Friday, March 28, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Am I the only one who loves this show?

I'm relatively new to it and have been working out to a whole bunch of Tivo'd reruns lately. I think, for fairly obvious reasons, I can relate to their relationship dynamic. And I appreciate that they don't hide their flaws. They're doing the impossible and they are doing it with their sense of humor intact.

Any other Jon & Kate fans out there?


Deb said...

I watched it once. I'm not a fan. That might be because it's too much of real life for me, and I'm so squeamish I have to avert my eyes to that kind of TV or else absorb that my life is just that boring, too.

Julie said...

I love the show. I think what a loser I am that I can't get one kid to sleep in his own bed and she has 8 to get to bed. But that Kate is no nonsense, I tell ya.

I actually have like 20 episodes on my DVR that I have not watched. I guess I really don't watch it much, I just hoard the episodes on my DVR.

Southern Fried Girl said...

I have watched it here and there and they crack me up. My hat is off to them - 8 damn kids. Holy hell. that's a lot of energy under one roof.

And surely, SURELY, they are getting paid something, right? I'd hope so. I mean to sock away for the kids later on, ya know? Let's hope so.

angie said...

KB and I had coffee last night and we spent time talking about how much we loved the show. He cracks me up. I love his sense of humor. And their dynamic is hysterical. I just started dvr'ing it so i can see some of the back issues. KB and I think they get paid, but who knows?

Just a note about the tummy tuck. I saw that episode. Clothed she looks no different post tummy tuck. She kicked butt losing that weight. It's only naked you see a huge issue.

Mrs. Furious said...

I find their normal-ness hilarious. Or I guess I find their bickering hilarious. It could be a verbatim transcript from our house... although Mr F points out I'm not that mean in public ;) If we had 8 kids Mr F would be dead by now so I give her a lot of credit!

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh I saw the episode. And it reminded me exactly of my c-section recoveries which brought back some feelings and made me a little scared... but then I lived through it so it is doable. My skin issue is not a lot different then hers just a smaller version . I even know what surgeon I'd use but you have to stay in the hospital for 2 nights and I can't do that until I wean Baby (shoot!).

Andrea said...

love this show, I think its the relationship dynamic as well hubby will actually see parts of it here and there and say wow we arent the only ones who say or do those things. But God bless them for managing 8 kids. I will say though she only has to wash her clothes she has two neighbors that do the folding and putting away the parts I hate the most. I thought that was so neat when I saw that on an episode.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I love that show and am amazed at how Kate manages to stay organized and focused. I enjoy watching them when they go out into the world - talk about a circus LOL I do think she should be a little nicer to Jon though. I know she's stressed but the poor man isn't a punching bag LOL

Julie said...

I would love to have someone else fold and put away my family's laundry. That is fantastic! I did not even think of the amount of laundry they must have to do.

Claudia said...

I have no kids, but absolutely love the show. My fiance and I watch it together and both get a good laugh listening to Jon & Kate - I know that once there are kids in the mix we'll sound just like them (heaven help me if I end up with 8 kids though!!)! hahaha... I especially loved the skiing episode, as I think there is nothing cuter than little kids on skis!

And yeah, I sure hope they're getting a fair amount from TLC - can you even imagine having a TV crew in your house ALL THE TIME?!? The show also gives them a lot of publicity, and they say pretty often how they got this or that for free (like the ski trip to Utah). Not too shabby.... :o)

Mrs. Furious said...

Sandcastle Mom,
thanks for commenting :)
Oh she can be a bit much at times but I know I would be a crazed maniac if I had to manage that many kids. I'm sure it is also edited to highlight this aspect of their relationship. But I also appreciate how much they clearly love each other.

Oh I'm with you on the getting the laundry folded and put away. Sometimes when I'm watching it I can get sucked into all the stuff they get, or help they have, that I don't and then I need to snap myself out of it and remember that... oh yeah... they have 6 more kids than I do!... so that I can stop feeling jealous.

slacker mama said...

I haven't watched too many episodes of it ... but I get sucked in whenever I flip to TLC and it's on.

I'm pretty sure that one of the episodes I *did* see was a Q&A one with Jon and Kate...and they mentioned that they do get paid (it's one of the reasons they did the show). I know that they get stuff donated to them, like the piano they have.

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks for commenting!

Oh they definitely get a lot of freebies for doing the show and I think that makes the inconvenience worth it (or would for me... I think). I can't tell how much the crew is really there. On a surprise birthday episode she told them to leave or Jon would know something was up (as in they aren't always there and they have a filming schedule). They talk about their budget sometimes... like $150/week for groceries (I spend more fyi!). But they must get something and they are going to have to put 8 kids through college at the same time so they need a lot of savings!!!

Andrea said...

yes i will definently take the folding and putting away as opposed to the seven extra kids I couldnt ever imagine I shudder now to think when we have this baby at the end of summer my laudry is going to get a little crazier with having to seperate babys clothes from ours in the wash. Kate definently has my respect.

Mrs. Furious said...

Slacker Mama,
I'm starting to sound like a SERIOUS fan... lol...I just watched like a marathon so I think I've seen a lot of them....
Definitely they've gotten free trips, piano, tummy tuck, ski clothes... and I'm sure anytime we see the logo of the place (like the photo studio) that they got that for free. And they did say once that they do it because it allows them to do things they couldn't do with their kids on their own. But as some one mentioned they are about to move into their 3rd house in like 4 years. We've got 2 kids and couldn't do that. They must be getting money.

Plus why have we NEVER seen any of the real grandparents? They both grew up near where they currently live and her brother lives down the road but there has been no mention of their parents.

hicktowndiva said...

Mrs. F-
Jon has mentioned that his dad is dead. Both have said that their parents aren't actively involved in the kid's day-to-day. It seems that Kate's parents are somewhat distant. They have a neighbor, Nana Janet, who fills the grandmother role.

I like the show a lot.

Marie said...

I love that show too..whenever I watch I feel a little less crazy about my life and (only) 3 kids!

As for the grocery bill being only 150/wk, she clarified in a q&a show that that is what they spend in ONE store. She usually hits one or two other stores as well, AND they buy a whole organic-fed cow so there is no meat to buy either. I think my jaw hit the floor when she said that she spent $150...I spend just about that, and there is only 5 of us, not 10!!

I would be really curious to know what Jons salary is. He does something business-y that I have no idea on salary ranges.I know she used to be a nurse before the 6 came along, so probably used to make between 40k-60k for f/t work.

Here's a quote from their faq page on their website (
"3. Our kids DO have grandparents, but none that are involved in our daily lives."

Deborah said...

All i can think of when I watch that show is: braces. times eight. My kids' braces were around $3,000 each. $24,000 for braces. Or will that get donated too? And those well baby check ups -- hope they have good insurance!

katieo said...

love it.
I think one of the coolest reasons they do the show (said Kate) is to document their lives while the kids are this young. Who has time to get the camera out and catch all the cute things they do and say when you're THAT busy with THAT many kids?
I'm sure they have other methods besides the show, but at least they've got this record for when the kids are bigger of lots and lots of footage. (sure the whole world sees too, but not really for the individual kids, more for the experience as a whole). I don't think that even made sense.

I like the show.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh thanks for the g'parent info. Interesting.

good to know on the groceries... I was like how in the world?! I do know they go to Sam's Club (or something) and buy lots of stuff in bulk which is clearly not included in the 150. And a half a cow... yeah that cuts back on the weekly expense. Can you even imagine!?!?
He's young. He's an IT and they live in Central PA. I don't think he's making tons of money. 60-70K? She was doing her crazy weekend double shifts after the 6 and my cousin is a nurse in PA doing the same stuff and she was making 40K just for the weekend shift like Kate was doing.
I also think he was unemployed for part of the time (not sure about that)

ugh braces! I wonder what the longevity of the show will be? I hope they are able to milk it for all it is worth while they can.
On top of well visits they had 6 premies... they had to have medical expenses through the roof.

I was following you ;)
Yes I remember Jon saying that they have all the footage and are able (especially for him) watch things that they never would have been able to see in their real life.

shelley said...

I watch it, I actually think Kate is kind of mean to Jon. I can totally understand being stressed and short with him - with 8 kids who wouldn't be, but she makes these comments to put him down A LOT! That bugs me, but I do find the show fascinating. I think Kate is really obsessive about cleaning, etc. which she talked about in the episode where she is interviewing for a nanny. I think she said she mops the floor like 8 times a would be so hard to hang on to that control with 8 kids.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh she is a crazy clean freak/germaphobe. She won't let them use markers. At first I was like "that is a bit much!" But then she explained the amount of stain treating that would go into 8 kids worth of marker covered clothes and I could see where she was coming from. Same with the mopping. I thought "crazy" then I thought about the amount of crumbs under 8 kids chairs and how quickly that could become out of control (even by my VERY lax standards).

I think the show is done in such a way that I feel I can relate to her and what they're doing... but I know that is editing because they speed up the tape through so much of the really laborious parts of parenting : getting in the car, getting kids in snowsuits, etc.

Robin said...

I used to watch the show, but it has started to irritate me a little. I loved the specials they had before the actual show started. I thought Jon and Kate were so funny and clearly loved each other. Now, Kate is so mean to really irritates me. Lord knows I would be a huge bitch if I had to deal with 8 kids, though. ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

It is interesting to me that I don't find her to be that bad... but I've been watching reruns so maybe it gets worse? If so could be due to her stay-at-home status versus working status...

Julie said...

Mrs. F, I don't find Kate that bad either...they kind of peck back and forth. To me, that is just the stress of raising young kids...6 of them the same exact age.

Hmm...I don't know maybe it tells us something about ourselves, too:)

Robin said...

Mrs. F - Some episodes are worse than others. The worst is one where they are at Toys 'R' Us shopping for Christmas presents...with all the kids! She was really mean and rude to him loudly in front of everyone in the checkout lanes. I can understand being short with each other, but sometimes she takes it too far.

I loved the first special they did. Jon was giving her crap about how the more kids she had, the shorter her hair got and how much he loved it when she was blonde. They were really ribbing each other and laughing. When watching that episode my mom actually said they reminded her of my husband and I.

Heather said...

I watched it a bit in January and was just getting used to the idea of being pregnant, and it really freaked me out. But maybe I'll pick it back up... I saw a preview that they're moving, which has GOT to be entertaining.

Mrs. Furious said...

I did watch the Toys R'Us and it is true that I wouldn't ever do that (in front of all those people anyway)... and even Mr F thought she was being mean (and I think he has a pretty high tolerance for meanness). But what I liked was that Jon told her he was embarrassed and that she was out of control and I just appreciated that they communicate so well. You can tell she's sorry about it.

Oh believe me I realize that I feel like I need to defend her for a reason ;)
But I too see them as bickering back and forth. As I just said to Mr F they never lose it with their kids and that is commendable and if that means you take it out on your spouse I'm cool with that (and of course it is exactly how I handle things myself!).

Mrs. Furious said...

I say this about it... it might be crazy but it shows you that it (parenting) is doable even under extreme circumstances. And they respect each kid's personality and differences and at the end of the day they love each other and enjoy each other's company.

Haley said...

I love that show!!! I keep threatening adam that I want a gazillion kids. It's one of my "nobody is allowed to talk to me while this is on" shows.

The Kept Woman said...

I too love it.

I find it as an asthmatic does an inhaler...when I flip out about having three, I watch them and realize they are far more screwed and instantly feel better.

And I also love the way they are frank, not all lovey-dovey and realistic about life/love/family and responsibilities. I could totally have a beer with them...if'fn I weren't knocked up and all.

Mrs. Furious said...

you might enjoy that while Mr F & I were dating I subscribed to Fit Pregnancy and bought all the Martha Stewart Baby magazines. Oddly that didn't freak him out...

The Kept Woman,
thanks for the comment :)
Yes I always feel like we might be friends in real life (I also felt that way about Teresa the old host of While You Were Out... but I digress). Mr F and Jon are practically clones.

Erin said...

LOVE that show. I love it when they go out in public and yell at eachother. It is hilarious. I have no idea how they do it and how she is so organized!

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh good I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who finds their fighting funny (if not somewhat validating).

kathi d said...

I just saw the marathon, too. I don't find her to be excessively mean--she gets out of patience and snaps, but she expresses her love too.

I like that they are realistic about the down side, but also that they show a lot of joy in raising those kids as well. They make sure to have fun with all the kids, not just "manage" them. And they seem to be great kids, so they are doing a lot right, I think.

The couple seems firmly committed to each other and their family, and I also like seeing that, as opposed to so many of the disposable families we are treated to in the media!

audgepodge said...

I LOVE this show! I think the show is getting pretty popular now, especially with their Oprah appearance and stuff.

FYI - I wrote about them on my other blog here.

BTW - I really enjoy your blog! I discovered you from POM. I made your tomato meatball soup recipe, too! Yum...

Mrs. Furious said...

Kathi d,
that is exactly how I feel about them.

thanks for commenting:)
Yes I saw them for the first time on Oprah myself, I don't know how I had never heard of them before that!
I'll go read your post.

and I'm glad you liked the soup :)

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