Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear Anonymous

Yesterday, in response to a post I wrote about why I find my choice to stay home with my children fulfilling, I recieved this comment:
"I can't tell if this post is meant to be serious or a joke. You really think that deciding whether to get a Happy Meal is intellectually stimulating? I think it's great that you're raising your kids on a full-time basis (and wish I could spend as much time with mine), but I wouldn't consider my life complete without my job. And frankly, it always surprises me when you talk about how busy you are. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping, and working out... it's really not as taxing as you sometimes make it sound. Us full-time moms have to do what you do PLUS work. And I still think I'm a pretty wonderful mother."

Sorry people but I can't let this go.

It is interesting that this commenter is a "full-time mom" and I just take care of my kids on a "full-time basis". I also think it is interesting that this commenter is doing everything I'm doing plus working. Are you sure? Because last time I checked you're going to work during the day... and I'm taking care of my kids during the day. I assume that you are not taking care of your kids while you work... right? Someone else is doing that... and that is their job. You pay them to do it. Taking care of children from 9-5 is an actual job in and of itself. You don't actually expect your day care workers to also do all of your household tasks at the same time... right? Because focusing on your kids and being with them and paying attention to them, and feeding them is a job. So it makes sense that if I'm doing all that and trying to get other stuff done at the same time that I'd feel "busy". You know how you feel on a weekend (when your spouse is out of town)... you know how it is hard to get as much done as you thought you would?... that's what it is like during the week for me. Thanks for thinking "outside the box" on that one.

If you are a confident person who is secure and confident in your choices that will ALWAYS threaten someone who is not. And that person will inevitably try to tear you down to make themselves feel better. Which is exactly what the commenter did when they wrote:
"And frankly, it always surprises me when you talk about how busy you are. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping, and working out... it's really not as taxing as you sometimes make it sound. Us full-time moms have to do what you do PLUS work" I wonder how that worked out for you Ms Anonymous? Did it actually make you feel better? Somehow I think not.

Also it bears repeating... that I don't care if you work or don't work. I don't care if you are a wonderful mother, a good enough mother, or a bad mother. I don't know you and your life has absolutely no effect on me. I only care that I am a good mother. And I am.

P.S. This is my blog. If you say something that is rude or disrespectful I'm going to post it. Period.


Anonymous said...


I have never commented on your blog-- I am not THE 'anonymous' ;)

I've been waiting to start up a blog myself so when that is done, I will no longer be anon!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are totally someone I'd want to go on a walk with, in that you are pretty rad ;)

stay awesome!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks! :)

Let me know when you get yours started.

TUWABVB said...

You know, it's a shame that although you made it clear that you weren't judging anyone else's choices, people feel free to judge you. What works for me, may not work for you - and vice versa.

I don't have children yet, and I'm not sure how I am going to feel - but at this point in time, I feel that I would best serve my children by pursuing my legal career. That being said, I worship my two best friends who are stay-at-home moms (I think they have much more patience than I do) and I think their kids are the bomb.

You do the best you can within the confines of your restrictions, be they mental, financial, or otherwise. Whatever you decide - it doesn't mean that one person is a better mom than another because they are at home or not. It's the way you act when you are with you children that matters.

Oh, and again, this is all being said from someone who is not yet a mom, so take it for what it is worth. I wouldn't think myself capable of judging anyone who already had kids - but I guess I'm just free-thinking in that regard.


Amen!! You go girl! You are so fun! We stay at home moms are busy. We are raising our kids to be upstanding citizens...we aren't leaving it up to someone else. I have fun staying at home but it is hard work but oh so rewarding!

Sabrina from Germany again said...

hey mrs f.,

i read that anon comment yesterday and was wondering whether you were just going to let is slide (or worse, weep quietly for yourself) - you go for speaking up, hard as it might be and for using the right tone of voice ;)

stay yourself, is all i can say! :)

lotsa lurve from germany,

Shirls said...

I'm glad you spoke up for yourself, honestly I had no doubt you would, its just one small part of what makes you, you. In the end its all about choices and what works for the individual, to stay home and be number 1 in your kids lives works for you and that rocks.

Andrea said...

Whoa Ive missed it all the past 24 hours, I can say I work away from home and I love my job and it has great perks like I bought my baby girl to work for the first six months(she is now almost 2) and now we are actually in the process of getting a nanny to work up here in our office for the other parents so we can all bring our kiddos to work, I would love to be a SAHM its not feasible now but thats how it goes I was just thinking about this topic the other day I dont have any close mom friends because the ones I know are SAHMs and always make me feel like crap that I work so what can I say I think whatever you may chose or have to do is what probably works for your family.
I take even more crap from my own mom than anyone else about working outside the home thus the reason I dont talk about this topic much. The anon comment left yesterday seems really cold and probably a little jealous of you. I love reading your blog you make me laugh you make me think you are someone that I feel I could easily be friends with and not have to worry about being judged. You rock!

Marie said...

You go Mrs. F! While I cannot understand the irrational rant of anon, I can understand how working moms could think that being a sahm is easy. After all, they work and still have all the household chores to attend to and have to cram in all their quality time too. I have worked p/t since my girls came along and thought "If only I didn't have to work those 2 days...boy would I have all the time in the world!!". Then I quit my job and have been home. And somehow have even LESS time than before. It makes absolutely no sense, but I GO GO GO from sunup to sundown and can barely keep up with the household and the kids. And as far as stress-wise, I think personally for me it is almost MORE stress to be home all day than work. Because there is no sane, rational person to speak to. And it is very repetitive. And sometimes you just can't handle the 40th tantrum of the day over why the sky is blue and I want it to be purple RIGHT NOW!!! Add in the responsibility of trying to mold them into caring, compassionate people (who don't bite/hit/call each other "poopy heads") and some days its almost too much. At work, everyone was polite, took turns, and followed directions. Not so much here.

This past week I had to do an orientation that was 40hrs Mon-Fri so that I can work occasionally as I want to (need to keep up my license..will NOT be taking the nursing boards again, thank you very much!) Dh stayed home with the girls all week. And by the end he guaranteed me that he did NOT want to be a stay at home dad because it was just INSANE (throw in a few comments about why did we ever have children and some new gray hairs too).

So thats all I have to say. A bunch of rambling that doesn't really make sense. Right now I dream of the moms with the housekeepers and cooks. Now THEY have it made...(of course, I'm sure they have their own issues that I don't know about too...)

angie said...

Mrs. F you know my feelings. I am glad you wrote this post. Good for you my dear friend.

Can i ask though, when commenters are describing their choices, to be careful of how they frame it. I, as a working mom, am also raising my child (soon to be children) to be upstanding citizens. I might be hormonal right now (when does the puking end---i thought first trimester damn it), but I was a little hurt by that comment. Likely you didn't mean it in a mean way. But please remember that whether we work or stay home we do raise our children (with or without help), we do love our children, and we do want them to be good citizens of the world.


Slacker Mama said...

Mrs. F, I feel compelled to comment on this. I haven't really taken offense to anything you said.

But, Sunshine Mom's comment makes the implication that by working I am "leaving it up to someone else" to raise my kids, something I find incredibly offensive.

Unless Sunshine Mom is planning on homeschooling her children, does that mean that she is giving up on raising them with they hit Kindergarten. Or if they go to preschool is she a part-time mom?

katieo said...

sorry to interrupt
angie! are you pregnant? Congratulations!! (And I am a puker too. SO sorry you have to go through that right now! :(

Mrs Furious said...

Okay this is potential going in a direction that I don't like.

I think that the "upstanding citizens" comment was made in reaction to the notion that stay-at-home moms are merely providing daycare for their children.

Listen this is not a debate nor a forum for debate.

I don't believe that staying home is necessary in order to have smart, caring, upstanding children. I'm not passing judgement on working mothers. I get it. I get why someone want to work outside the home and feel more fulfilled by doing so... and are therefore better mothers than they would be if they did not. I also get that there are SAHMs who aren't fulfilled staying home and might be better mothers if they went to work. I also get that some women don't have the choice.

If you want to talk about your life & your experience great.
People's comments are written to me and I don't feel that they should have to defend them to other readers. It is too easy to nitpick everybody's comments and see negativity where there wasn't any intended.

Preppy Mama said...

I am glad you said something. I feel like as a SAHM I am constantly having to defend myself to mom's who work out of the house. I too believe that I do work and definitely don't get the pay check, but I love being home with my son. More importantly, I am fortunate that I can stay home. Is it a sacrifice sometimes? Definitely, but it is something that I wanted to do and it is a necessity for me.
I have friends who are jealous, who would like to stay home with their children and cannot. I often get the "I wish I could stay home all day and do nothing" or "It must be nice to stay home". Seriously, its not glamorous and often times I feel like I need to have my head examined...but I love it. I am fortunate. I also have friends that can't stand the thought of staying home and like working out of the home. Like you said, these are their choices and no one should judge yours. Sometimes unhappy people feel the need to make others unhappy. I'm glad you posted about it.
Now, Rock on with your bad self!!! I love hearing about your days it makes me feel like I'm not alone.

SaraDru said...

Some people just have too much time on their hands. Personally I can't wait to have kids so I can stay home and do exactly what you do. I can't imagine any job that is more fulfilling or important than shaping the minds of babies you create!

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you to everyone for such supportive and thoughtful comments. I really enjoyed Marie's take as she has had both experiences... plus it validates my experience so what's not to like ;)

This has turned out to be trickier post than I had anticipated. I'm not going to lie that the last 2 days I have had to strongly debate whether or not I want to keep this blog going. I want to be able to discuss the things that I am passionate about in my own voice. I am ALWAYS careful to do that in a way that is not judgmental of others. Yet I think it can never be enough for some people. And I just don't need the negativity. Not one comments worth to be honest. I'm just living my life doing the best I can to raise my daughters and expand my horizons. I need this to be a positive place. Period. If you want debates you need to start your own blogs.

Mrs F's final words on the topic:
People have strong feelings about their individual choices. And that is good. That means you are thinking about how you choose to live your life.
If someone believes in what they are doing and believes it is best for their family that is not a judgment on you if you have made different choices. That is someone sharing their story. They haven't addressed you and don't know you... it is not about you. Not to mention they are allowed to have different opinions that upset you and you them. We don't all have to agree. I just hope we all have the passion and conviction to believe in what we do.
As long as comments are kept to the "I" statements no one gets hurt. ;)
If comments start to talk about other people's choices in a negative way I will shut down this post.

Julie said...

Mrs F,
I think you are the coolest:)

angie said...

Mrs. F,

So my head is hung low, cuz i kind of started this. And you know i am not a person who starts negativity. So I feel very bad. I am weirdly sensitive today--today is one of those days I dearly miss Nate. And I am also so careful with my words to make sure I don't hurt SAHM and the comment seemed so cruel---although I knew the comment was most likely not meant to be hurtful. One (of your many) great points, is that the comments are written to you, not all readers. And she was giving you (rightly) props, encouragement, and support--which you needed given Annonymous' comments.

So I apologize to you, your readers, and sunshine mom.

And Mrs. F, we can talk more offline, but I hope you see how important you are to many of us here. How what you are doing is important. And the vast majority of your readers behave nicely. I hope you continue with this blog as long as you also enjoy it and grow from it.

Love, ang

angie said...


Yep preggers, due Halloween. :-) Didn't puke once with my first child (a boy). Please, please tell me this means I get my Lily. :-)

Torey said...

Ok, apparently I need to spend more time on your blog!

I am mother to a one-year old boy, and I've had a little bit of everything. I've nannied pre-child, I've nannied with my child and someone else's, I've been a full-time stay at home mom, I've worked part-time while my son has gone to my mother's for "daycare" and I've worked at a store where I take him with me.

For me, these situations have all had their ups and downs. I'm lucky that I don't NEED to work, but it definitely helps that I can. No matter what my situation is, my child always comes first. So if that means that I work all day, and get home dead tired, but Gup needs me, then that's where I'll be. And, I think that's true for all of us. it also means that if I've been with Guppy all day, and am ready to tear my hair out, and Gup needs me, that's where I'll be. No mother has an easy job, but every mother has a full-time job.

What blows my mind is the pressure we all feel as mothers. I can't believe that we even have to have a debate about working versus staying at home. I believe that women (and men) can do whatever they want to do. If what they want to do is go to work, then they should do that. If what they want to do is stay at home, then they should.

The world needs all sorts to go around. We need doctors, and lawyers, and garbage people, and teachers and people to stock the shelves at Target. But for all those people, we need more people. We need patients, and clients, and messy people (haha) and students, and consumers. We need working moms and stay at home moms. We need moms period.

Blah, I'm totally rambling, but I'm really down on the fact that we need to defend ourselves and choices as parents. The "parents" we need to be hating on are the people who beat their kids, or the people who leave their kids to overheat in the car, or the parents use their kids to traffic drugs.

Stay at home versus work at home? We've got bigger fish to fry.

G in Berlin said...

What a great response: Thank you. I am now a SAHM and I find it almost impossible to get things done. When I worked full time (with 1 child) I had childcare who was expected to take care of my child and that was all. She wasn't expected to clean, cook three meals, wash, or do anything except feed my daughter the milk I left for her. That was because I felt childcare was a job. Now I have two and I do it all. When the kids are not in pre-school (now, in fact), I feel like I might go insane. And no, I have no energy at 8 after the girls are asleep and my husband is at home, to go out after my 14 hour physically demanding job and go to the gym. That would be on my painful aching feet. Arghh... and so on.

When I worked "ft" out of the house,I knew quite well that I was outsourcing childcare and I knew it was an important job. And I knew that I came home and cooked dinner and cleaned the house and was exhausted, but that was after the far less stressful day of sitting on my butt and moving money around on a computer screen, getting a linch break when I could have a pedi, and talking to adults all day. And the (one child) was asleep with a story by 2 hours after I came home. Man, it is far harder being a SAHM to small children than any other job, when one lives without family support and peers with children around. And I also ran a restaurant for 10 years, on my feet 12 hours a day. And that was easier.
Ok. I need to go get a glass of wine. Because this is my down time: 11:37 pm. (PS- This is your blog. You run it the way you want.)

Toad said...

Seriously, how can anyone judge anyone on anything and not easily point the same judgement back onto themselves?

We're all successful, we're all failures, we all make good choices, we all make bad choices, but the point is that we all live our lives, and I think we're all doing great jobs as mothers regardless of how we do it - WE DO IT! .

And that was a terrible run-on sentence but ya'll get the point, I hope.

Robin said...

Hey Mrs. F -
I am sorry that the negative comment(s) made you feel bad. I would feel the same way if I were you. I wish that you could feel confident in expressing yourself without censorship and not get negative feedback. This is your blog, and not a forum for debate. I'm sorry it turned into that.

I read your post earlier but didn't have time to comment then, so rather than continue any debate or address any issues that came up in the comments, I will just say what I thought when I was reading your post, which was..."word" (as you would say.)

MizFit said...

If you are a confident person who is secure and confident in your choices that will ALWAYS threaten someone who is not.

I see this around me every day in my life and in observing other people.


Maggie said...

I've really have enjoyed reading the two postings, and the comments. I'm really impress(not shocked)how many women came out to voice their opinion.
Although, you meant for the posting to be about "you". You tapped into what a lot of us "mothers" feel and go through. No matter what position(SAHM or Working)as Mothers, we should stand together. No one should have to defend their choices. Own it, love it and embrace it.
I leave you this from my tag:
Heres to good women,may we know them,may we be them, may we raise them. :)

Mrs.F, thank you!

Deb said...

I statements... I statements...

I loved the part that read, "it's called Mrs. Furious... you might have heard of it".

I hate that women fight about this topic, when it's employers and the government we should be fighting with to ensure we can take time off after having kids, get appropriate healthcare for our families and save for retirement in a way that allows us to someday retire.

I think today's post was stated beautifully.

Danielle said...

I won't comment on the SAHM/WOHM thing...honestly, I've been there, done that!?!
What I will say is that anonymous posters are chicken shit and don't even deserve a second thought! Rock on Mrs. F!! :-)

Kid Art said...

Wow, I am away and don't read for a few days and look what happens.

Not much to add that hasn't already been said, but props to you Mrs F for standing up for yourself, and I agree wholeheartedly with Deb, it's a shame moms feel they have to tear one another down over these choices when we should really be directing that frustration at a gov't with the least family/mom/child friendly policies in the developed world.

I have been both a SAHM (for 5 years) with 2 kids and now a mom working full time outside the home. Both have upsides and downsides, and somehow - whether in the home or outside of it - there is always more to get done in a day than can realistically be accomplished. Moms have a 24 hour a day job no matter how you slice it.

Anyway, you rock Mrs. F.

And I did finish our taxes, thank god. And so glad that you had to pay less than you thought you might - yippee!!

Kiki said...

Mrs. F....I got your back...that's all I'm going to say!!

Claire said...

I like you and I think you're doing a great job and we need your voice and that is all I'm going to say about that - but - I am saying it as a former Nanny, SAHM, freelancer in NYC, head teacher for 2 yr. olds in a private nursery school on L.I. for 8 yrs and now grandmother and working full time and the most precious years I ever had was when I was a SAHM.

Anonymous said...

As a confident person who is secure and confident in your choices, why would one dissenting or disapproving opinion among a majority of responders who agree with your worldview cause you to consider stopping your blog?

-A different anonymous who is curious about the psychology of blogging

kenady said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!! This is incredibly insane. I just keep thinking to myself, FOR REAL? The purpose of a blog is to share your life, feelings, perspective, etc. If someone doesn't like what you have to say, THEN DON'T READ THE F'ING BLOG! And for God's sake, don't comment! Ridiculous. I would like to think we are all good mothers trying to make our way whether we work, stay at home, work part time, stay at home part time... we should be supporting one another in this incredible adventure.

marie said...

You handled yourself well, Mrs. F.

Whether you choose to work or stay at home, you work hard to take care of your family.

No one has a right to come to YOUR space and judge YOUR decisions and actions.

You make the best choices for kid and baby and you work hard to see them healthy and happy.

Kudos for all of the hard work you do.

Mrs Furious said...

Well it isn't just this one experience. Blogging at the level that I blog is very time consuming. I am constantly weighing the pros versus the cons of keeping this blog up.
I have had tons of great positive comments today and that is great and it encourages me to continue.
But having said all that I have a life, a real life that has it's own challenges. If I can't blog in a way that functions as more than casual entertainment for the reader... if I can't express myself for fear that someone will attack me or attack my readers... it isn't fulfilling. And if I have to tiptoe around certain issues or re-explain my position every time I write something it is draining. Having this many readers and having worked hard to develop this kind of community is very different from just writing a casual blog. It is a job.
At the end of the day even one negative comment is more negativity than I need. Because it festers. And it changes the atmosphere of the whole blog.
I'm trying to only chose to spend my time in positive ways. I have very real life stressors and I don't need anymore unnecessary ones.

Deborah said...

EVen though I am a good bit older than most of you & I no longer struggle with this issue (thank goodness, it was tough all those years & I truly understand both sides) this blog still interests me and I hope you will continue. I deliberately avoid anything that I fear will be controversial on my own blog because (a) I'm a coward and (b) I just don't want to become weary of defending whatever position I take on whatever subject. Not that any of the 17 people who read it would really care. I have to hand it to you & others who have the guts to take a stand here on the internets, because it just proves, you never know who is reading your stuff and how they are going to react. I merely posted something about how I just do not see any humor in Alzheimers Disease (reacting to a gross, tasteless, cruel greeting card I had seen) and actually got NEGATIVE responses to that -- how there was humor in everything and I needed to lighten up. So you see what I mean. I don't care to debate. But I hope you will continue to write in some capacity. We would all miss you.

ashley said...

Don't you love those Anonymous posters?

I love your reply. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding to my question!
-Curious Anon.

eurydice said...

wow... people need to relax, stop over-reacting, and stop thinking everything is about them. people in general can be so self-centred that they think everything is an insult to them personally. you can't even share an opinion about anything anymore without being blasted.

mrs. f, i hope that one or two (or more...) negative comments don't prevent you from sharing your personal opinions about things in the future. of course, presenting these opinions in a public forum like a blog you have to be open to criticism at times. the readers who are posting negative comments are responding to one post or thought only. they probably haven't spent months reading your daily posts and getting to know the you that you've decided to share with the world, or they would probably think twice about what they are going to write before they post it.

i can't comment on being a stay-at-home mom because i work and don't have kids. but i do have a cat and think he's a lot of work haha... i can't even imagine how much hard work it would be to raise children and be responsible for their well-being and development all day every day. the mere thought of it exhausts me (although i'm looking forward to it for the future...)

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks again to everyone for their thoughtful supportive comments.

ummmhello said...

See, working moms like myself tend to expect your every day life to mirror what ours looks like when we're on vacation. Lazy days, not much to do. I think most tend to overlook the fact that vacation is only a few days/weeks long, and you're MEANT to relax. Real life probably isn't like that!
I respect your choice, and am even a bit jealous. But hey, I chose to continue working, and I'm pretty happy with that. Honestly, my housework totally suffers because I'm gone all day, so no, I don't do all you do and raise my kids!
Keep your head up, ignore the ignorant people in the world!

Deb said...

Hey... just watched today's video. I couldn't agree more that strong and sensitive are not mutually exclusive, and I wish more people saw the world with that filter. Do what you have to do. I'll be reading regardless.

BTW, would it be inappropriate to say you look more like Rachel Weisz than ever with that haircut and the oh-so-elegant and simply black tank top look?

Anonymous said...

I worked after having my first baby , but was able to quit when I had my second 3 years later. I will say for me, life was a lot more calm and less stressful after I quit working. I have a lot of respect for those who work outside the home. I just couldn't do it and stay sane. My oldest is seventeen now and I'm still at home. We stay too busy for me to work.

I think we all do what we can and what we feel is best for us and that's what is important.

Also, your blog is one of my favorites and I check it over and over looking for an updates. I love the videos too.

Mr Furious said...

I'm too frazzled to put together a coherent post on this whole situation...

Let me just say that I see it unfold in a different way than you readers. I see the toll a "bad day on the blog" takes, and I see the spring in Mrs F's step after a great post or rewarding feedback.

She is very invested in this, and it is very important to her. She puts tremendous pressure on herself to post, and to post with insight and feeling.

This. Is. All. Real.

And. It's. Personal.

That's the difference between my blog and this one. I'm not as personally invested in what I write, and I'm not exposing myself like Mrs F does here.

She is opening herself up and being intimate, honest and emotional with you. She is sharing herself with you.

It's NEVER about you, "them" or anyone else, just Mrs. F.

So, if you're going to take that opening to try and make yourself feel better by taking Mrs F or someone else down a notch, you can kindly take it somewhere else. No one needs that shit. Not Mrs F, and not the regular readers.

Thank you all for encouraging, validating and supporting Mrs F in good times and bad. Especially bad.

Mr Furious said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how proud I am of Mrs F for everything she's done with this blog and the community it has created.

(Fuck it, I'm jealous!)

But if she decides to walk away today, tomorrow, or at any point, I will support her 100%.

Much like the Happy Meal, it will be carefully condidered and only she will know what she needs to do.

And I would be remiss if I did not also say how proud I am of Mrs F for the job she does being a mom. There is no one doing a more serious, thoughtful and deliberate job of parenting than Rachel and it shows in our daughters.

moi.bloggirl said...

Mrs F. I just read your blog after a couple of days and and I am very mad (not sad) because it really surprises me that a person can be so easily judgmental. It is not anyone's job to be so judgmental on YOUR BLOG. Its your blog and I am glad that I get a chance to read it, think (about things that you write) and smile and laugh. You chose to share your thoughts and your life with us and thats truly great. Other people can take their judgmental thought and feelings and shove it or write it on their blog.

When I read your blog entry today, it actually got me thinking on how being a SAHM worked for me (when I stayed at home with my baby girl) and how working outside is working for me now (since I work 8-5 ) and I absolutely believe that choices that I make for my life/family will work best for me. I am not sure if I can even put those thoughts or explain the thought process leading to those choices as succinctly as you did on your blog to make everyone understand.

I says KUDOS to you for trying to analyze your feelings/thoughts and putting it on paper/web the way you did. and SCREW everyone who wants to judge you or your life based on THEIR life. because try as they might, they ain't living your life as you.

Also Kudos to Mr. F for being such a supportive husband.

Last but not the least, I hope that you don't make this a private blog. I would very missing reading your blog everyday


ps - sorry for such long entry.

Julie said...

Mr F,
You rock almost as much as your trio of girls:)

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F,
that actually made me tear up a bit...

The Lehr's said...

Mrs. F –
I realize you left the comments off of your video post for a reason, but I couldn’t help myself. First, thank you for sharing your beliefs. Second, thank you for standing up for your beliefs and your right to have and share them on YOUR blog. Whether or not I agree with your views (which I do, for the most part) I have appreciated your desire and willingness to share what works for you without degrading the other side of the spectrum. I actually think that Ms. Anonymous’ comments have validity, (however rudely delivered) in that they are coming from HER perspective; however, she had no right to trivialize your experience and perspective simply because hers do not match up with yours. I do not recall you having ever blogged something to the effect that “stay at home moms are the only good mothers” with your tongue stuck out at working mothers. And as you said, it was not a debate. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Third, if you ever make your post private, can I please, please, please be one of your readers? I found your blog via sister skinny and they have stopped posting, so now I am going to blog stalk you. I hope that’s okay! ; )

P.O.M. said...

Mrs F. I have a completely different life than you (Single, no kids, etc.) but I LOVE to read your blog. You are articulate and funny and I would be bummed if you didn't blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

Omg. There's not much I can add that everyone else hasn't already said (You go girl!). Just wanted to say that I've been a fan for a while, but couldn't keep quiet after reading this one. I think you have MY Dream "job"...and not because some idiots think it's a cake walk.
Anywho...THANK YOU!!!

khb said...

I accidentailly posted this on the wrong entry.
Mrs. F. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I don't understand why anyone would attack you, especially when you weren't out there making judgemental or controversial comments to begin with.
I've been a SAHM, a working mom, and a hybrid of the two. Having done it all, let me just say that keeping house is a million times more difficult when you are a SAHM because cleaning up after kids who are in constant motion around you day in and day out is (as my mom would say) "like straightening deck chairs on the Titanic." When kids go off to daycare your house stays pristine while they are away.
To Anonymous #1 Thank goodness your children are in daycare. Hopefully their daycare provider can teach them to be understanding, empathetic, respectful, and well mannered. Your judgemental, caustic, and bombastic remark clearly demonstrates that you lack the aforementioned qualities and are therefore unable to teach them to your children.

Cottage in the City! said...

My very first post was about this exact post, course my blog doesn't have a following and noone got up in arms about it. But that was my exact point To each it's own and others should be quiet! Love your blog just found it.

Mrs Furious said...

Cottage in The City,
Hey thanks for stopping by!

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