Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am opening up my Food Diary blog. Anyone who is interested can check it out HERE and let me know if this is a tool that they would like to use.
I used this format with great success during my weight loss phase.
My intention was to have it available to my friends and family who were interested in tracking their food and/or exercise intake. You will see that the last post was back in October. I'm going to be starting back up and anyone who might want to post their food journals as a way to stay motivated and accountable are welcome to do so.
You can use this tool in whatever way is helpful and motivating to you. You do not have to be counting calories, what you want to track and post is up to you.
Send me an email or give me yours in the comments of the Welcome post and I'll be able to set you up as an author.

Oh and on a completely unrelated note here I am....
Talking right to YOU


Nutmeg said...

Okay I'm definitely going there... but first.

Women being against feminism kind of upsets me. I think it's sort of just a misunderstanding. Because to me feminism is about support a woman's ability and right to make her own decisions about how she lives her life. Work, stay at home, grow you hair long, cut it off, wear dresses and high heels and make up all the time, wear jeans and flannel shirts and never brush your hair, live your life to help your man, or not. YOU DECIDE. That's all it means. But being free to make decisions is a lot of responsibility and sometimes that is scary and hard to handle.

food diaries.

I used to do this and I definitely ate less, I think. But how do you find the time!

Can't wait to see your hair. Every couple of years I cut all my hair off. This has been my longest stretch ever, but I just got some bangs, so that's new.

Nutmeg said...

And ohmygod.

Young girls taking christ's name in vain and denying god become very, very ill later on.


And she really does love glitter.

I'm a-gog.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh you have got to go check it out
I was just trying to tell Mr f about it and he was like what do you mean "anti-feminist" and I was like "um she's literally anti-feminist" He thought I was just interpreting her that way but that is in her header!

I'm serious when I tell you I had never really heard to much about an anti-feminist movement since I like yourself don't really see it as a "lifestyle" one would be against... it is about being able to do what you choose.
Although I do sometimes find that I meet people who think that my staying home is some kind of anti-feminist choice or that I changed my name bothers them and that can tick me off since of course I chose to do both those things for well thought out reasons that have nothing to do with feeling I am less than or beneath my husband or my working friends...

The food diary doesn't have to take much time. If you start by not calorie counting it is obviously quite easy.

Mrs. Furious said...

"Young girls taking christ's name in vain and denying god become very, very ill later on."

LOL when I read that I was like "shit she is NOT going to like my blog!"

Ashley said...

Please set me up!

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey Ashley,
I sent you the invite.
I'll start posting my diaries tomorrow... see you over there.

katieo said...

Home living:
Ok, I was a little creeped out, but more by the way she wrote/talked. Her voice seemed a little too...poised. I read but couldn't get past a couple of posts, "Does she really talk like this in real life?"

I know a lot of uber pro homemakers (although not really the anti-feminist ones...) but they just don't sound like that. know what i mean?

(ps, Mrs. F, nice to see you in some non-turtlenecksweater attire, lol!)

Mrs. Furious said...

oh that is my Gap tee that I finally cut the tags off of and decided to keep!

and re: Home living yes I do know what you mean... which is almost why I couldn't stop reading it... just trying to figure out EXACTLY who this woman was and why she had such an aggressive attitude. I mean really I find it rather hard to believe that a whole bunch of "young things in cubicles" harass her all day long. Seriously... bizarre.

Julie said...

That Homeliving lady sure has a lot to say.

But just because I don't fold my napkins into hearts or make my worn towels into roses doesn't mean she hates me:) You'd have to have read her little post for newcomers to get that.

Mrs F, I hope that my post was mature.

Julie said...

On a different note, how is Kid doing?

And now I am actually going to bed as I feel like a cold is coming on...

Mrs. Furious said...


yeah the mature comment thing was funny too... I didn't see any that weren't making me wonder if it is all in her head or if she deletes the immature ones.


Anonymous said...

HL - went there - left there when as I was sort of reading with "that" look (you know, the look?) I thought I was hearing the music from Pyscho's shower scene ... scarey, very scarey.

Heather said...

God this was a funny post. You're back to your old crazy ways, thank god. Ok, let's talk about hair first. What are we thinking? Have you purchased those TERRIBLE but necessary hairstyle magazines from Walgreens? They're really terrible, but they really have tons of pictures. They also have a soap star one, in case that's the look you're going for.

Second, what the hell with the home living? I didn't check it out, and I likely won't, mostly because I don't want to support that kind of shit.

Food diaries and less sugar, go get em. If I posted what I ate today you'd laugh. Here, I'll post it for you anyway:

2 whole grain waffles, 2 T peanut butter, banana

2 oz turkey

Larabar -- ginger snap

corn chowder with bacon and scallions (made last night, so freaking good), plus 1/4 of a Trader Joe's pesto pizza

pizza with feta, spinach, meyer lemon olive oil, pancetta and red onions. 4 slices

16 oz OJ (for some reason this tasted really good), fage with honey.

activity = 90 mins yoga, 60 mins walking

I don't know that I have a concluding thought. Meh.

Robin said...

Wow, that blog is fascinating! She defnintely wouldn't approve of my household. LOL

Where did you find the picture of her house? I saw some of the inside, but none of the outside. I agree, the way she talks you think she lives in a lovely cottage or Victorian style house.

Can't wait to see your hair!

Robin said...

I found the picture. Interesting...

Anonymous said...

it is a double ?

Danielle said...

Oh-me-oh-my! I actually feel really sad for this woman. This may sound awful, but I wonder if she was emotionally/physically abused as a child. I'm all for learning about ways to keep my "sty" clean and organized, but this lady is clearly skewed in the way she views herself (as well as other women). She had to learn that from somewhere!?! I feel bad for her daughters...

Oh, and you are bringing back the food diary at a great time. I'm dying to drop this last 10 lbs and I need a kickstart!

Anonymous said...

love ya by the way..
don't go too short with the hair,sometimes it becomes "soccer mom" if it's too short...ya know?

Mrs. Furious said...

Let me just say ladies that I am happy to hear that EVERYONE thinks the homeliving woman is totally nuts!

interesting point... you do have to wonder where her point of view comes from.

holy moly you are doing a lot of exercise!! Seriously during my 1st trimesters I just sat on the couch and wanted to die...

fascinating stuff right? I keep going back. And if I lived in a trailer I would probably be able to keep it clean too ;)

soccer mom?!? Sweet jesus I remember! That was more of a problem with that particular stylist though... I still can't figure out why she did that. I mean she was correcting my failed "Amalie" haircut but why she cut it into a weird aging man's cut I don't know.... and then the highlights... oh the highlights... if I wasn't hormonal at the time I never would have agreed to it!
I'm not cutting it until I feel confident I have found the RIGHT hair stylist for the job. I mean I don't want to look WORSE.

emmyjw said...

Dude,that is the craziest thing I have seen in a while, and strangely,addictively fascinating...I think you would look great with short hair,especially a short haircut ;) Well,I am off to scrunch my worn out towels into roses and dye my faded dishcloths rose and green, later!

Mrs. Furious said...


I can't find the old post with your hair dressers info.. could you give it to me again?

emmyjw said...

Her name is Jodi Beaton, her #(734)954-0336.I really like her a lot.If you get the machine she will call back,I usually have to leave a message.You can tell het Emily Williams referred you;)

Meagan B. said...

If only the Amish could blog...

Mrs. Furious said...


LOL... you know I have that thought everyday! ;)

Heather said...

Yeah, yesterday was an anomaly, and the first day in uh, weeks. My schedule has been crazy, and it's been hard enough to keep up with my sleep.

eurydice said...

that's a trailer? i thought they had to be on wheels lol. it's nice to know i'm folding my towels correctly. well, when i fold them anyway.

i'm into joining the food diary - since i post it on my own page anyway - i'll send you an email!

Mrs. Furious said...

oh good... I'll get you out an invite :)

P.O.M. said...

Oh Lordy. I can't even comment on that site. Nor could I handle that much glitter in one day.

I can def picture you in an edgy fun cut. Keep us posted.

Mrs. Furious said...

well it should be noted that I do have a big head ;)

Kiki said...

I went to it, that kooky website, do you think I should tell her Ken and I aren't having kids (I don't have to tell her its not by choice), I work outside the home and we are hiring someone to come in and clean because I don't want to do it on my days off...or would that be immature???

I LOVE your Gap tee, and am excited about whatever you do with your hair...I never cut it. Ever. So I am fascinated by people who do.

As for your abs, which look great...I know you want to borrow my Hip Hop Abs DVD, dontcha?? JK.

Mrs. Furious said...

or would that be immature???

I got the tee in magenta as well (I'm particularly drawn to magenta) but I'm not sure about it so maybe I'll take a pic and everyone can decide tonight. It is a little on the super bright side.

Your hair is just like my best friend's and she never cuts it either. Something has got to be done because it is impossible for me to feel my look is pulled together with my hair like this.
I"m loving your Fashion posts by the way. And your mom is so cute :) You should get her to do more and then I'll get my mom to look at them.

also you've mentioned the kids thing a few times... what is the deal? I'm really sorry if you've had a rough time :(

Nutmeg said...

Alright I'm committing... add me to the food diary thing, though I can't say I'm going to make good choices for a while.

E. has just tipped over from sitting twice in the last thirty seconds like he's 6 months old or something and honestly ... it's hysterical.

Mrs. Furious said...

you don't have to make good choices... I don't ;)

I sent you out the invite.

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