to blow on crazy things like oil changes and name-brand Target clothes for my ever-growing girls..)

Yeah. It is a major sucky economy when freaking hospitals are letting nurses go.

K. Enough about me.

Oh, and a big "crappity-crap-crap" to the charter school. Its time for a flaming-bag-o-poop. Thats all I'm saying.. ;-)

Robin said...

I am so sorry. You just can't seem to catch a break. I'm really hoping that things will turn around for you...sooner rather than later.

lucinda said...

I don't inderstand how the mortgage can increase. Perhaps you can negotiate less of an increase over a longer period of time. It seems like predatory timing.

megO said...

we just refinanced & our mortgage went down by $250/month. have you checked that out?

Mrs Furious said...

"It is a major sucky economy when freaking hospitals are letting nurses go."
yeah that is telling.

You and me both. I felt like I could eat it on every level if we could just get into that damn school.

It's an escrow shortage. That happened in AA the first year too. It's a property tax thing.

Our current rate is 5.62 I was reading that to cover the closing costs you have to divide the monthly saving out to see how many years you'd have to stay to come out even. I think we'd have to stay in the house at least 4 years to come out even. I'm thinking we're going to be here 2 years. But I suppose it's worth calling our broker and seeing how it really pans out and what rate we could get.

I'm making a pound cake!

gooddog said...

argh. i am so bummed about the charter school for you.

i love that you are doing cash and daily allowance for your trip. that's that we try to do and i really like it. it's actually MORE freeing to me to know what we can spend. period. don't even look at that damn cute whatever...

hang in there mrs. f. thinking of you. the tide's gotta turn at some point, right?

ps- i smile everytime you chuckle at the turquiose car.

Mrs Furious said...

We are definitely calling her next week... but I just did a search online and in our area with no points down we can't even beat our current rate. Suckity suck.

lucinda said...

So, how long is the mortgage increase in effect?

megO said...

crapola. we just got 4.7% a couple of days ago... i guess there's at least one perk to living in a state with the astronomical pricing of everything else!

Andrea said...

I can sense your anxiety, Im not sure what can be said. I hope things start to turn around soon.

Jen said...

Would looking at this lift your spirits?

I thought not.

Christy said...

The same thing with the mortgage happened to us the first couple of years in our house.

Seriously, would Mr. F consider delivering pizzas at night or something to earn some extra $$?

What size jeans do you wear?

Mrs Furious said...

There is a permanent $70 increase and a 12 month $150 increase.

Yeah this has kind of broken me for a bit.

At least that car is good comic relief... and will be ours in 2 days.

It was worth a try ;)

We're talking about what we can do for extra $... one of us is going to be doing something.
Oh and for pants 2/4 but the good news is we have the dept store gift card and I just need to budget it and Mr F and I can get what we need.

Haley said...

Oh man, I duck out from the internet for a day or so and even more shit hits the fan. You guys cannot catch a fucking break! Hey, if it's a nice day when you're in NY I'll bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and quiche and we'll have a po' ass pinic. P.S. Adam got laid off last week... yep, yet another sign o' the times hits home.

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