Friday, January 31, 2014

Baby's Birthday ReCap

Baby revealed to me that her dream was to have breakfast in bed.  Having her eat breakfast in bed is not my dream, however.  She makes enough of a mess sitting at the table.  But dreams are dreams and I was determined to make this happen for her... even though it meant having to wake her up extra early to do it.  We settled on a first course of fruit in bed followed by our traditional family Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissant birthday breakfast at the table.

 Breakfast in bed was worth it for this crazy bed head and bewildered face alone.  Awesome.

 She still looks kinda crazy at the table.  We got out the birthday ring and her rose.  I put up the banner and streamers and balloons.  
 Did I mention that I let her take a day off of school and we could have SLEPT IN?!?  
 But traditions run deep and she still wanted to have breakfast with her sister.

 Then I took her to see Frozen for the sing-along version.  
 We had the theater to ourselves and I told her jokingly that it was a private showing.  She took me seriously and I've been going with it ever since. Why take that awesome memory away?! 

Then we met up with my mother for Afternoon Tea. 

 Please... I did not have the heart to discourage her crazy self stylings with the bangs this morning.  
 She mostly just ate the whipped cream off of the desserts.  Needless to say I was off my diet today.

After our outings we came home and I spent 4 hours trying to bring her cake visions to life.
 It was to feature green grass, a sidewalk with paw prints, a cat & a dog on top, 
and Happy Birthday Charlotte written in squiggly letters.  There was some give and take this year... I was able to successfully talk her down from the multi-tiered cake drawn. But I really do try and recreate all of her elements.  It is not easy, my friends, and it sometimes makes me wonder why I ever started this with her!!  But I'm always happy when I'm done and I think I was able to deliver.
People, I do not even play around.   

Then we went out for Korean food for dinner.
 Baby purposely scooped up more on her chopsticks so that you all would be sufficiently impressed with her skills!

Then, much too late, we came home and I unveiled the cake.  
Truth be told I was a little nervous when I presented the cake to her.  
She has been known to be a very exacting critic.  

 She liked it.  
She accepted my changes (playmobil cats & dogs, not the ugly bento picks that she specified)  
 Mission accomplished.
Pretty awesome birthday all around.  


shelley Aikins said...

What a great day you gave her! Love the bed head. She is still so adorable <3

Chris Howard said...

How is it she gets cuter every year?

julie said...

You have created the best traditions with your girls.

I love that you had the theater to yourself. Hilariously awesome.

Brenda said...

Sounds so great! Glad she had a special day.

This year's cake for Kev centered around his new interest in taxidermy. Yep. Sort of like your cake, but all the play animals were lying on their sides... :)

Mrs Furious said...

Kill me if she takes up an interest in taxidermy, Brenda!

The bed head picture is my favorite. It makes laugh every time.

She's still got the spunk.

It was awesome, you know she'll always remember that I booked that private showing! ;)

Andrea said...

7 already really where did the time go, Happy Birthday Baby! The cakes get better every year, way to go!

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