Sunday, September 30, 2007

This Week The Plan

Okay I'm finally getting back on track and planning out my menus again.
Going out of town last week really threw things off since we returned midweek and with the whole car incident I really never got much further than unpacking my bags. This even spilled over into my workout schedule. As stoked as I was not to have gained while we were gone I have really struggled to keep my workouts going since getting back. Seemingly any type of break in my routine really makes it hard for me to pull it together... it is that whole control begets control... just in reverse. It is still so eye opening to see how easy it is to get off track! Tomorrow is a new day and a new week and I am planning to get back to business. I really feel better all around.. mood, energy level, general disposition... when I make these weekly plans. As unnatural as it was for me in the beginning.. the weeks I don't do it I don't ever feel like I have everything quite taken care of.. like I am hobbling along trying to catch up and then the week is over and I didn't workout as much as I wanted, or do the laundry, or clean... I really do feel much more chaotic. So lesson learned (again!) and here I go...

Monday: Strip Steak, green beans, roasted potatoes
Tuesday: Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon, steamed broccoli & rice
Wednesday: Mr F & Kid F date night
Thursday: Steak Sandwiches on homemade bread, salad
Friday: Kid's Chicken Soup & bread
Saturday: go out to eat
Sunday: Salmon Noodle Casserole with embellished apple sauce & sauteed mushrooms

Also since things really have gotten crazy around the house lets see if a weekly plan can help with that too...
Monday: Laundry
Tuesday: Clean Bathroom
Wednesday: Clean Wood Floors
Thursday: Clean Tile Floors
Friday: Clean Kitchen
Alright I'm scared just thinking about doing all that... this will be a real challenge! (I'm sure Mr F is laughing his ass off right about now.. shut your trap!... I can do it!)

As for weight loss I'm not really expecting to be dropping much more weight. I'd really like to keep working at my body fat % goal though. I think my calorie range is pretty good where it is at so I'm just going to stick with the 1600-1800 range for now. I would really like to fit in some more strength training so this week I'm shooting for 2 full pilates workouts (about 45 min each) and 4 hours of cardio. I'd like to find the balance that allows me to increase my fitness while maintaining my weight. I'm willing to go down about another 2 or 3 pounds but then I think I need to work at finding the right calorie limit that allows me to maintain... we'll see it could take a few weeks for me to figure out where I'll need to be.

That's it... nothing terribly exciting... just me trying to get my life back in order.

Oh... here are some pics of my new shirt and earrings... click on them to get a better look (sorry I look a little crazy.. the photo booth feature does that)


etbroderick said...

Do you do Pilates at home?

michelline said...

Monday: Laundry

We do one load of laundry every weeknight. As long as we stick to this, we don't have laundry build up. It really helps. We used to dread the weekends as these were laundry filled dreary days and now we rarely have to do a load on the weekend. Much easier and now the chore isn't so much of a chore.

Mrs. Furious said...

We do one load of laundry every weeknight

Yeah that is what the Flylady is always trying to tell me. I resist.. and I don't know why. Partly it is the goddamn stain treating.. between Kid's chocolate stains (on everything) and the damn baby food/poop I have to treat everything they wear... and half of mine! It seems like if I have to spend an hour stain treating I might as well just do it all at once. I should just try it... not this week I'd be too overwhelmed. Plus what about lights/darks? Do you just do a load of whichever you have and alternate?

Chris Howard said...

Plus what about lights/darks? Do you just do a load of whichever you have and alternate?

We don't separate lights and darks. Everything gets washed together on cold. We hang dry most of Michelline's clothes and throw the rest in the dryer. I will separate the whites out about once a month and put them in on the "whitest whites" setting. We just bought this great new front-loading he washing machine. It has a built in heater and really does seem to get the whites whiter. It's a 2-hour cycle though, so I'm not doing it very often.

Mrs. Furious said...

Do you do Pilates at home?

Yes. I used to go train at a studio twice a week.. really helped with all my joint & back pain. But after 3 years I really didn't need the trainer. I bought the same studio reformer and have it in the basement. It was $$$ but in the end much less than I was spending on the trainer. Working out on the equipment is much different than a mat workout. You use heavy weighted springs and pulleys to move your body along a moveable carriage. You get tension on both sides of each movement providing both the benefits of strength training and deep stretching. I highly recommend it. A lot of gyms have reformers now (maybe not by you yet!).

Mrs. Furious said...

darks and lights together.... oh I'm not ready for that! I'm a little neurotic about my laundry system.

we've got an he front loader.. but no fancy whites setting. We do have the craziest thing ever attached to our machine that our water runs through so you don't need to use detergent. It was part of my Earth Day craziness. It uses silver ions and uv lights to clean your clothes. It actually does work and you only ever use cold water with it. It will pay for itself in 15 years LOL!

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