Monday, October 29, 2007

This Week The Plan

Okay... here we go

Last week was pretty much a blur with all the party planning and costume making. I still have to make Kid's birthday cake and get her treats for her school party but it is all pretty manageable so I am surprisingly not too stressed.
I can't even remember what last week's menu was.. I do know I thawed some salmon that I never got around to making ...the throwing out of food seems to be creeping back in on a fairly regular basis so I'm hoping to get a little more serious with this week's plan. Also I've been eating like shit for the past week... after Wednesday I'm getting rid of all the candy and no more cake! Not only is my weight up 2 pounds but I am bloated and feel terrible... (could it be that I forgot to drink water all weekend?!?)
I've also been kind of slacking off with the exercise. I did meet my 3 hours of cardio goal but that is really not where I want to be at. I'm still shooting for ultimate fitness so I'd like to see double that when possible.
Enough blabbing.. here is my plan:


Monday - Salmon Noodle Casserole & applesauce

Tuesday - Shrimp & Vegetable Fried Rice

Wednesday - Pork Tenderloin w/ green beans & rice pilaf

Thursday - Beef Stew

Friday - Pizza Night

Saturday - Go out

Sunday - Leftover Stew


I'm shooting for three 60+ minute sessions on Monday, Saturday & Sunday. I'd also like to do three 30 minute interval sessions on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Usually I walk and alternate my incline every 1.67 minutes from 0% to 8% incline. For the intervals I am going to alternate 1.67 minutes at 12% incline with a longer rest of 3.33 minutes at 0% incline. I actually did this for the full hour tonight... so I'm probably going to be a little sore tomorrow! Hey I'm an overachiever what can I say?


The good news is my house is really clean from the party :) I just need to do the laundry.

Extra crap:

Write thank you notes w/ Kid (should be fun)

Make crazy cake with the "teen doll" in it (I'm not using the recommended pan so this should also be fun)

Update Kid's Memory Book ( I write down all her funny quotes and I need to compile them and also give the general overview of where she is at developmentally and what she is like.... so there is a little bit of pressure involved with this)


Mr Furious said...

Would it be a good idea to switch the beef stew for Halloween night and the pork for Thursday? Seems like that might be easier (but I could very well be wrong), and stew goes nicely with chilly trick or treating, and doesn't have to be as time-specific...

Just a thought...

Mr Furious said...

Our next anniversary card should celebrate our mutual love of the elipses...

Mrs. Furious said...

no...stew takes me 2.5 hours to make. Pork takes 30 min.... plus it is Kid's favorite these days.

Mrs. Furious said...

oh I love when you use the elipses.... that's HOT

angie said...

hey, get a room!

speaking of halloween... we have a problem for trick or treat. no chocobabies in town. what ever will we do?????

Mrs. Furious said...

Seriously?!? That's fine..she has been VERY frugal with her chocobabies and still has some...apparently they don't lose their chocolatey goodness with age ;)

Cara said...

Good luck getting everything done!! The dinner menu sounds great! Mmmm

angie said...

we will keep looking for chocobabies and when we get them we will give her some more. We were totally bummed, both because we promised ruby candy and because we were also going to let that be nate's first candy. poor little guy probably will have to wait until next year for his first candy.

Mr Furious said...

Ah, I forgot about the "Kid's Favorite Dinner on her Birthday" factor.

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey Cara!

thanks.. I'm hoping after Kid's b'day I'll be able to get back to my regular state of more moderate panic ;)
I'm also gonna try and post recipes again... we'll see...

Mrs. Furious said...

I'm not sure what would be a good 1st candy.. they all seem fairly chokable. I agree you might have to wait for those chocobabies.

michelline said...

chilly trick or treating

I'm SSSSOOOO jealous. :)

Mrs. Furious said...

we are actually lucking out with PERFECT weather. It has been unusually warm so tomorrow we'll have a high of 66 but then it will probably be around 50 when we go out. Some years it has already snowed and is freezing!

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