Thursday, April 3, 2014

Things To Know...

#1  Yes, this is a numbered post! (you are welcome)

#2 I am suffering from violent hiccups.  Do you remember when there was that teenage girl that had hiccups for like 2 straight weeks (was it longer?!) and it made the national news?  Well, that terrified me.  Now, whenever I have hiccups I get a little stressed that they really might not ever go away.

#3 On a related note: when I was first dating Mr F... (oooh, the intrigue)... I had a bad case of hiccups.  For some bizarre and unknown reason Mr F became really pissed and told me to stop "milking it!".  I was like "What?!!!".  I mean, who milks hiccups??  Who is going to prolong diaphragm spasms... on purpose?  Is this something someone can even physically do?  So, I was all..."Thanks for the sympathy... sorry to annoy YOU."  This rather bizarre and rude response to my discomfort has thankfully proven to be a deep comedic well that I return to, again and again.  There is not a time that Mr F has hiccups that I don't shout out "Stop Milking It!!" (For the record, I think he feels deep shame about the incident)

#4  I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead which made think... I should get a juicer.  But then I thought.... "You always think you should do something super extreme... why is this different?"  And that stumped me.  Because, of course, it's not.  And I had recently promised myself to be more food normal and stick with what I know works for me... which is not doing extreme diets!!  Micro nutrients are good, no doubt.  But can't I just eat the food?  Do I have to juice it??... if I'm not doing a cleanse.  Because I am SO not doing a cleanse.  Me and my blood sugar don't cleanse.  We morph into the angriest drunk man you ever saw.  It isn't worth it.    (But, maybe I'm still thinking about it...)

#5  I would really like to live in a luxury hotel room made out of concrete:
I never thought I'd say that, but it is 100% true. 

 Yes, Baby is crying... 
she just found out we had to leave her bouquets behind
It was quite the mourning process.

#6 I styled the girls' hair for my brother's wedding:

I think I should go pro.  Did I ever tell you that I've always wanted to be a hair stylist?  
Or a private detective?  Or a bank teller?  Or a bakery counter person?  Or a mailman?  
Or a flight attendant?  Or a dance instructor? Or an accountant?  
When did this list cross over into weird?  
After bank teller??  
I still want all the jobs I thought were awesome when I was a kid.  
I have also always been smitten with jobs that require a uniform (I am what I am). 

Ok, I think that's enough weird for one night.  

See you tomorrow.


sara said...

Love this post. Just what I needed to read tonight. Also, though you did an AWESOME job on the girls' wedding hair, I feel that the crimped effect in the earlier pictures (i.e. where Baby is most unfortunately crying) is even more AWESOME (can you tell I'm a child of The Eighties??)!

Amy said...

Love the hair!!! I had the same reaction after watching fat, sick and nearly dead. I did do a 3 day cleanse: it was tough but it totally reset my sugar cravings.

Julie said...

I've been meaning to watch that documentary. I want to make Tom watch it with me.

That was your hotel room?? Gorgeous. I would have been crying over the flowers and having to leave that room that is way nicer than my whole house.

Mrs Furious said...

haha... yes the crimped hair was the day after. We call it "Mermaid Hair". Unfortunately, Baby's hair won't hold a curl and it was straight a few hours later.

I need to find a place I can just get a juice fresh made so I can try it out without needing to get a juicer. Especially if after two days I can't hack it...

Oh I want Mr F to watch it, too. I know he won't actually do a juice cleanse but just the point of the whole thing and hopefully motivation to just commit to a healthier lifestyle?!
And, yes, I'm super dissatisfied with my house now...

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