Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Things You Missed: Valentine's Day Edition

Because I'm feeling kind of weird & shitty tonight.  I almost burst into tears on my way to PTL for absolutely no reason which is 100% BIZARRE (and I'm serious.... I'm not one to be out of touch with my feelings as you have probably picked up on).  The last time that happened I had mastitis... and... that certainly is not the cause this time!  But maybe I have an eye infection?!  (No, I didn't call the doctor...)

So let's forget all that and hit the rewind button.

It is Friday, February the 14th.

And, this year, I was so into Valentine's Day it could blow your mind...

 Yep, I did it.  
For breakfast.  
Your mind has been blown.
 Heart shaped donuts & Strawberry yogurt parfaits for breakfast.  
For the love of god... I've been looking for those for years.

 Please, with the card garland.... am I right?!?!  100% awesome.  
One of the best crafts I've ever made.
I'm in love with it.
 After farming the kids off to school, guess who spent the entire day 
hand stitching giant felt envelopes?!  
That's right, I took it all the way, my friends.  
And by all the way I mean I spent the day in bed with my cats watching PBS.
 Check it.
In coming!
Another awesome craft come to life.
Bonus: next year I don't have to make a thing.

 And if you are wondering how the covert Valentine's Day operation went... 
well that could be its own post... but it worked.  
And it was the best rule I ever broke.

 Because instead of this...

I'm pretty sure Baby would have killed herself when she came home and watched Kid 
sort her giant class Valentine's Day stash.

1 comment:

julie said...

And by all the way I mean I spent the day in bed with my cats watching PBS. LOL!

I love that KId said that she hopes she do holidays like you when she has kids. Truly awesome.

Your over the top Valentine's Day stuff makes this super snow, damn cold winter more fun. I can't wait to see what you do for St. Patrick's Day.

Oh and the crying for no apparent reason thing? You are exhausted and your body is stressed from the eye injury, Mr. F being away (& the emotional stuff connected to that trip) and the relentless winter. Maybe that's why.

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