Friday, April 25, 2008

Guess Who I Hate Most Right Now

Sure he wrote some really nice comments about me yesterday.
That was then and this is now...

This is nothing folks. The shit hit the fan when I saw his bags full of impulse buys. I could kill him. I am actually so furious on so many levels that I can't even begin to break it down for you. Let's just say there is a standing Furious Family rule that Mr F is not allowed to go grocery shopping. For a multitude of reasons. Yes that sounds ridiculous but if you understood the full depth of his ADD induced shopping issues you would understand. And lets just say Mr F breaks this rule a few times a year. Tonight is one of those times... and he did it during what should have been my hour to myself and he left Kid here while he did it... and he was gone for 75 minutes without his cell phone... and he is now on my shit list.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow when I've cooled down I will share with you the funnier/infuriating (to me) side of living with someone with Adult onset ADD. I will say that likening ADD to dementia is a completely valid comparison. You can stew on that for tonight.


Kiki said...

Mrs. Furious, I am competely off topic but I needed to let you know that your shout out to me on your video meant a lot to me. I think that you are truly one of the most wonderful women I know...I see it in every thoughtful post. I am so glad that I found my way here and I hope you know that while there are people out there who will try to tear you down we will continue to lift you up and support you.

Know that no matter what I will continue to be here, that mad, sad or glad, I will always be interested in what you have to say, the fact that you know my heart means the world to me, I appreciate you.

Mr.F....why do you stir up Mrs.F, you know better than all of us what kind of week this has been for her??? (I say this in a sing song, teasing kind of voice :) )

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you Kiki.

I also always appreciate that you're up blogging when I am ;)

Are you SC? Mr F is interviewing in NC next week.

Heather said...

OH Mr. F. You know the rules. Why?

I have had to beat it into Pete's head over and over and over again that if he goes to the store to get even one thing, he needs to call me, because it's very likely I'll have other things that I need him to get.

We went into the Container Store after the ultrasound Tuesday. He wanted to walk each aisle. It was a challenge to get him out of there.

Sandcastle Momma said...

My husband saw your video and told me that nothing strikes fear in his heart more than pulling up and seeing me waiting on the porch for him LOL He sends his condolences to Mr. F. When will men learn not to poke the bear? I hope your night gets better from here.

Kiki said...

Mrs. F, Sorry...I am up and fighting with Snapfish, trying to get them to upload pics so I can send them to my boss.

You wouldn't tease a fellow blogger with a move that potentially brings you within visit range, because that would be too much fun!!! Would it help if I told you we have a boat??? Or kayaks??? Yeah, we're outdoorsy like that. Just don't ask me to camp in a tent, I've never done it I'm embarressed to admit!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys and hope that whatever you want is what you'll get...I'm hoping its a move to the "salty sea air"!!!

Mr Furious said...


It's Asheville, so "fresh mountain air" as opposed to "salty sea air".

Kiki said...

Oh wow a Mr.F response....I have not been to Asheville yet, but am dying to go as I have heard its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! Mountain air is just as good and with some real potential to get to the ocean air!!! Best of luck to you next week, I'll be thinking of you!!!

Kiki said...

Oh and I am SC,coastal if it matters.

emmyjw said...

There should be a law against men with ADD shopping for groceries. Nolan is the worst impulse buyer ever. He will buy so much wierd,expensive crap I usually am left speechless. Like Mr F he always acts like "What? I went to the store" when he knows I will have to go again to get the stuff we actually NEED. He also loses either his keys or wallet at least 3 times a week because he NEVER puts them in the same spot. But, I am feelin the love today because he fixed the toilet and the shower faucets that have been broken for over a year. He said,"Man,I should have done this a long time ago!" Ya think? Ugh. PS I really do love your blog and I think mean,immature people need to mind their own bloggity bidness.

Kelly O said...

I think this is a phenomenon that will never go away and future generations of the male gender only get worse. My dad is notorious for the grocery shop shuffle. He has no idea how to go into any grocery store and buy what he went there for - but somehow he always comes home with 5 different types of salsa, about 3 packages of vanilla cookies (they were "on sale"), beer and then ususally some obscure type of polish food he wants to try. Then there was my ex-husband, but he went grocery shopping at the liquor store where all four food groups are: Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, Absolut and Heineken.
LOL Men. Its scary to think of them as adults and alone. No wonder they always want to come to OUR house!

shelley said...

Oh My. I had no idea that ADD caused impulse shopping...this explains a lot. I really need to quit letting my husband go to the store.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh good Lord... Yes!!! Mr F cannot walk into a store (even if it is a specific return only trip) w/o buying something. And the grocery store?!? It is my biggest pet peeve. He has been known to come home with a bag full of family sized jellos (blue)... we don't even really eat Jello... it was on sale. Why was he even in the Jello aisle?! I think he is compelled to walk every aisle.
It is like sending a hungry 7 year old to do your shopping...with a credit card.

Yes Asheville. But someone we were talking about said that the SC coast is actually closer than than NC coast.

Oh congrats on the bathroom. We've been down a shower in the upstairs for 4 years!
Thanks for you kind words too :)

I don't know if my Dad ever did the shopping when I was growing up. He surely would have brought home a bag of cookies and Scotch.

SawSaw said...

Mrs. Furious-

This has nothing to do with this post, but I was wondering if you had any opinion on John Taylor Gatto?

I know you have done a lot of research on home schooling and Gatto is a retired teacher who is against compulsory schooling (basically public schooling in the USA). Apparently, a lot of advocates of home schooling are very interested in his ideals.

Did you ever come across his name in your studies?


lucinda said...

I have come to believe that Stepfather F is actually a food hoarder and that when he goes into a store he realizes that there are canned goods that might become unavailable to him at some point and that he would then die a horrible death. He actually came home with (on sale of course) several cans of collard greens. His explanation? They are good in soup. I will not be making any soup that has canned collard greens in it, ever. We have a small pantry and it doesn't have room for the staples we use much less the endless cans of disgusting things. And get this, the other day I was cleaning out the linen closet and found two industrial sized bags of off brand cheeto things and three boxes of Pad Thai dinner mixes. It's not the waste of money for me it's the craziness.

shelley said...

Oh this makes me feel better, I thought my husband was the only guy who did this crazy impulse buying stuff.

angie said...

uh oh. if only i'd been upstairs at that moment.

did you notice you got my house in there? i feel famous now :-)

did i see Mr F turn into REI today? Uh oh. :-)

But I can't bad mouth Mr F because he saved my ASS yesterday with the sunglass recovery. I might have killed myself had those been run over.

Hope today is better.

P.O.M. said...

Men (even without ADHD) have no business in the market. Unless it's to pick up a nice bottle of wine to bring to dinner.

The Cap would always come home with huge bottles of olives and pickles.

P.O.M. said...

PS: Sorry to mention HIM. Old habits.... ya know.

Mr Furious said...

did i see Mr F turn into REI today? Uh oh.

LOL. I was sent to DiBella's to get lunch. I managed to NOT go into REI even though i was excited to see it is now open.

Mrs Furious said...

You know I was like "shh... he's dead to me." ;)

How long were you guys together by the way?

Lord help Mr F if he had gone in there!

at least it's not ramen noodles... right?! ;)

hicktowndiva said...

Mr & Mrs. Furious-
Asheville is really a beautiful and fab community with a great school system. I can't say enough good things about it. My son will be going to camp there in June...I used to visit there semi-frequently for work. I think the Furious family would do well in Asheville.

Deb said...

Ohhhh... yeah. I'm familiar with this scenario. I don't really think I can say much more, because that would require me to think about it longer, and if I do that, I might be overwhelmed by the urge to go upstairs and smother my husband in his sleep. You know what I mean?

Mrs Furious said...

Oh believe me I understand. I was so mad that I was actually shaking while trying to lie down with Baby... it was one of those things that gets you so pissed you can't get over it until you can issue a full force smack down (which requires the kids to be sleeping first).
And I did make him return them... one of these times he has to learn right?!?... it's only been 9 freaking years of this ;)

Hicktown Diva,
I'm kind of getting excited about the prospect. I try to stay out of it since so many times the jobs don't come through... but I think it would be a really good move for us. Stay tuned!

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