Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Week The Plan

Well this morning I woke up to the Best Worst Day of my life. Baby had been up all through the night and I was exhausted. She got up early and Mr F was just getting up to get ready for work so he took her so I could sleep for another 20 minutes. This was one of those days where you are hoping that your spouse will read your telepathic signals (that you are fervently sending through your pillow) and call in sick. No such luck. I get up and groggily head downstairs. Kid?!?! Why are you up already?!?!... Uggh this is going to be a LONG day. I make my coffee and then I hear Mr F on the phone.. is he calling in sick... unbelievable! No.. he's not. His office just called to say there is a water main break and he doesn't need to come in. WHAT? You have got to be kidding me? This is GREAT.. oh wait.. this is terrible. Because even though Mr F is off I am not. Had he gotten the call only minutes earlier it might have worked out in my favor and I might have gotten to sleep in a bit. But once I'm up I'm up.. I'm one of those types. And now I've got to get through a day of making lunches, transporting to preschool, baby naps and grocery shopping. Oh and entertaining... our friends postponed their visit until today. And now I need to do it with an extra human in my way. Within moments of the news.. Mr F spilled his mug of coffee all over my brand new tablecloth... confirmation that his presence is not really a blessing but a curse.

HOLD UP.. I took a short break to run to the grocery store. It turns out there is some value in having Mr F home so I thought I'd throw him a morsel of gratitude (not that it was his choice mind you). Since he was home he took Kid and Baby to drop Kid off at school... allowing me to go to the store unaccompanied. "This will be a breeze" I think to myself on the drive over... "I'll be able to pound out both stores in an hour!" Then I pull into the parking lot.. er... I mean the parking lot of the store FOUR freaking stores away. Tuesday is my normal shopping day as you all know... what hadn't occured to me is that every buffoon in town was taking the day off to go shop for all their Thanksgiving needs at 11 AM.... with their spouses in hand... debating every damn thing they put in their carts (conveniently located in the middle of the aisle... thank you very much). So it took me TWICE as long to do my shopping and I really was thankful I didn't have the kids.
Plus I can write this now since I asked Mr F very nicely to unload the groceries for me. It went a little something like this "Mr F?!?! Aren't you going to unload my groceries!"

Now that I've gotten my whine out, here's my week in review...

This week wasn't so bad. I really made up for last week's miserable effort.
I've gotten some feedback about my tremendous organizational skills (and they weren't all in jest!). Here is the deal I am not completely incompetent.. my hurdle is really that I just resist authority so much that I don't want to give in to "order". If you have this issue also known as genius (of all sorts) you know what I am talking about.
My good friend got this giant Post It Note calender as a freebie at her job and sent it over.
At first I marveled at how incredibly wasteful this product seemed to be. Then I realized I could multipurpose it and not feel so bad about going through I huge wall sized piece of paper every week. I also have a main calender on which I write all our appointments for the month then I transcribe them over to this one just for the week's appointments. This calender is MUCH easier to read and I have it right by the phone so there is a greater likelihood that I'll actually pass by it each day. At the end of the week I rip it off and fold it up and use it for all my lists: grocery list, to do list, menu planning. It is big enough that I can have all my lists in one place and can fold it up to keep in my bag. Instead of a notebook (which I've tried to use in the past) I don't have to cart the whole thing around and I don't lose which page "I wrote all that important info on!". I can recycle it at the end of the week and move on with new lists... no ghosts of projects left on done to haunt me either! All in all I have found it to very helpful.

Getting back on topic... let's see I didn't do the pilates (damn me) but I did push out some super long cardio and even an extra cardio day. i know that is exactly what I said I would NOT do... but after our date on Friday I really want to have a little extra calorie burn to make up for my indiscretions. I did maintain my weight so I'm not sure my decision was all bad anyway.

I did my paperwork, cleaned, did the laundry and Mr F actually put it all upstairs for me. If there was something else I was supposed to do I don't remember what it was.. so how important was it really?

I think I pretty much followed the meal plan. I didn't waste any food (yay!) and I made all the meals.. maybe switched up the days a few times but that is it.

On to this week:

We are leaving next Wednesday for Disney World so I'm doing my plan through then as I don't intend to shop again.

Monday- Pork Tenderloin w/ Rice Pilaf and Vegetables

Tuesday - Beef Stew w/ Dumplings (leftover)

Wednesday - Pizza night (believe me I'll need it with T-day prep underway)

Thursday - Thanksgiving (I'm doing Sangria, biscuits, vegetables, appetizers)

Friday - Spaghetti & Homemade Meatballs w/ Steamed Broccoli

Saturday - Leftover Thanksgiving Stuff

Sunday - Shrimp Fried Rice

Monday - Salmon Noodle Casserole

Tuesday - Meatball Soup


Hmmmm.. I'm having extreme difficulty giving up cardio days to make room for pilates days. I want to I really do but to be honest I know with the Holiday, Kid being off school, and preparing for our trip I'm going to need the stress relief of the cardio so I'm not even going to set myself up for failure on this one. I plan to do 5 days of cardio, 60 minutes minimum each day.


Thanksgiving is being held at our house... so.. pretty much everything needs to be cleaned... in two days!

To Do:

vomit.. maybe just a little in my throat
roll around moaning (and not in a "that's sexy" kind of way in a "dying animal" kind of way)
become paralyzed by all the things I'm not doing
complain... excessively
get really mad at Mr F.. possibly threaten to divorce him over major issues like dishes and toilet cleaning...
cry.. a little

What do you think I just caught Mr F doing?!? He was about to have some hummus on his sandwich. "What's wrong with that?" You might ask.. well... I just bought that goddamn hummus for one of our appetizers. And when I caught him in the act .. he said "I'm just going to have a little" A LITTLE!?!? I'm serving that!.. Which means I don't want a big fucking hunk taken out of the goddamn middle of it! Put your knife down Mr F because "a little" isn't one of your goddamn choices! Jesus Christ! Go back to work Mr F before we have to have a throw down!


Amy said...

I so understand the hubby-in-the-way thing. It's a blessing in disguise, or...maybe more of an outright curse.

My dh is off for his "season". He works clusters of months through the year, and he will be off until late March/April. I think my job away from my p/t job is harder. More to clean up, another mouth to worry about. I definitely go through a transition during this time, and am a bit more edgy. Kind of like being in PMS for 3 weeks straight.

I feel for you. Best of luck.

Mr Furious said...

"complain... excessively"

Mission Accomplished. Cross that one off.

In fact, your repeated pretend "beatings" of me counts towards your cardio, so cross that off too.

Mr Furious said...

Just a reminder—I have a shortened day at work tomorrow and then—with the holiday and the vacation—you'll be spending 11 of the next 13 days with me!

Or 296 out of the next 312 hours...

ILY! Mwaahhahahah!

Mrs. Furious said...

you'll be spending 11 of the next 13 days with me!

As long as you follow my simple "hotel room organization" rules we should be fine. Plus I'll be hanging out with Chris & Michelline while you ride on Dumbo w/ Kid ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

Kind of like being in PMS for 3 weeks straight.


Mr F used to work from our house (exclusively) which was fine pre-Kid.. but once I had to actually accomplish something during the day having him home 24/7 got hard for all of us to manage!

eurydice said...

wow... disney world! that's exciting. i've never been there.

and why are men constantly sneaking food? i catch my boyfriend doing this all the time! very shifty!

Sarah said...

"Hotel Room Organization Rules"

Hahaha. That's awesome!!

And yes the food sneaking, my boyfriend has become well trained after getting in trouble too often. He now asks, "can I eat this?" when anything out of the ordinary appears in the fridge.

Tina said...

Sounds like fun, NOT.

Well, to add to your fun, I've tagged you for a meme on my site. Oh stop. You know you love me.

Heather said...

I'm dying to know what the hotel organization rules are! TELL!

michelline said...

Plus I'll be hanging out with Chris & Michelline while you ride on Dumbo w/ Kid ;)

WOOHOO!!! We can't wait. And I'm glad you said Mr. F is the one going on Dumbo. I hate that ride. I prefer Aladdin's Carpets because the ride is the same, but the line moves must faster.

wow... disney world! that's exciting. i've never been there.

Eurydice, that's so foreign to me. I was born and raised in Florida, so I've been way too many times to count. I was born in 1971 two months after WDW opened. We have many pictures of my family going in 1972 and ever since. Now we usually get FL resident annual passes. They black out June and July, 2 weeks at Christmas, and a week at spring break. They're much cheaper than the regular annual passes. I love MK, AK, and Epcot. I'm not a big fan of MGM, but it's ok.

Bi0nicw0man said...

I just tagged you in the meme thing, cuz I heart you...but I know you've already done it so just ignore!

Mrs. Furious said...


I agree very shifty indeed ;)

Since having Kid we've become big Disney fans!


Hmmm..now I'm begining to wonder if this is a universal "man" trait...

Mrs. Furious said...

First Tina and now Bi0nicw0man...

Why oh why do I always get tagged two at a time?!?!

I'll do my best guys...

and thanks for the love Bi0nicw0man!

Mrs. Furious said...

lol Heather!

It appears there might be enough interest for me to devote a whole post to it!

But my preview tip is that for a sane marriage Mr & Mrs F should probably invest in those adjoining rooms and save ourselves the arguments!

Mrs. Furious said...


I'm with you on the Aladdin's Carpet.. faster and you might get a cool down from the crazy camel spit!

Also don't love MGM.. except I do want to go hear the Harlem Gospel Choir do their Christmas songs!!

michelline said...

Also don't love MGM.. except I do want to go hear the Harlem Gospel Choir do their Christmas songs!!

That does sound nice. Speaking of Christmas, Chris put up a post on our Christmas decorations. We're now completely finished for Christmas now, except for the tree skirt his mother is making us for the Victorian tree and any other wonderful stuff we pick up this year in Disney.

Chris Howard said...

Also don't love MGM

Overall, it's not as good as the other three parks, but it has the Tower of Terror, so you have to go.

katieo said...

I love when Mrs. Furious gets tagged!

My husband works from home. I definitely feel the blessing/curse thing.

"In fact, your repeated pretend "beatings" of me counts towards your cardio, so cross that off too."lol!

Mrs. Furious said...

Yes Chris!

I am sooo excited to go on Tower of Terror this time!

My #1 goal is for Mr F & I to each be able to ride all the big rides.

Kid likes the Little Mermaid show and the Playhouse Disney show.. we're usually in & out w/ those and then out of there.

Mrs. Furious said...


Get ready... I'm thinking up my factoids right now!

Although I'm not sure how many more taggings I can accept some of these are super specific and that takes some time!

Deb said...

You need a BlackBerry. I'm telling you, I have never been so organized or wasted so much time in my life until I got one. You can read your email FROM the toilet AND play video games. They should give them out at the hospital to new moms. It would be so much better than those "breastfeeding starter kits", which only contain formula. What's up with that, anyway?

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