Monday, January 27, 2014


Brenda said...

Yes, it is.

You're luck you are doing private school and don't have a number of days the girls are required to attend... you'd be in school until July!

Mrs Furious said...

I know, it is crazy. Baby's school is a public charter so they do have to comply, but MI has 6 allotted snow days. We are right there. Some schools will elongate the day if they go on, but hers has said they will add days since there is no evidence to support a longer day = made up academics. Which is surely true. I'd much prefer them go to school in the summer than in January. That's how Korea does it. 6 weeks off in Dec-Feb & 6 weeks July-Aug. Works for me.

Supermom said...

Same here in Asheville!!!! BTW, I'm glad you are blogging again!!!!

AND M loves those books, they are reading them in K at school.

Sorry I didn't call you other day, trying to let things settle. I need a stiff drink but sadly I gave up drinking!!!!

Text you later :) xoxo PS. I want your white trash recipe. I'm off to look on your blog. :)

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