Monday, February 17, 2014


At the car dealership children's waiting room.

Which proves that I am either psychic or a damn fine detective.

Or both.

I'm going with both.

I had a strong hunch the car dealership played into this, but felt somewhat foolish following that lead, because it would have taken rather extraordinary circumstances to transplant my glove from my friend's foyer to the dealer.  

But as you can see above... that is EXACTLY what happened.

Now here is the play by play:

Because it is riveting... no?

All through dinner my friend's husband was GLUED to this livestream of people kissing cars in one of those last man standing wins the car contests.  (or in this case only a measly 2 year lease... which is lame.)

I mean he was into it.  

I do not know why.

At around 8:30, I suggested he just drive down to the dealer and check it out live and in person.  

We live in a ridiculously small town, so this is literally a 2 minute drive.

And he decided he would and he'd take his son... and I was all...


I was thinking my friend and I could use the 1/2 hour to gossip.

But, because we are moms, we spent the entire time hovering over the livestream on the iPad with our iPhones ready to snap any pics of the kids.  FOR AN HOUR.  Because apparently 1/2 hour wasn't enough live and in person with this kind of fast paced (not) drama unfolding.

Kid was not about to be caught dead at this event, but Baby was in it to win it... photo bomb style.

FYI, people, they are still kissing the car (it has been days).

I know, because we had to go back there in my effort to leave no stone unturned during my glove search before working up the courage to break-in to my friend's house and toss it while they were at work! (kidding, lindalou)

So, anyway, the glove timeline...

I had blocked their garage and I needed to move my car so he could pull out.  I thought about how damn cold it was outside but decided NOT to put on my gloves (which I instantly regretted, by the way).

I went out the front door and moved my car.  

I grabbed Baby's booster and installed it in his car.  

Came in the house through their garage.

Took off my shoes in their laundry room.

Called the girls to get their coats on.

Zipped Baby up.

Watched them on the livestream.  

Saw a picture my friend's husband took of them in the children's waiting room WITHOUT their coats on (or boots for that matter... he was obviously planning to stay for awhile).

They came home.  

We got ready to go.

Only one glove.

Inner freakout begins.

Of course, it was colder than Hell during my 2 minute drive home with only one glove to protect me from my steering wheel that might as well have been carved from a block of ice.

Which gave me ample time to ponder how much I loved that missing glove.

And mourn it's loss.

So, today to be extra EXTRA sure I hadn't misplaced it, I went back to the grocery store I had gone to right before the dinner... 

Even though both Kid & I distinctly remembered my wearing both into their house.

They had 40 black leather gloves, but mine was not one of them.

This was both crushing and highly validating.

I mean, at the end of the day, I don't want to have made my friend look for a glove I didn't even bring to her house.

(It's the whole... I lost an earring at the Sistine Chapel... only to discover I only put one earring in that morning and it was still at the hotel... all over again, right mom?)

I told Kid I was thinking of going to the dealership and she was all...
"It is definitely not there."

So I drove by.

But later I couldn't let it go and decided I need to check.

So we went back and traced their steps.

And there it was in the waiting room.

Obviously, it had gotten zipped up in a kid's coat and then fell out when they removed it.

Can you believe I just recounted all this for you?!?!?!!?!???

Sadly, yes, you probably can.


Brenda said...

Hahaha! So glad you found it!

Peta Mayer said...

Very impressive

julie said...

OMG!! You have no idea how happy that makes me! Wow, that's sad of me. I mean, really? Having my friend find her lost glove is the highlight of my life? Can you say Los-a?

Anyway, I am so psyched (haven't used that word since well, a while. It seems like a word I would use in reference to someone's parent's going away in high school and there's going to be a huge party…as in "I'm so psyched to go to Johnny's kegger tonight!) that you found it.

Torey said...

Yay!!glad you found it. And hilarious. I listen to the radio station that does kiss the car.

Mrs Furious said...

it is an excitement I feel only small handed women can really relate to. I had to wear a weird pair of gloves Mr F gave last xmas with fingers a good inch too long... wth?! Why would he buy me a medium?! But also how completely useless is it to have fingers an inch too long? You can't do anything. You might as well just wear mittens and at least avoid the weird witch hands!

thanks all,
The relief at finding the glove was immense. I really love that damn glove.

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