Monday, February 11, 2008

This Week The Plan

Well I made it through last week and that is really all I can say. I tried to be more frugal with my grocery spending but on Friday I went and spent a good amount on produce and such and realized that in order to cut back on my spending I was cutting back on the best parts of our diet. So I'm just going to go back to focusing on buying as many whole foods as I can and not worry too much about what it costs. I did make some pretty good headway clearing out my freezer though so it wasn't all for naught. I am going to go back to some of my "dieting" ways and NOT buy pre-made cookies and snacks... impulse buys mostly anyway. And I realized that a lot of the time I buy produce to round out the kids diets but I don't buy enough to round out mine. Mostly because I'm being cheap and this week I'm going to focus on being sure I have enough fresh produce so that I can have some at EVERY meal and not just dinner. So this week my focus is going to be on getting my diet under control and getting back on track with the exercise portion of my "lifestyle".

On to the plan...


Monday - Spaghetti & Meatballs w/ steamed broccoli & carrots

Tuesday - Salmon Noodle Casserole

Wednesday - Kid & Mr F's date night

Thursday - V Day... hmm I'm not sure what we're doing

Friday - Huevos Rancheros

Saturday - Chicken & Corn Bread potpie

Sunday - Sweet Potato & Molasses Beef Stew

Diet & Exercise:
Okay I'm getting back on track and I'm going to get serious about lowering my body fat %.
So this week I'm going to do 4 - 60+ Cardio workouts and 2- 60 minute pilates workouts.

On the diet front I'm going back to daily food journaling. I've been feeling like crap lately and have gotten into a really bad cycle of caffeine and sugar consumption it is wrecking havoc on my whole system. This week I'm counting my protein grams and really trying to focus on making good choices. I'm not going to be having any baked goods or soda this week. And I'm going to get more whole fruits and vegetables for my breakfasts and lunches.

Chores & Errands:
I need to get my desk back in order and get my paperwork squared away. Hopefully I'll get this done TODAY.
Also I need to figure out what is shedding all over my carpet. I'm not kidding when I say I need to vacuum just about every other day and I can't figure out what is going on! Anyone have a Roomba ... and if so does it work? I need to know!

Monday - DESK!!!!!!!!!!! & Laundry

Tuesday - Grocery Shopping & vacuuming

Wednesday - Vacuum upstairs & clean downstairs floors (no really it needs to be done)

Friday - Finish Desk and Paperwork!

Saturday - Finally clean out my cubby of shame!


Cara said...

Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you :-)

I bet by the end of it you will start feeling MUCH better :-)

Julie said...

I've been a lot more conscientious of my food choices today now that I know that I am going to post my food journal. It's one thing to write it down for myself...another thing to show others just how much coffee and lattes I really drink.

Your weekly plan sounds good. I think you will be feeling great by the end of the week...sugar and caffeine wreak havoc on one's body and mental state.

Anyone know where Moley has been? I missing that fun-loving Brit!

Mrs. Furious said...

I think so too. Just deciding to take control already makes me feel better!

I have no idea where moley is. I was wondering that myself the other day.
and don't feel bad about what you eat... seriously... you'll see that I don't exactly make stellar choices.

emmyjw said...

word.Iate bad for 2 days and felt like I was dying.1 day back on the health plan and I already feel better.Journaling is the best,just have to make myself stick with it...Hope you can figure out what the mystery carpet fuzz is.Can't wait to see what you make from the King Arthur sheets ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

seriously I can't figure out the fuzz maker (other than Baby and her constant crumbs).
Wouldn't you know I'd get those sheets RIGHT when I'm trying not to bake!

Here is a little tip: When making Whole Wheat bread replace some of the liquid with 2-3T OJ... it mellows the flavor of the wheat... who knew?

BREN said...

This is my first comment but I have been reading your blog for a few months and absolutely love reading it!!

I have a Roomba and it does a pretty good job for daily upkeep. I would not use it for my deep cleaning but for keeping the floor clean enough that it is presentable and your kids can crawl around and play then it gets the job done. It is slightly noisy while running and you may have to clean it out mid vacuum depending on the size of the area you are cleaning. Overall I would recommend it - we have had our Roomba for over two years and have not had one problem with it.

I hope that helps and thanks again for the fabulous blog!!

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh Thanks SO much for the comment!
Does the Roomba do both carpet and hardwood floors? Our rooms all flow into each other and we've got both going on.

And thanks for the compliment :)

BREN said...

Yes they do both carpet and hardwood - our house is much the same and the Roomba has no problem going from different types of flooring. We often leave the bedroom doors open and the Roomba will go from room to room which all have carpet and then back to the hallway, Kitchen, and Living room which have hardwood floors. It also works well on tile floors which we have in the bathrooms.

Mrs. Furious said...

thank you! I'm totally getting one!

Nutmeg said...

I'm imagining the mayhem that would ensue here with a roomba and an Eli.

Mrs. Furious said...

I think it might drive Canine crazy but I'm hoping it is something I can run while we're not here... how productive would that be?! Mr F is skeptical!

Kid Art said...

I just ordered one - thanks for the review Bren! I never want to take the time to clean well anymore and I'm sick of spending Saturdays vacuuming after being at work all week. I'd rather play with the kids or work out!

I'm too cheap/picky to hire a cleaning service but I am excited by the prospect of leaving this guy to work while we're gone during the day. I'll keep you posted!

By the way Mrs F I like the blue dresser from Ikea!! I saw it in person yesterday. Blue/yellow is one of my favorite color combos for decorating. I say go for it if you can. : )


Mrs. Furious said...

Oh I'm getting it. I've informed Mr F that we are moving forward with the room and that Kid is moving in which she is very excited about. I am most excited to turn the walk-in closet into a reading room for her... complete with pink walls and a beaded chandelier (that we got at Ikea 2 years ago and never put up in her current room).

Are you seriously getting the Roomba? ASAP or what? I'll wait for your review if you're getting it soon. They've got 'em at Target.

Dinah Soar said...

You are shouldn't skimp on the produce. And while it is costly, it may save money health wise in the long run...

Also, maybe you could use up your pantry stash by trying to use one thing a day or one thing per meal from it to supplement your purchases.

Or, if it is weighing you down, you could donate it to a food drive or area soup kitchen possibly, killing two birds with one stone.

I know I always feel better when I've stockpiled stuff, if I can give it away to someone who would benefit...

Mrs. Furious said...

Dinah Soar,
Donating the food is a GREAT idea. Especially since a lot of it is baby food and there is really no way to incorporate that into our dinners! ;)

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