Saturday, February 16, 2008


I kindly request that ALL reader's watch this video


Julie said...


Also, if I wasn't so unmotivated to actually do it, I would post photos of my clutter piles.

Mrs F, you rock:)

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks Julie

I was quite pleased that I was able to get both "word" and "dude" in one video ;)

Nutmeg said...

I think we should all post pictures of our clutter.

Clutter-bugs UNITE!

Word-up, yo!

Mrs. Furious said...

word (said with a firm head nod... as it always is)

Deb said...

Ass clowns.

Smoochiefrog said...

Buncha dinks.

Marie said...

The Furious family rocks with their messy, fun selves!!!!! I doubt you'll ever see those "haters" rocking out with their kids in the living room or whatever the crazy thing of the day is! I love the wackiness, and there just isn't wackiness without a little messiness!

emmyjw said...

Man,I am gone for a few days and mean people show up! Sorry you had to put up with that Mrs. F., it sucks and you are right,why waste your time putting people down,if they don't get you they should read another blog.I love you and your open,honest blog, and my house is cluttered a lot too, does it bug me? yes. Is it more important than doing fun/educational stuff with my family? no way.

Anonymous said...

mrs f.
those of us who have slightly less clutter are not cooking, and baking and playing on the floor with our kids. trust me, there is a trade-off. also many of us work outside the home and our kids are also then outside the home and there is less time for clutter to happen.
we are ordering out, eating at fastfood restaurants and our kitchens are clean. trade-off. you go girl, you're very cool and sweet and when your girls are older the clutter will lessen. also you have a great, nice guy there in mr. F. you two are a cute couple...don't stop blogging, we'll miss you!! linda from pennsylvania AMISH COUNTRY - Lancaster...we even have a horse!

Anonymous said...

our horse is FOR SALE btw...any one of mrs F.'s readers want to buy a NICE, KID friendly horse.
Great horse for beginners, kids, really a sweet girl!! we've had her for 8 years and my kids are losing interest in riding her , but she has Many good years left.
just email me for more info

she is 18 and bay and 15.3 hands.

Dinah Soar said...

The reason your blog is so appealing is because you are open, honest and like-able (unlike Martha Stewart---who is a talented lady but lacks warmth, at least none comes across).

It hurts when people are mean spirited but when you open yourself up that is what happens and those ignoramuses ruin it for the rest of us who want to learn from you...sooo...they are their own worst enemy and they injure you and the rest of us in the process....

You are an awesome young woman in so many ways, and especially when it comes to doctor told me exercise should be my priority...he said when I wake up in the morning my first thought should be should be at the top of my to do list for the day. Have I met his expectation? my own detriment.

The building I dwell in is in order, but the body I dwell in is not, and it is God's temple...

It hurts when people are unkind and it is uncalled for...I can tell you are a very sensitive caring person and I hope you can just blow it I read somewhere---don't let "those" detractors live in your head rent free. You go girl!!!

Danielle said...

Hi, my name is Danielle and I'm a clutterbug! I hate to admit it, but that's why I love your blog so much!
Oh, and I made your FABULOUS salmon last night and even my mom (who isn't a salmon fan) LOVED it!

angie said...

I am livid. People, stop your mean shit. As Mrs. F so clearly put it, she is a person. With feelings. How would you feel if people took one part of your life, the thing you are probably most sensitive about, and then mocked you for it. I am sure you all have at least one freaking flaw. I am almost in tears writing this as I am furious (maybe I should be called Neighbor Furious). So get a life. Get some kindness. And stop being so damn judgmental.

Mrs F you rock. You are kind. You give great advice. You are a great friend. A great mother. A great person. So F*!# them.

Danielle said...

OK, I had to come back and comment again. I actually hadn't watched the entire video before I commented before. I get so sick of people and their "holier than thou" bullshit. We are the mothers of very small children and (like you) I'd much rather look back on my time with my children and recollect all the fun we had, NOT all of the time we spent keeping our damn houses clean.

Tam-e said...

Mrs. F,
After reading your comment on my friends blog about us commenting. I didn't want my friend to apologize for all of us but I wanted to say it for myself. I am sorry if you were offended by my comment. I really wasn't trying to be rude. You are right though. I haven't read your blog I just looked at the pics and went on. And likewise you do not know me. I was raised in a strict home where I had to live immaculant. I guess that comes from having a father in the military. I have carried it over into my own adult life and so it is hard for me to understand how someone lives with a little more clutter than I may have.
Everyone has their faults and weeknesses. You are right about that. I am not perfect and neither is my house. I have four children, 11,9,6,3. Tell me my house never gets messy! I have learned to purge regularly over the years. My mom says I throw everything away, but that is not true. I only keep what is sentimental or very important. If I haven't worn it or used in in the past 6 months I get rid of it.
While I was watching your video I thought of myself for a moment. I too have responded to others the way you have just now. I know that this is a sensitive area for you but be proud of who you are. It shouldn't matter what other people think of you. What matters most is how you see yourself. Be confident in you and you won't let what others say affect you the way it has.
I do appologize! Forgive me for judging!

Mrs. Furious said...

Thank you. I really do appreciate the apology.

Mrs. Furious said...

I love you and you know when I say I'm sensitive that I mean it! But I will say making this video did help me say what I needed to say and the Unisom did help me go to sleep... so I wasn't up all night stressing as I might normally have done.

Mrs. Furious said...

"I'd much rather look back on my time with my children and recollect all the fun we had, NOT all of the time we spent keeping our damn houses clean."


Mrs. Furious said...

"those of us who have slightly less clutter are not cooking, and baking and playing on the floor with our kids. trust me, there is a trade-off"
Thank you for that recognition.

and my Amish jingle goes something like this
"Lancaster County watch out for the Amish"
(as in give them room on the roads)
I'll have to make a video one day because the jingle is VERY catchy ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

Dinah Soar,
"don't let "those" detractors live in your head rent free."
excellent point and really I read this when I got up and thought ... I'm not going to let this eat me up. I can't feel I need to justify myself to everyone.

In an effort to keep it real I make myself vulnerable on here every day. It is sad to me that there will be times when that is going to come back to bite me... but I'm a straightforward honest person and I'm not going to stop being sincere just to protect myself.

Jenny O. said...

Mrs. F, I've been reading your blog for a few weeks and love it, of course. I am a mommy of two small children, work 28 hours per week from home ( with those two small children running around), and am working on losing weight and getting in shape.

The fact that you excel in so many areas (cooking, mothering, fitness) is incredibly impressive to me. I find it a daily struggle to do any of it well- work, exercise, dieting, or being a mommy. I just try hard, like you, every day. What I've learned is that the best thing we mommies can do for one another is be supportive, provide encouragement and help each other remember that the days of messy homes and crayon all over the walls (or panty liners on the craft table) are short-lived. We should all sit back and enjoy it as much as you seem to.

A cluttered house is the sign of a creative mind. Bravo, Mrs. F.And rock on. :)

Mrs. Furious said...

Tina, Deb, Emmy, Marie, Julie, Nutmeg, Danielle, and everyone else...
You know I love you all and appreciate all your friendship that's why I'm here doing this and making stupid videos every day.

Mrs. Furious said...

Jenny O.,
thanks so much for the comment!

"A cluttered house is the sign of a creative mind. "
that's what I tell myself ;)

If I was cleaning all the time when would I have a moment to perfect my flamenco?!?

Kid Art said...

Mrs F, you are awesome.

I have lost 6 lbs to date and would not have done it without the inspiration of your example.

Clutter... when it starts to get a little crazy here I always figure I'll have tons of time to tidy everything a few years down the road when I'm up until 2am waiting for the kids to come home when they're teenagers.

I grew up in a clutter-ful house with 5 kids and wouldn't trade a minute of it. My parents are still clutterers - it's truly something, I'll have to post you some photos sometime... but guess where my kids love to go more than anything? Grandma and Grandpa's house - full of 5 kids' worth of saved toys and lots of other fun things. And no one ever tells you not to make a mess! : )

I would be happy to post up pictures of my clutter. We're all in the same boat!

Anonymous said...

I think you are great...please keep up all the great Blogs... I am new to your blog and I enjoy reading it everyday. Thanks for all the recipes..made the Salmon noodle casserole last night...really good!


Marie said...

Another thumbs up for Mrs. F..thanks to you I exercising several times a week, losing those last 10 lbs and getting healthy, eating more organic and less artificial stuff, actually cooking all my meals (including your bread, meatball soup, and porkloin recipes..just made the porkloin and it was the BEST ever!!! you were sooo right about the cooking time, as always!). And today I bought my first Method all-purpose cleaner, and changed to their laundry detergeant last week (both of which smell great, btw! should have got the "naked" versions, but I cant resist a yummy new scent!). Both me and my family are all healthier because of you. And the girls and I have taken to afternoon "dance" sessions, lots of messy art projects (diningroom table is permanently glittered now!), and general chaos.

Just a nod (again) in your direction!

Mrs. Furious said...

way to go on the weight loss!

"when it starts to get a little crazy here I always figure I'll have tons of time to tidy everything a few years down the road when I'm up until 2am waiting for the kids to come home when they're teenagers."

and thanks for the supportive comments... my best friend's house was always like your parent's house growing up... and guess where I was every weekend all weekend long? It was so much more fun and relaxing and we were allowed to just "be" and that was so rewarding and made me feel safe.

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks for the comment! :)
And I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. I'm trying something out tonight I got from BHG... kind of a chicken casserole topped with cornbread twists... stay tuned I'm thinking it will be really fast and kid friendly.

Mrs. Furious said...

Really it is very heart warming and gratifying for me to read this in praticular:
"Both me and my family are all healthier because of you."

I might not be too inspirational on the cleaning front but I am so happy that you have found something in my life that has made it possible for you to make changes in yours. Really. That's makes all the time I put into this completely worthwhile.
Thank you for sharing that.

Cara said...

You are amazing. I am sorry people are being rude. But the moment people are being rude is the moment you know you have really got something great going on! :-)

Thank you for being honest and posting everything, it really does make my day more positive. And not even because I am in love w/ your recipe on tomato meatball soup. haha.

Mrs. Furious said...

thank you :)
" But the moment people are being rude is the moment you know you have really got something great going on!"
I was thinking this last night... the more the blog takes off the more I'm probably going to have to deal with a little unpleasantness... but it is a sign of success and I should focus on that part of it!

Robin said...

I'm so sorry people were mean to you! Please don't let it get to you, you know we regular readers love you, and the fact that you are a real person is why. I read your blog because it inspires me to cook more, get more fit, and have fun with my kids. Plus it lets me know that I am not the only one that is sometimes overwhelmed by life as a SAHM (and all that entails.) If I was looking for someone to help me be more organized, I would be reading Flylady's website. :)

I wish I had taken pictures of the terrible mess the other night before I cleaned up. I would post them as a sign of solidarity!

Smooches! said...

People tend to point out other peoples flaws to make themselves feel better.

They can only make you feel bad if you ALLOW them too. So, don't allow them to make you feel bad. Or inferior or whatever.

You can obviously tell spending any amount of time on this blog that you put your energy and effort into the things that are IMPORTANT to you. Your health, your family's health and happiness, your family, your fun, your marriage .. so what if you have toys laying on the floor. That is not what you are going to remember when your kids are grown. That is not what they are going to rememeber.

You have motivated me with your success to want to show you that I can do it too. That, my friend, is amazing that you can touch someones life through a computer that you have never even seen before. It is a gift and a talent. That is what you should focus on. The rest will fall into place, or not.

Smooches. xxxx


Mrs. Furious said...

"If I was looking for someone to help me be more organized, I would be reading Flylady's website."
good point!

Thank you for that comment. Really. It means a lot to me to have been able to affect anyone's life in such a positive manner. I really appreciate your letting me know that.

Amy said...

Mrs F - I haven't told you this before but I've thought it many times while reading your blog. I not only admire your strength in the things you are able to achieve in your life, but also the strength you show when you reveal, in such vidid ways, your weaknesses. That takes immense bravery and courage to open yourself so completely up to people you don't know. It also takes great trust in human nature and I'm sorry that you got hurt as a result. I hope that you don't let it affect how open you are because that would be such a shame. Please, continue on as you are because you're right, too many people enjoy and like you just the way you are.

Mrs. Furious said...

thank you :)

Southern Fried Girl said...

My sound is all crapped out up front here but I promise to watch when I get on work computer.

I started a new blog. Link is on profile page.

Mrs. Furious said...

oh don't worry about it.
The message was not intended for you ;)

Canteloupe said...

This is my favorite quote, which I try to live... you may know it:

"Ring the bells that still can ring,
Forget your perfect offering,
There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in."- L.Cohen

You rock, Mrs. F!

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks for the quote! I hadn't heard that before and it is beautiful.

thanks :)

Mary said...

Hi Mrs. F -- I'm behind on your blog and just saw the video on the nasty comments you received. Shame on them! I'm sorry it upset you, but honestly, you don't owe anyone an explanation. I love your blog -- and read it almost every day. I wish i could be as disciplined as you are! What's the big deal about a little clutter??!! Keep doing what you're doing -- I really think you're great.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh thank you :)

Happy Homemaker said...

Hi Mrs. Furious! I just found your blog and I couldn't agree more with your 'Please' video!

Mean people suck and I unfortunately decided to go private (at least for now) because it bothered me too much to worry about what some of my acquaintances were saying about my blog while I wasn't around.

I feel like we are offering information and if people get something from it, that's great, if not, then they should do everyone a favor by not reading it!

Mrs. Furious said...

Happy Homemaker,
Thanks for the comment. Yes, I was pretty disappointed and thought that I might have to go private myself. I'm trying to just stick it out and hope that people can be respectful. If not I'll have to do something because it can really eat you up when you know you are being discussed/judged!

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