Sunday, February 16, 2014

Forgive me people... I'm just trying to keep my promise... I never said it would always be worth reading!

This has been a long week with Mr F gone out of town, and a holiday, a basketball game, homework & the two kids-two schools-same time-one driver issues.

I was really looking forward to this weekend because both kids have off of school on Monday and Tuesday & I just desperately wanted NOTHING to do.  It was kind of the carrot that got my through the week.

Of course, my thoughtful friends here in town were convinced that we would be desperate to get out of the house and invited us to come over for dinner last night.  And, can you say no?...  I can't.  So instead of relaxing I made 7 dozen chocolate chip cookies and headed to the grocery store to get some six pack of something to bring.

(Where, FYI, they did not card me.  I had already dug my license out like an old fool.  That's always demoralizing... It could drive you to drink.)

And while, ultimately, we did all enjoy the company.... I was tired and at some point during the in or out of their house I lost one of my favorite gloves.  A leather, cashmere lined glove, no less, that actually fits my hand (which having child sized hands is extremely hard to find!) that I got on crazy sale 11 years ago and I cannot afford to replace (if I could even find a replacement)... making the loss all the more upsetting.

So, my question is... how many times can I ask them to look for it?  Because it is 100% at their house.  In fact, it is 100% in the entryway of their house (unless their cat retrieved it).  I've asked twice.  Once on my way out, and once today.  No dice.  I kind of think I'm at my limit, right?  Sob.

So, in my grief, we stayed in our PJs all day and watched back episodes of The Bachelor.

What else could we do?


julie said...

Yeah, that's one of those tough ones about being invited somewhere (in which the inviters are being kind & thinking they are doing you a huge favor) when all you want to do is be left alone because you are so freaking tired.

I don't know the relationship with the people, but I'd either ask them to also look outside or let you look around and just say you know it seem really weird & over the top, but that "so & so" (like the Cougar) gave them to you.

Did you definitely have the glove when you got out of the car at the house? I HATE losing things so much & would be grieving as well. You should have lost the glove at my house because I would have turned this place upside down and even gone through our trash looking for it. That's how much I hate it when I lose something like the glove you lost (oh and I totally know what you mean by the glove because I also have child sized hands & an old pair of my mom's leather gloves, cashmere lined that are teeny and fit me & it would drive me crazy if I lost it…and not having anything to do with sentimentality stuff because they were my mom's. They are just awesome fitting gloves.

Seriously, you need to scour the outside of your own home wherever you park and of their home as well. If you walked to the house, you need to slowly retrace your steps.

And keep me up to date!

Brenda said...

Not even watching the bachelor this season. I don't think he's interesting to watch either! It all seems a little forced (more so than usual?).
Did you look for your glove in your garage, or on the car floor? Or on the ground right where you would've gotten in/out? I can't tell you how many gloves I've lost by taking them off, putting them in my lap while driving/riding, and then getting up and walking away from the car, inadvertently dropping them from my lap to the parking lot. Just an idea?

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