Monday, April 21, 2008

This Week The Plan

Okay last week wasn't great. As is always the case post-vacation (be there travel or not) the week went straight to Hell. I never really recovered from being off schedule the week before and it all just kind of spilled into last week as well. On top of that (which means the house was a wreck) Baby went through another (yes another) night waking spell which resulted in something like a full on sugar binge for me. And I don't really blame myself... I have to do something to stay alive (and awake)... it does just throw the whole week of course. In the end I never really exercised outside of my terminal trekking and one stroller walk... but I was exhausted and I'm cutting myself some slack and moving on.

This weekend I actually went to the mall and bought myself some reasonably nice things (unheard of). I got new sandals and a new outfit (see below)... added bonus the outfit was bought with old gift cards (yes I even hoard those) so it was essentially free. And I already wore it (even more unheard of). Typically if I buy something "nice" I have to covet it (with the tags on) for quite some time... as nothing I do seems nice enough to warrant wearing it... and then before you know it it has been 90 days and it is still lying there tags on and I return it. So this wearing of a new outfit... one day post purchase... is a major step for me and really should be applauded.

On to this week:


Monday - Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday - Chicken Faux Lo Mein

Wednesday - Kid & Mr F Date Night

Thursday - Cornflake Crusted Tilapia & Asparagus

Friday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Saturday - takeout

Sunday - Salmon Caesar Salad

Diet & Exercise:
Obviously last week was a bomb. Whatever. Moving forward. I'm going to continue food journaling but I'm not calorie counting anymore. I have not been restricting my calories and I have not been gaining... I just want to focus on making better choices. I have some ideas on that front that I am pondering... maybe I'll divulge them this week. As for exercise I'm just going to do the best I can. I've been enjoying the change of pace (haha literally) that the running intervals bring to the workout and so I'm going to focus on that for now and keep trying to up my running distance.

Chores & Errands:

Monday - laundry, vacuum

Tuesday - grocery shopping, clean off desk

Wednesday - vacuum

Thursday - clean off desk (as I surely won't have done that yet), pay bills

Friday - look into weekend trip to tulip festival


angie said...

let me know if you need any tulip time advice....I lived through 3 years of them :-)

can't wait to see new outfit.

and, yes, i survived the in-laws (they were actually super helpful: as you saw planted flowers, cleaned my tub, got stains out of my couch, made amazing dinners). everytime i saw you driving I knew you were thinking, poor, poor angie. :-)

Mrs Furious said...

I knew you were thinking, poor, poor angie
LOL... I surely was!

did Robert & Elise break-up?!!!!!?

Haley said...

Tulip Festival? Fun times -- wish I was close enough to go!

As for cutting yourself some slack -- damn straight! You just keep on truckin'.

Deborah said...

Off the subject, but our friend "Nora" is back, but in a different persona:

Mrs Furious said...

Interesting... thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. F,

Love your blog and your great sense of humor! You definitely have a lot of sensible exercise advice (based on your success) so I'd like to ask a question if I may. I'm trying to tone my hips and inner/outer thighs and am getting frustrated. I use the elliptical regularly, but don't see much change. Squats, lunges, walking, what do you suggest? I'm looking for ideas that have worked for others. Thanks - you look terrific by the way!

Mrs Furious said...

I have to say the single best thing I have done is walk "hills" on the treadmill. My thighs are thinner than they have ever been... I lost some serious fat stores.
I did a slower walk, but still a purposeful pace, and then alternated the incline every 2 minutes or so from low to high... as high as you can keep it up with good form and no holding on... and did that for 60-70 minutes. When I was actively losing I did that 5x a week... and really the hills are great for leg tone. I also do pilates. But I got most of the fat loss/toning results just from walking.
Good luck! I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. My problem is that I don't have a treadmill. I had space for one thing and opted for an elliptical. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a good deal on a treadmill. I want those fat stores gone!

Mrs Furious said...

shoot! Okay I'm going to think on it. Check back tomorrow maybe I'll have come up with an alternative.

katieo said...


I'm a giftcard hoarder too. I don't really know why. Somehow it feels more permanent than just walking into a store and buying something. The set quantity, getting the most for your money, the "this better be good, I'm going to remember this person every time I wear this" pressure...

but I love them! Free clothes, woohoo!

and btw- I had a horrific weekend too (kids accidentally putting the car into neutral...while we were cleaning it...on our incline driveway...thank goodness no one was hurt...that was after the broken cell phone and flat tire...)

Anyway, I'm excited for this week just to distance myself from this weekend!

Julie said...

Hi Katieo!!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh!!! That could have been horrible! I'm so glad everyone is safe!

I have been buying and returning off the same gift card for a year and a half... no joke!

katieo said...

I have been buying and returning off the same gift card for a year and a half.
that's me.

(and hi Julie! :)

Mrs Furious said...

In the night I had an idea!
Most of last year I bounced Baby to sleep on an exercise ball. I sat on it (without a stabilizer) and lightly bounced instead of sitting on a chair. Maybe try that.

Kiki said...

Mrs.F, If Monica has stairs she could walk up and down them about focus on the inner/outer thigh...whew!

Anonymous said...

The ball and stairs sound like great ideas...and I have both so I will give them a try! Don't you love ideas you get during the night!!! Thanks for the ideas.

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