Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Day in Pictures

I thought I'd ease everyone out of the *heaviness* of my last post with a little photo documentation of my day thus far...

If you have been following my weekly plan you know I have a LOT to get done in order to ensure a quality birthday experience for Kid's party this Sunday. Because I am an idiot I decided to have this be a costume party.. which of course means that on top of all the party planning I also need to make Kid's Medusa costume. Any sane person would have put the kabash on that and allowed themselves the whole weekend to finish that up in time for actual Halloween. Live and learn. Of course what isn't on my list are all the normal things I have to get done everyday... like grocery shopping, food prep, driving to and from school, yada yada yada. Okay so this morning I actually got the baby to take a nap so I thought I could be extra efficient and pound out my remaining party/costume errands and grocery shop. This meant I had to partake of one of these little babies...That would be a Mc Donald's double hamburger. FYI these babies are only 330 calories, and are actually "The Zone Diet" approved for their protein to carb ratio. Added bonus... they are a special order so they are always fresh. So fresh that if you are taking pictures of yourself eating in the car you might end up with a little "fresh from the griddle" burger grease juice on your favorite fucking sweatshirt...Oops!

Okay on to project Medusa....
Yesterday I obtained some used clothes to make into the body. I did not get them at a higher end used clothes I went to the place where homeless people get their clothes. Why? Well because they are really cheap and then I don't have to feel badly about destroying them (although I do feel bad about buying them when I clearly have enough money to go somewhere else and should leave these for the people who really need them!). Also they hang everything by color so if you need some kind of greenish monster flesh toned sweatsuit it is easy to find. Unfortunately everything in the store smells... well.... terrible...Today I had to enter into the third ring of Hell ... order to obtain black feather wings. I'm not kidding this place is absolutely terrifying. It should be rated X for horror and children should not be permitted inside. I kid you not, I was shocked at the horror level in this place. Adding to the creepiness is that fact that these stores are temporary and kind of thrown together out of peg board. They note that they have a large "weapons" section... and when you are in there you have a terrible feeling that some kind of shit might be about to go down. The "realistic" severed limbs don't help. Baby was of course transfixed... and is probably going to suffer some kind of repressed subconscious trauma from that place.
Luckily she fell asleep on the way home so I was able to spray paint those bad ass wings bronze. Cause you know Medusa was a lot more than just a woman with snakes for hair people.. a LOT more!

After achieving all that , and grocery shopping, what was waiting for me when I got home?... a little reward for all my hard work? NO! What I got was... some.... dog shit on my Oriental rug and these babies in the mail...
"But Mrs F coupons are good things... right?"
Wrong! They are only good when you get them before you go shopping! I just went to mother fucking Old Navy two freaking days ago! So thanks for nothing Old Navy... oh and thanks for rubbing my face in it!
And I think I mentioned that I just went grocery shopping... without this goddamn coupon!


Chris Howard said...

I appreciate that you'll post pictures of yourself with half a double hamburger in your mouth just for us, your adoring public. :)

I went to the place where homeless people get there clothes.

(Note:that should be their)

Do you mean the thrift store? If that's what you're talking about, we go there all the time. I got some damn good stuff cheap. Practically brand new Levi's for $5, a Calvin Klein shirt for $4. Maybe it is something different though. At the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, they want people like us to buy the secondhand stuff because they use that money to fund their programs. They take out the best stuff that's donated because they get more charitable bang by selling it rather than giving it away.

We have the same makeshift Halloween stores down here (Generica). I agree they are pretty graphic. A couple of years ago they had a motorized legless zombie that dragged itself around the store on its arms. Spooked the kids pretty good.

We did much better on costumes this year. Got Libby's early on Ebay, and I think you saw the pics of Tori on Flickr? Anyway, make sure you put up pictures of kid in the costume.

Mrs. Furious said...

No not a regular thrift store. This is the lowest of low end thrift stores... no name brand stuff of any kind to be found in there. I have no idea where they get their clothes. I mean seriously... nothing like Salvation Army or Goodwill. As a teenager I used to get my clothes there (smelly place) but of course that was in the era of Garage Bands and whatnot so wearing polyester shirts and old fat man pants was *cool* (kind of).

Mrs. Furious said...

I appreciate that you'll post pictures of yourself with half a double hamburger in your mouth just for us, your adoring public

Thank god! I was just saying to Mr F.. "come on I should be getting some props for making a complete jackass of myself".

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey does Tori look like you Chris?

They went all out at that party! And Tori looks cute :)

Chris Howard said...

Hey does Tori look like you Chris?

Yes, there's no doubt she's my daughter. Libby has more of Michelline in her.

That's a good party. Our friend has been doing that for over 10 years now. For the big finale, she gets a bale of hay and spreads it over the grass. Before the party she scatters and hides all kinds of candy in it. Then she turns the kids loose on it. They love it.

katieo said...

Was it Value Village? Does that place still exist in MI?
I read this post and thought that was ME last week! (well parts anyway...I'm too chicken to even set foot in one of those Halloween stores) But this week, since those stupid (but finished! so we love them) costumes are done, I can finally catch up on the laundry, dishes, that smell in my kitchen, bathing the children, etc. (yeah, didn't drop blogging). And oh wait. My dear helpful husband just left out of town tonight. sigh. I want to lock my self in the closet all weekend. haha, ok, not really...but kind of.

Can't wait to see Medusa!

Heather said...

These pictures are exponentially better from my home computer. I'm really enjoying the grease stain, and now I can't stop thinking about a double cheeseburger. Thanks alot.

Mrs. Furious said...


YES!!! Value Village... so you know what I'm talkin' about!
Where did you grow up? I grew up in Rochester.

And... lol... we were so busy we did forget to bathe the kids and they just got one yesterday (after a week and a half!)

Husband out of town is never a good thing! I feel for you.

Mrs. Furious said...

These pictures are exponentially better from my home computer

Does that mean what I think it does? That you have some kind of fancy device and you can go online from like a blackberry or something?
My cell doesn't even take pictures!

katieo said...

hahaha. Value Village! Definitely the lowest on the totem pole of thrift stores. I bought a few things there during my grunge phase and even after washing them, I itched. yikes. But me in my teen oblivion didn't really put two and two together until much later...
(oh, and I grew up in Livonia. But my parents relocated to Northville about 9 or so years ago)

Mrs. Furious said...

Northville is cute.
You'll have to be sure and tell me if you guys are ever out this way!
We're in Ann Arbor now.

How'd you and your sister end up in Utah?.. you don't have to comment to that here if you don't want. (or at all I should say!)

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