Sunday, October 21, 2007


Guess what I had for lunch?
800 freaking calories!
Wish I had looked that up before we went out for lunch!
Or at the very least looked it up before I made Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner.... D'oh!


Chris Howard said...

Yeah, you can't eat hamburgers anywhere out, they're all monstrously high in calories. Turkey burgers are a little better.

Mrs. Furious said...

apparently!... I did a little search to see how it compared and sweet jesus thank god I wasn't eating at Ruby Tuesdays.. 1144 for their burger!
This happened to me at Macaroni Grill and at DQ this summer. When you are used to 300-400 calorie meals these numbers just boggle your mind.
Oh and it had 44g of fat!

etbroderick said...

Holy Crap! And that's without the fries! Well--good to know.I will be careful in the future. I always wish Tim would split a burger with me b/c it's way too much for me to eat and I personally think it;s too much for him to eat--even though he could! But we don't like to same things--and I like mine cooked more than he does. Oy.

katieo said...

SOO stupid! I think I'd ALMOST prefer NOT knowing(44 grams of fat?? sheesh.)

Mrs. Furious said...

What is truly mind boggling are all the times I ate the burger (well most of it anyway) fries and 2 freaking sodas!!! snort snort

and yeah eileen I thought of splitting it with Matt and now we will!

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