Saturday, October 27, 2007


Late last night Mr F smells my hair and says "mmm your hair smells good"
"That's because I'm using shampoo for women of color"
Mr F lets out a short guffaw and asks "Seriously?"
After this many years together you'd think he'd know by now that of course I am completely serious.
"Yeah... the shampoo is so thick it is like conditioner! And the conditioner is like conditioner conditioner!"

You see I take after this man....
and our abundant fine yet frizzy hair requires serious conditioning.

Mr F chuckles and says "Just like you and the Mahogany cards..."

Oh you know it!
I hate buying Mr F anniversary cards because you have to choose between two equally inaccurate messages... either some ridiculously over the top frilly card that says some asinine shit like "we are two breathing as one" or some ridiculous card with a cartoon man wearing a beer helmet holding a remote with some kind of cheesy message like "turn off the tv big guy we're gonna do it tonight".
I love the Mahogany cards from Hallmark because they are more like "this was not one of our better years but I guess I still love you."
These are great for every anniversary after your first... when what you really want to say is "At least we aren't divorced... oh yeah happy anniversary..."


Mr Furious said...

"we are two breathing as one"

We're not?

What's up with those Mahogany™ cards anyway? Is the implication that "marriages of color" are all walking a tightrope or what? Or that a successful marriage is rare? It's more than a little weird.

Even with those Mahogany™ cards, you are often choosing between a super-Isaac Hayes, "Hey, Baby" card or one of the more appropriate-for-us "trials and tribulations" cards...

Mrs. Furious said...

It's more than a little weird
I don't know.. all cards are a little weird. Or I guess I find them overly superficial.
Of course I am usually drawn to the Mahogany cards since I find it hilarious to give a card that isn't quite *appropriate* for the expected occassion. Although at the same time they are often the closest to true. I think the whole shtick is supposed to be that they "are tellin' it like it is" style. I haven't been able to find them lately and fear they are phasing them out...
The funniest card of all time I gave to my mom for Mother's Day.. it was intended to give to like a mother figure and it said "You have always been like a mother to me" Oh god I laughed so hard... of course the apple didn't fall far from the tree so my mom thought it was hilarious as well.

katieo said...

I gave up on greeting cards a long time ago. There IS probably a card out there that fits our relationship perfectly but who has the time to go Hallmark and sift through 80,000 cards (all the while getting distracted by the Precious Moments figurines, candy, and very small pillows) to find it?

I make my cards now. And no, not the cute ones with different papers and stickers and such. They are usually on a blank sheet of white paper (or sometimes I'll rip it out of a notebook, so it has lines and all those holes on the side - classy!) and involve stick figure cartoons saying funny things to each other.
He keeps all of them...but I'm not sure that's a good thing.

(anyway, tmi, I know. What a cute picture of your parents!)

Chris Howard said...

These are great for every anniversary after your first... when what you really want to say is "At least we aren't divorced... oh yeah happy anniversary..."

You are an incurable romantic.

There IS probably a card out there that fits our relationship perfectly

Michelline found one for us. On the front is a bunny (I think) that says "Do you love me the same way I love you?"

On the inside it says "Pervert"

Mrs. Furious said...

He keeps all of them

we keep all ours too. We do right letters on the inside... so I've kind of stopped caring what the card actually says.
stick figure cartoons... I can picture it... and I may have to rip that one off!

And Katieo there is never tmi around here! ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

You are an incurable romantic

I know... at least I am not high maintenance (well.... at least in the romance and gifts sort of way)
I just kind of can't be serious enough to be that romantic about anniversaries and valentines day. I mean I'm really like this... all the time...Mrs Furious is not a put-on. So you can imagine it is all sarcasm all the time.

angie said...

On our first anniversary we didn't want to spend money (had just returned from 17 days in China) and since I was pressured to do something for 1 year anniversary we said since it was a paper anniversary our gift to each other would be a letter (on stationary). We did that our first 3 years. Then Tony bought me this beautiful journal and we now write our letters (and other cool notes when we are feeling like we owe the other a big thanks or a big sorry) in there. Keeps them all together so we don't lose them (we also do this on Christmas as that his family tradition--cards/letters to all family members)

Mrs. Furious said...


Oooh I like the journal idea! Although that is a LOT of pressure!
Sorry you are having such a late night....

angie said...

Sorry you are having such a late night....

Grant due Monday or Tuesday. Then my hell will be over and I can go to sleep like a normal person (meaning, 11 or 12...last night I was up into 3).

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