Wednesday, January 29, 2014


At 6:30AM, negative 15 outside... believe me, I wondered why in the hell I wanted the girls to go back to school.

But, as I predicted, I had a much more productive day.

As lame as it is to discuss, I have found writing out a list of what I need to get done in the optimal order I need to do it, allows me to kick things out like a freaking machine.  I don't know what is going on with me... I'm turning into an old woman.  (also, I participated in this brain storming workshop about goal setting and such and it kind of rocked my world and jump started all of this positive change... maybe I'll discuss this in the future... it was extremely easy to do)

Pics from the day:

Baby drew a Picasso inspired piece during her morning free time.  It kind of blew me away.  She was looking at a poster of this:  
and then promptly drew this:

Unfortunately, she also has ADD and as her teacher told me today... 
"She has a hard time staying on task and finishing her work... unless it's her artwork."  Uh... sounds like someone else I know.  All I can say is, thank god my house is equally divided OCD & ADD... it kind of keeps things balanced... ish.

(Did you know there is a correlation between ADD and creative talent?  The brain is an interesting organ.)

Kid got her basketball uniform.  Mr F is extremely stoked that she is #34.  
I guess the athletic director had trouble sizing her because her legs are abnormally long for her height & the shorts have to be a certain length.  I don't know how I produced such a giant.  It amazes me.

I really wish you could meet her.  She's just a 100% awesome human being.  
(I also wish I had known about the uniform arm hole issue before I bought sports bras...)

Also,  and maybe most importantly... I am on my way to salt & pepper, baby!  It is really hard to capture gray hair in a photo... it is much more prominent in real life. I cannot tell you how happy I am about that awesome stripe!  I had a hair stylist who would normally want to dye gray but even she couldn't deny how awesome it was that it grows in a big stripe.
Of course, it now grows everywhere... but the stripe still equals badass.
Is it weird to dream of salt & pepper hair?  Or, just super fortuitous... because it is happening, people.  Ultimately, I'm really looking forward to kicking it pure snowy white style!
I'm coming for you old lady hair.  


Brenda said...

She has a hard time staying on task and finishing her work... unless it's her artwork.

MmmHmm. We've been getting that comment for years.

Kid looks great, so official!

Salt and pepper hair... I've been denying that for about 15 years now. In fact, I occasionally wonder at what age it will be okay to stop coloring and embrace it. Is there an age? I have a friend who says I am still too young to have white hair. But those are the genes I was given, so... We'll see how that plays out...

Peta Mayer said...

Cool stripe - like a skunk.

Mrs Furious said...

Have you had morning routine issues with Kev (when he was younger?). This is a serious prob with Mr F, but we have a system for him (I wish I was joking). Baby takes it to another level, she is REALLY hard to keep on track in the morning. We actually had a huge family blow up this morning (which rarely happens but it was just ridiculous how slow she was being today). We already get her up 20 mins before Kid, since she clearly needs extra time... but even still she kind of stalls at breakfast staring off into space (despite our constant reminders to EAT) and we are still forcing her to cram everything else into 3 minutes. It is hell, and not how anyone wants to start their day.

Pepe Le Pew :)

Brenda said...

Oh, yeah, the morning and the night routines took forever. Tired and off task in the morning, wound up and all over the place at night. Even now I do try to have him do whatever he can before bed (pack backpack etc.) which helps a little. It is easier now that he's older because if it's going to take him an hour to brush his teeth at night, I'm just not staying up with him anymore, and I go to bed... The morning got straightened out fairly quickly this fall because Eric is driving them to school, and he didn't mess around with Kev making him late. We do get him up earlier than Eric, and I do say a lot of, "okay you need to be ready in 20 minutes, in 15 minutes, in 10 minutes..." and "did you do this yet", or "did you do that", and so on. Fair warning and trying to keep him focused. I'm thinking there was actually a time where he would sleep in his clothes for the next day (maybe not jeans!) to save himself some time (his idea).

Eric has been asking lately to be tested for ADD too, as he is seeming more and more distractable and forgetful lately, though it doesn't effect his grades (he can compensate like nobody's businesss). I have started to wonder if we didn't miss a lot of cues with him because we were so focused on Kev and his issues for so many years. I don't know much about adult ADD, medications or otherwise, but it's probably something we will look into before he leaves for college. Every morning I ask him as he kisses me goodbye, "do you have your running shoes" for track practice. And I'd say 3 days out of 5, when I leave for work I see them sitting in the mudroom. This morning he looked for his car keys all over the house, in all his clothes, the laundry, the bathrooms. I told him to check his car, which he said he did. Eventually we gave up and my husband had to drive them to school. Do you know where we found his keys after he was at school? In his ignition! God help me, I live with an entire clan of ADD individuals. And people wonder why I get so frustrated! I won't even get started on Gary and his multitude of ongoing and incomplete projects. Mostly my life is just planning ahead as much as I can, and constant reminding/nagging. Good times. Anyway, probably more than you wanted to know... ;)

Mrs Furious said...

"Tired and off task in the morning, wound up and all over the place at night." Yep. Interestingly, it drives Mr F even more crazy than it drives me. I just feel bad because she pretty much starts and ends her day being nagged constantly. But she CANNOT stay on task at all at those times. Fortunately she has a pretty optimistic and happy disposition (unlike her dad...) and outside of people nagging at her doesn't get discouraged ever.

Adult ADD is just more of the same...Mr F left his phone on the bed this morning. I saw it and reminded him to grab it 5 minutes before he left. He still left without it. I have to remind him of anything that isn't typical routine 30 min before, 5 minutes before, at the time he should depart, 5 min later to make sure he LEFT... (he won't have)and on. It is often more work than just doing it myself. He's getting his meds reevaluated soon.

Brenda said...

pretty much starts and ends her day being nagged constantly This! I know!

I just can't understand why a nice organized woman like myself ended up in this chaotic hell... :)

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