Friday, February 21, 2014

So, I'm Thinking A Lot About...

#1 Downsizing.  Why do we live in this house, when 99.5% of the time we are all crammed in the two smallest rooms of the house?

#2 Whether I should just drive a snow plow as my car.

#3 I really regret plowing through all the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries episodes.  I mourn for them now.  Check 'em out, folks.  So entertaining.

#4 Moving to a remote fishing village in a house that is 1/3 of the size of my current home, with absolutely no storage or job prospects.  How could that possibly go wrong?

#5 How I can pull off taking the girls around Europe for a summer.  Maybe next year?  Or the next?  All that saved tuition money should cover it.  And we already have the passports.

#6  Maybe we could find a remote fishing village in Europe. The best of both worlds.  Plus, they have the snowsuits.

#7 How much I miss being able to watch House Hunters International!  HGTV never updates the episodes online. I would almost check into a hotel for one night just to watch a HHI marathon.


katieo said...

#6 made me laugh out loud. SNOWSUITS!

The furious family lives in a one bedroom home. Just think of the blog fodder! :)

We'd come visit!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh there would definitely be blog fodder! If Mr F and I could stay married... but that is what the granary is for... Mr F!
We are really thinking about it. The house was beautifully renovated, unfortunately obviously by a couple so they took out the two upstairs bedrooms and turned it into one big one. Great for the girls. The downstairs "bedroom" has no closets and is being used as a den (which it is). There is no extra space, which we have here a plenty... but which most of the time is just housing stuff and not people. Otherwise it is ideal. The lay out is exactly how we use our space. 6 acres. Big barn & a granary that could be insulated & finished into an office or guest house or place for my treadmill... because... there isn't one in the house!!

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