Friday, April 4, 2014

Oh, Goody!

Another numbered post!


#1  The other day, when I was at Starbucks, I got one of their iTunes giveaway codes (does everyone else know about this? Get on it.  I have gotten so many great apps this way).  It was for KAMI a puzzle game, which I would never have known about or tried on my own... but, as it turns out, I love.  Plus it's too hard for Mr F and that's always a bonus for my self esteem.  Anyway, I've been meaning to tell you, 2 thumbs up on the KAMI app.

#2 This is the best I can do for a wedding shot of the Furious Clan:

Sorry about the sun in our faces and the weird angle... 
there were only drunk people around to take photos.
(P.S. doesn't Mr F's arm around my back look REALLY weird??)

#3  I have finally convinced Mr F to try concrete finish on our hideous flesh toned laminate countertops.  I'm so excited!!  Thank you, Katieo for helping me convince him it was doable.  We are going to try them with a stain that looks a bit like soapstone like these folks did.

#4 Kid DID put the cannibalism bit in her essay for her test.  We laughed all the way home. And now she's got $20 in her pocket.  (FWIW, She got an A+, but her teacher did not remark on the cannibalism)

#5 Spring Break starts tomorrow for us.  I am so excited to have the break, but also that it means we are almost done juggling this crazy school year with the two schools situation.  I cannot wait to give up this ridiculous school run I have to do. Anyway, the real news is that we are going to visit Mr F's mom in CT.  (What the what?!?!)  This should definitely be interesting.  I have to say, I am not as nervous about that as I would have been when his father was alive.  In many ways, we think that maintaining a relationship will be easier now.  We'll see... in any event, we are taking the northern route and stopping half way in Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, the falls are still kind of frozen and the Maid in the Mist boat isn't running yet, which explains why the hotels were so cheap.  Oh well, hopefully it's still impressive.  We need to stop somewhere anyway, it might as well have a view.


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