Monday, October 1, 2007

This Morning Blows!

The girls and I had an outing planned for this morning. We were meeting up with some of our oldest friends for a group play date at our favorite apple orchard. Kid F was really excited to see her best friends and I was really excited to get some cider and I mean catch up with the moms... I had even gone online to find out how many calories were in those delicious sugar coated deep fried cakey wonders (200 by the way).

Well this morning everything was running fairly smoothly and then Kid F comes down the stairs saying her "tummy hurts". The thing is Kid F says this pretty much everyday. And yes I've talked to her doctors about it. I'm not sure what it is.. but usually after I remind her to go potty and then give her some breakfast she is feeling much better. Well not this morning. She went potty but still felt badly. I made her a peanut butter sandwich but she refused to have a bite. Already my red flags are going up. I give her her anti-seizure meds and ask her to sit by the bathroom while I take a shower.

Now if you don't already know this Kid Furious has epilepsy, she was diagnosed about a year ago after suffering 2 life threatening prolonged non-convulsive seizures. Here is the kicker they both started with her tummy feeling upset and then vomiting.

Soooo I'm in the shower washing my hair as quickly as I can thinking through how the hell I'm gonna be able to drive the car behind the freakin' ambulance since now I have a baby and they aren't going to let me ride with her! I get out and peek around the corner... she is fine. I put my pants on and she starts to gag. Like the total trooper she is she runs to the bathroom and throws up in the toilet. I'm of course starting to obsess over everything she is doing trying to decide if she is seizing or not. And no it isn't always easy to tell.. it wasn't until after half an hour when she started foaming from the mouth and lost consciousness that I knew it wasn't an upset stomach with her first seizure a year ago!

She seems lucid and I settle her in front of the tv with a bucket (we've got an unlimited tv when you're sick rule). But here is the problem... she threw up her meds... and I don't know how long they were in her system. If I re-dose her it could be too much for her... arrrggggh! So I cancel our play date and call the hospital. While I wait for their call I've hooked up our video monitor (thank you Angie!) so I can watch her while I take care of the Baby. Why does this stuff always happen when I'm home alone?!

I got approval to re-dose the medicine. She has eaten and kept it down... in fact you'd think nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all today. She is feeling fine. Of course when it rains it pours and I am now off to the Doctor with the baby who has been tugging at her ear...


Chris Howard said...

Wow, I can only imagine what that's like. I'm happy to hear that Kid F is doing fine now. Hopefully, Baby F just had an itch. I hope your afternoon is a good as your morning was bad.

By the way, we booked our room!

michelline said...

oh wow. What an eventful morning! I'm glad Kid F is doing better. It's stressful enough when kids who don't have siezures are sick. I feel for you. Here's hoping Baby F doesn't have an ear infection.

Mrs. Furious said...

Baby F just had an itch

lol ...that might be what it was! No ear infection and the Dr is mystified as to why Ruby was sick this morning. Hopefully we don't all spike fevers in a few hours. I feel like we are in the clear... Ruby's past seizures happened concurrently with her stomach upset, so hopefully this is unrelated!

Mrs. Furious said...

By the way, we booked our room

Oh good!

Cheryl said...

Ugh, I'm sorry. I can't imagine the stress. I'm glad Ruby seems to be fine now.

etbroderick said...

You poor thing. That is killer. Hope Ruby is feeling better and you manage to relax--it must take hours to calm down after that.

katieo said...

Oh, what a stressful morning!

So glad she's OK!, bummed for you that you missed the cider mill :(

Mrs. Furious said...

bummed for you that you missed the cider mill

You can say that again! Dammit I really wanted those donuts!

michelline said...

Dammit I really wanted those donuts!

Yes, but you saved 200 calories apiece! Look at the bright side :)

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