Monday, March 31, 2014

Barely Alive

After 29 hours of trying to get home... we finally are.

Thank God next week is Spring Break,

because, at this point,

 I definitely need a vacation from this vacation.


Brenda said...

What the what, now? How did Baby impress, not that I'm at all surprised...

Can't believe the shit show that was your trip home, but I have to say the photo post you did on Facebook while you were there made me so envious. The place in Mexico looked gorgeous!

Please post photo of all the outfits/dresses if you can. I'm dying to see how beautiful you all looked!

Welcome home, Furious family, welcome home...

Noah Smith said...

At least your sentence wasn't "...was so impressed with me for not throwing my kid out of a moving jetliner."

Welcome back. We tried to turn the heat up for you just a little bit.

Where'd you go in Mexico? Yucatan peninsula?

Mrs Furious said...

I'll try and get an update up this week. I, unfortunately, did not take a lot of pictures. (which I kind of regret...) There was no cell service or wifi so I just left my phone in the room and shockingly Mr F did not bring his *real* camera!

She made a picture for the flight attendant and addressed it to "My favorite pilot" The flight attendant nearly died for the cuteness.

We were near Todos Santos which is about an hour up the coast from Cabo. It was crazy beautiful ... but a real trek to get to there.

We appreciate the warm up... especially since our coats were in our bags... on another plane, at another terminal, on another day.

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