Saturday, November 3, 2007

Save Some For The Rest Of Us

"Did you eat a QUARTER of the cake?" Mrs F asks indignantly

"Umm... "Mr F mutters

"There was HALF a cake left last time I saw it last night." Mrs F says

"Well... not exactly half..." Mr F ventures

"Yes it was a HALF a cake.... I can see the lines... you took some off each side didn't you?... So you didn't have to deal with the fact that you ate a QUARTER of the cake." Mrs F insists

Mr F laughs nervously

"Do you know how many calories are in a QUARTER of a cake?" Mrs F asks more than slightly annoyed

"No" Mr F hesitantly replies

"A whole days worth!" Mrs F declares


Chris Howard said...

Are you saying that a piece of cake is supposed to be smaller than a quarter?

Mrs. Furious said...

of the whole cake?

yes that is what I am saying.

Although now I just want this shit out of the house so I can get back on track.

Chris Howard said...

of the whole cake?

yes that is what I am saying.

We have to define the cake here. If we're talking about a single-layer pineapple upside down cake, then a quarter of the whole cake is the appropriate serving. That way you get one whole pineapple ring plus a quarter of the one in the middle. For a double layer cake, I would think an eighth would be the way to go.

And I know what you mean with getting the shit out. With all the candy and cookies around here, it's impossible to watch the calories. Halloween is even worse than Thanksgiving or Christmas.

michelline said...

Halloween is even worse than Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I can turn down the Halloween candy. I have the hardest time with Thanksgiving and Christmas time because that's when everyone seems to pull out all the stops on their cooking. And we have so many birthdays between October and the beginning of January. I LOVE cake.

Mr Furious said...

This was an unusual cake. Made in an upside down bowl, so it didn't take the shape of a normal two-layer cake, so servings may be deceiving...

Probably in a bad way...Since the deep bowl made for a pretty dense cake.

This pig's defense? This was the best chocolate cake I've ever had—super-dense and moist, and as usual the Mrs F buttercream frosting is divine.

Just typing about this is making me want to go up and eat the last piece.

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