Saturday, December 22, 2007

After Twelve Hours Of Intermittent Labor (er... Make That 13!)... Let's See What You've Got Mrs F

It is 12:50 PM this is what Baby's stocking looks like:

This is my top priority now.
1:29 PM2:25 PM3:306:30
(appliques are not sewn on, but embellishments are, and the number and letter patterns are cut... still need to cut them out of felt and sew all the appliques on ...then I'm done!) We're going to dinner... be back soon!
12:20 AM (yes roughly 12 hours later!)12:35 AM Crafting genius strikes... note real grapevine twigs for arms (harvested from my wreath!)1:25 AM Mrs F decides to remove the snowdrifts... so much better!

Watch The Damn YouTube Video Or Else!

I am amending my warning... it is not "stupid" it is "hilarious"... it is not "too long" it is 3 minutes. Watch it. Kid's crazy laughing is contagious... and you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing along. I promise. Plus you get a really good taste of what Mr F looks and sounds like... entertaining in and of itself!


Heather said...

I thought this one was hilarious. Neighbor parties are the best -- you never know what to expect. Sadly, we have no neighbor parties to go to, as we live in anti-social apartment community. Note: this will change in 08.

Mrs. Furious said...

Heather... It appears we are the only two people who think this is hilarious ;)

Ah well... I try. Perhaps posting daily video clips is annoying?!

and yeah ... I need to know at least 2 people in order to not be a total wallflower (that or at least 2 drinks!)

Deb said...

You warned me that it was 1) stupid and 2) a little too long, and those are the two things I hate most about video on the web. So I didn't press "play". BUT I am enthralled by the stocking progress and can't wait to see the finished product. Where was Mr. F while all the stocking work was happening?

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh Deb... stupid and a little long doesn't mean it isn't freaking hilarious! You can always fast forward after my kids jeans joke!

Well I made it very clear that this is what needed to happen today. I did all the shopping yesterday (and lets be real Mr F has no freaking xmas responsiblities outside of hopefully getting me something) so he watched the kids (mostly... I did enter the room to find Baby eating 2 small candles and incredibly chokable brass candle holders in her mouth (size of marbles)... wtf?!?)

Smoochiefrog said...

Stocking's looking good! Hope you enjoyed your dinner. I just got back from the gym. WTF????

Mrs. Furious said...

Let's just say we went to Old Country Buffet... I'm not sure "enjoyed" is a term you might associate with this establishment.... but I didn't have to cook or clean off the dining room table (sewing table for now) and Kid is only $3 so what can I say?
Gym?!? 3 nights before Xmas? I am mightily impressed!

Mrs. Furious said...


your new name completely threw me off! I am even more impressed now that I know who you are! Way to go!
ps I miss Hobbes (as does Kid... she's a huge C&H fan)

and Merry Christmas.

Gypsy Family said...

I can't believe you're going to finish the stocking. I will now go hang my head in shame over the 2nd child's scrapbook which has, at 17 months, like, 4 pages. To older sib's 3 BOOKS by the same age. didn't watch this video either. ALL RIGHT, I'll go back and watch. The F's better deliver on the hilarity! (as they usually do)

Mrs. Furious said...

Gypsy Family,
Oh it is hilarious.. if only for Kid's wild laughter and dance moves!

I can't believe I'm going to finish it either! But it appears I just might...

went to OCB tonight... I have no freaking idea why... but I just can't not be somewhat revolted the whole time we are there!

MommyTime said...

Just wanted to let you know that (more in response to your heartening pictures of your tornado-struck house from earlier in the week, though also partly in response to your in-progress stocking) that I took "before" pictures too...and although we've reached "after," I still haven't had time to take the improved photos. So, you are not the only one who still has stuff to do. Oh, did I mention the puppet theater still isn't done? At least you had a crazy-neighbors party to keep you amused while you stay up working tonight. Have fun with the stocking! It's looking great.

Tina said...

Oh honey, don't be impressed. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow!

And this is just for kid....

Mrs. Furious said...

Does that entail making puppets as well?! Is that a santa gift... to both your kids?
We've got some assembly to do but other than that just this stocking! I've got it to a good stage. Tomorrow I'll sew the appliques on... and I'm just basting the whole thing together since I'll do beading after xmas (most likely christmas eve of next year!).

Take afters... I find it really rewarding to be able to look at them... especially once the house is torn up again leaving no trace of all the work I did!

Mrs. Furious said...


I'm still impressed...

and Kid will love it, thanks :)

MommyTime said...

It's from me to both of them. And thank goodness, no, on the puppets! Santa found ones to peek out of each stocking at Ikea, and an Auntie and Nana both chose to support the theater enterprise with multiple I'm off the hook there. All the boards are upholstered, so now I'm left with installing hinges, the shelf, and all the protective feet/hooks/etc. so the whole thing can't fall over onto their little selves. It's darn heavy, so this is a real issue. I don't think it will take more than an hour or so...but I have to turn in the last of the grades tonight first.

The after makes me happy every time I walk past the totally useable kids/ guest bathroom that I plumbed myself. But I do have to take some pics to post so I can prove this to my mom and sis!

kenady said...

Nice to put a voice with the face! Enjoyed the video... glad that you had "fun" at the neighborhood get together!! You would probably like ours down here better as there is normally a couple of babysitters for all of the kids so that the adults can get shit faced and end up vomitting in the bushes! Fun times, let me tell ya!

Stocking looks great! I bought mine at Target:)

katieo said...

Things that made me laugh about that video:
1)Kid said "orr-ment" just like my 5 year old
2)You actually pointed the camera in the direction of the party house.
3)The jeans.

Maybe all of the older ladies didn't acknowledge you because they all thought you were the 13's bff? lol!

Was Angie there?

Mrs. Furious said...

lol! They have parties like that here.... ON CAMPUS! :)

no Angie is out of town!
lol.... maybe it was because of the kid's jeans!

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh and Katieo...
I wanted you to know that I was STRONGLY influenced by your suggestion that I make them differently. And I LOVE it! Mr F was a little nervous about not doing white letters like Kid's... but I am so into it having a completely different look. So thanks! Oh Mr F likes it now too :)

emmyjw said...

OK the videos are great! Very funny. The stocking is lookin good too, you are such a badass LOL.This was a much needed laugh in the middle of a crappy busy work weekend filled with wack job home care patients.

Robin said...

Good Morning Mrs. F,
I had to check on you to see if you finished. You were making such progress yesterday. It looks great! (Makes me feel like a slacker. We have store bought stockings.) How many times yesterday were you wishing you had named Kid Mary, or Sue, or Kara. LOL

I am cracking up about the kid jeans. Y'all are so funny. And I love that you have fun together.

Erin said...

Happy Holidays!!

The stocking looks awesome! I like it without the drifts, you can see the snowman so much better.

I had thoughts of getting a stocking for my daughter and cross stitching on it - but that will take forever!

Maybe I will do it for next year. And start in July or so....

Mrs. Furious said...


aww I'm glad... sorry you have to work this weekend ;( I hope you've got your shit more together than I do!

Merry Christmas!

Oh believe me I have thought many times... "could I have choose a longer name?!" And I feel for her when she has to learn how to write it!
I wish I had just stayed up another hour and finished to whole thing... I've lost my momentum now. I've actually decided that I'm not doing any beading on it and so really all I have to do it sew it together, which in theory, won't take that long!

Mrs. Furious said...


Oh thanks! Yeah I was kind of stuck in "snowdrift" mode because Kid's has them (although her's is a tree so there is more contrast) and I just couldn't get around it for some reason... like I had to have the snowdrifts! Anyway last night I took them off and I felt so much better about it. Less is More!

have a Merry Christmas!

Deb said...

First off, the stocking... fantastic.

I did sit through the video, and I admit I pre-empted your jeans joke with one of my own, which was pretty similar to yours. I giggled anyway. The part that made me laugh OUT LOUD (something I never do, btw) was the part where you discovered Kid was wearing no pants. I'm still giggling just thinking about it.

Your videos are as scintillating as the ones I make, but there's always one moment that makes viewing completely worthwhile.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh Deb,

I knew you'd break down and view it eventually... I mean what else are you going to do... ski?

I'm suffering from stocking fatigue.. I'm over it... I'm just going to baste it up and let the adhesive spray hold it together until next year!

Deb said...

Ski? Ha, ha, ha... There was zero skiing this year. It was all about the hot toddies and board games. The mister went skiing and something snapped in his knee. Tuesday will be fun!

But enough about me. You know next year you will not remember that thing is sprayed together, right?

Mrs. Furious said...

in the end I sucked it up and actually sewed it.... took me close to 48 freaking hours to finally finish it! Thank God Mr F is fixed... I can't ever go through that again!

what the hell is going on? are you already back? Tuesday as in Christmas? Fun? Why do I keep asking these stupid questions? Is it because it is 1:30? Or because I just blew up a huge inflatable ball pit?

Good night
Merry Christmas

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