Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkey Day Triumph... Kind Of

So if you've been obsessively checking my sidebar stats (and why would you not?!) you know I have not been working out AT ALL this week. One thing has snowballed into another all week. We've had friends and family visiting.. canceling their visits.. rescheduling their visits.. and actually visiting. This has meant that even my best laid plans have been thrown out of whack. And yes I could have made more of an effort and admittedly I did not.

I kind of enjoyed all the time off and found myself once again slipping out of my routine and slipping further and further away from reaching my week's goals. This has been happening more and more these last few weeks. I'm not totally sure what to make of it. Partly I've just been tired and partly I've been overwhelmed by all the things I have needed to do between Kid's birthday and Christmas. There is also a part of me that isn't that motivated to get off my ass. I'm done losing and it doesn't seem to matter how many hours I put in on the treadmill I've enter a comfortable weight and I'm not gaining it back.

So that's the good news. I'm maintaining. I'm eating 2000 calories a day and I actually lost a little this week. The bad news is that I'm tired and busy and ovewhelmed and I'm just not feeling that motivated. I know on the one hand that putting in my workout does a lot more than just help me maintain my weight... it helps me feel more energetic, more pulled together and less stressed.

So why oh why is it always so hard for me to stick with it? Why is it so easy to give into my lazy impulses.. and will it ever get easier? When I've had a stretch like this each day it gets harder to get back into my routine... and each day I'm reminded of how easily this could all slip away from me. It was honestly easier when I still had weight loss to motivate me. That seemed a more manageable and quantifiable and necessary goal. Ultimate fitness seems a little bit of a stretch.. something I don't really know how to measure or define... and something so long term that it can be overwhelming if not paralyzing. How do I fit it all in?

These days off have been such a nice reprieve and instead of watching TV and feeling badly about not working out I've stepped it up and actually used my time to knock off stressors from my To-Do lists. And maybe that is justified and necessary and okay to do every now and then... but when you are me... and you are a sabotager... how do you balance a need for a break from the routine without setting yourself up for failure and disappointment?

Today still suffering from a turkey... okay pie.... hangover I sucked it up. I faced every impulse to "take a nap", "have a hot shower", "you're tired", "it feels like Sunday", "you can do it tomorrow" and I put on my shoes and got on the treadmill anyway. I knew I had to make an effort that after 4 days off I was really pushing it and I needed to recommit and show myself that I can do it. To stop the negative self-talk and turn this ship around before it was too late. So I did... let's hope I can keep it up for the rest of the weekend.


Feener said...

i can only seem to manage working out at the most 2 to 3 days a week and i want to commit to at least 3 days. i went to the gym today and i was so happy i went, felt great, realize how much exercise helps your mood - so i will keep trying. my gym also has a motivating event, sign up and go 3 days a week and our names are in a raffle for 6 months free. glad you pushed through. holidays, cold weather...all has the slipping effect.

Heather said...

Nice work in lacing up the sneaks and going anyway. Some weeks are just like that -- they're not indicative of anything other than a crazy week.

I'm the queen saboteur, really I am. I talk myself out of everything. The only way the calories goal has even somewhat worked this week is I've told myself my limit was 1500 and I've gone over slightly, but before I was going over 1700-1800 every day -- I'd get to 1400 and FIND 300 calories to eat. It was crazy, I tell you. I have no trouble working out, but the eating is what's hard for me. I find that if tell myself I have to work out for a super long time, I won't do it. But today I kept reminding myself that I only had to do 30 minutes. 30 ass-kicking minutes, but only 30 minutes. And I always feel much more positive, confident, and I'll say it, sexy and strong after working out.

I'm not sure what my concluding point is. Go you!

Mrs. Furious said...


"my gym also has a motivating event, sign up and go 3 days a week and our names are in a raffle for 6 months free"

now that is some motivation!
Of course my gym is always free and that doesn't motivate me any... ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey Heather..

good work with the calories! I eat to my limit all the time.. that's what it is there for.. don't feel guilty about that!

Go Here.. I keep pushing this post back so here's the info. For me now the calorie counting is better... but this did kick ass... and I did alter (forever) what I consider a carb serving.. super easy(man easy) to follow and read.

katieo said...

(SO maybe I'll just leave ONE more comment...can you tell I'm waiting for a video to upload? lol...)

I totally can relate to this post.
What about a race?

Mrs. Furious said...


YES! When I saw your post I was like "I need to do that" I won't RUN but I saw people walking in your Turkey Trot pic. Of course now it is all nasty out and I don't know when there would be an event in the near future...

P.O.M. said...

I feel your pain sista. I can not get motivated at all. To do Anything. I am going to force myself to go to the gym tonight - but I can't guarantee I will stay very long. And if the parking sucks, I'm totally outta there. haaa haa.

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