Monday, October 29, 2007

So Mrs F How Crazy Are You?

Pretty damn crazy.
I've added a new sidebar listing my current anxieties.
Sure I did it just to be funny... but now I'm realizing this could be a very effective tool. Maybe if I have to actually LOOK at the things that are eating me up inside I might be more likely to start making changes that will allow me to remove these things from my list.
I am going to start with calling Disney ... RIGHT NOW!!!


Chris Howard said...

Writing Thank You Notes

It's people like you that ruin it for the rest of us. We're doing our best to end this archaic tradition, and you youngsters come along and undermine us. WTF?

If Mr F Gets The Job... Moving

Hey, so where would the new job be? Same city, or big move?

Christmas Shopping

How can you be anxious about Christmas shopping? We love Christmas shopping. We take a trip to Orlando every year for 2 or 3 nights and finish most of our shopping, which reminds me, I need to make some hotel reservations.

Getting Ready For Disney World Trip

Yes, clearly the most important thing on the list. We'll be there Friday night to Sunday. Are you planning on doing any character dining? Do you want to try to make some arrangements on Saturday or Sunday? I don't know what you already have planned.

Haley said...

Hmmm, listing anxieties... this may be a healthier alternative to the normal "close-my-eyes-and-deny-deny-deny" strategy I normally take.

Mrs. Furious said...


I will say it has already been working. Not two hours later I have called Disney, made my meal plan, and made dinner on top of that!
Do it.

Heather said...

OMG. I am in anxiety HELL today as well. Maybe I'll make a list too. And thank god for therapy -- appt. tonight.

Mrs. Furious said...


Thank you notes... did you know that if you open a gift in front of the giver you do NOT have to write one?! Sadly since it was a drop off that doesn't really count... I look forward to when Kid can write her own. Although maybe I'll order these!

Christmas Shopping... in theory I love it. But with most of our family in many different states it must be done ahead and shipped... I guess it is partly the extra expense of shipping that stresses me!

Disney... oh we do character dining. We've learned the hard way that it is better to have reservations and cancel them then do wait till we arrive. Let me know what your girls would want and where. I'll start doing that tomorrow. This trip we do plan to do the Luau one night so let me know if you all are interested in that while you are there (it is $$ if I recall) Other than that Kid isn't particular about which characters... truthfully we just love the buffets and such that come with it!

Oh yeah Job... no not local. The job would be in Wisconsin. But we've been through all this many times before.. I'm trying not to think about it too much just yet!

Mrs. Furious said...


list your anxieties.. I really think it is helping me feel more in control. well... so far anyway.
Yeah therapy ...can't live without ...literally ;)

Heather said...

Got em written down. Life is looking up. Thanks!

On a lighter note, sorry the hair product experiment was a no-go. I can't tell you how many products I've tried. When I tried the Redken Smooth Down, I immediately went on ebay and bought liter sizes of it. I can't live without it.

Anonymous said...

I knew that sidebar wasn't there yesterday, and I hope it keeps working for you. I've been making a to-do list every week since forever, it keeps me really organized and I actually get things done on time.

Mrs. Furious said...

I've been making a to-do list every week since forever

Jasmine you are wise beyond your years!

Gypsy Family said...

Damn it! Like my own anxiety list isn't long and ominous enough! You reminded me I have yet to make Disney Dining reservations!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

You reminded me I have yet to make Disney Dining reservations!!!

lol! well I'm glad I can be of some service! :)

Now are you guys as crazy as I am and feel that in order to make your reservations you have to have an outline for all your days there?!? And yes I mean actual outline.

Chris Howard said...

Now are you guys as crazy as I am and feel that in order to make your reservations you have to have an outline for all your days there?!? And yes I mean actual outline.

We had a friend who went to Ireland or England several years ago. He had his itinerary printed and spiral-bound.

One thing having annual passes to Disney does is to free you from the plan. We just kind of wander from park to park where our whims take us. Living 2 hours away doesn't hurt either.

Mr Furious said...

• My Relationship With My In-Laws
• Stain Removal

Actually, if you roll the bodies up in the rug, you don't have to worry about the stain!

[Sorry, that's terrible, but I couldn't help myself. Seriously, it's a joke.]

Gypsy Family said...

Outline - yup! That's why I haven't done it yet! I don't know when we'll be where! Mike said (a good week ago now) just to make whatever and we can always cancel. But I'm paralyzed with indecision. Must call today!! I like the list of anxieties... I'll have to do it. What with my love of lists and all! and p.s. we do have annual passes but that does little to make me Not Crazy.

Mrs. Furious said...

Gypsie Family,
Without the outline you wouldn't know where to make the reservations... not crazy... incredibly efficent and practical.. what is crazy is how unlike us that is ;) I've got to figure out which parks are staying open late. Animal Kingdom back to early closing now that it is fall? The hardest day to plan is the first day since you don't know how tired everyone will be. Arrghh...anxiety is building!

Mrs. Furious said...

Mr F
That was terrible! (but I still laughed)

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