Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Respite


Tiff said...

You have a very beautiful family! Enjoy your day with them!!

Elizabeth said...

awww, you're all so cute!

Heather said...

Awesome picture!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks guys.
The weather is out of control beautiful today... I'm trying my best not to squander it inside at the computer ;)

Deb said...

I love taking family pictures in front of the houses we've owned right before we leave them in the dust.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Deb said...

P.S. Great photo. Such a gorgeous family.

Nutmeg said...

gorgeous picture.

still studying.

spent the last three days inside.


shelley said...

Great pic - Kid looks so much like Mr. F (only cuter) and Baby looks like you. None of my kids look like me, I tell people I just added "cute" to the mix.

But that is a really lovely family photo...was Kid squirming? Looks like Mr. F has a death grip on her?

Andrea said...

Thats a great picture and so happy canine made it in the pic!

Mrs Furious said...

re:death grip
We were using the timer on the camera and Mr F had to scoop her up and get seated before it went off. We had 3 takes... this one didn't show her underwear!

Yes we've got one of each. I was shocked when Kid came out looking like Mr F... always just assumed my genes would be dominant.

Oh I'm sorry :(

I thought some people would be happy to see Canine is still kickin' it ;)

Julie said...

beautiful family picture!

Kiki said...

Really beautiful picture, love the trees in the background denoting the time of year for later viewing!!! Really great family picture.

Sandcastle Momma said...

You have a beautiful family! And I am still loving your haircut. If we lived closer I'd pay you lots to give me such a good cut.

Robin said...

Adorable picture!! You have such a lovely family.

MOF said...

What a great pic! Love that you even got Canine to sit still and pose.

Danielle said...

Great photo! Gorgous family!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks all!

Sandcastle Momma,
funny enough every time I see this pic I think "ugh my hair is too fluffy!!"
I just scheduled an appt.. I'm taking it all off!

hey thanks for the comment :)

still thinking of you and hoping things are going alright.

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