Sunday, May 25, 2008

Overcoming Our Move Related Paralysis

Purging in Progress:


Sandcastle Momma said...

Mrs. F, I have a quick question for you. Is it possible to tell what IP addresses visit your blog? I thought I saw something about that in one of the posts about your inlaws and I want to track IPs on my site. I have an unwanted visitor and want to make sure it's who I think it is before I blast them to hell and back. Did you add something or does blogger track them? Thanks for any help you can offer!

Mrs Furious said...

Sandcastle Momma,
ugh...sorry about that!

Not through Blogger but you can through
Now it isn't totally fool proof (which is how I didn't know the in-laws were reading) but it might help you. Some people are easily recognizable and some are not... I'm not totally sure why... it must have something to do with their internet provider. It can't hurt and it's free.

Liz said...

We are in the process of mocing to a different house! I am using this time to purge as well! We don't have a lot of stuff, the military teaches you not to hang on to too many things...but it is still overwhelming.

For me the toys are the hardest..because what if never know and you put a lot of money into it!

Good luck~

Sandcastle Momma said...

Thanks - I'm going to give it a try.


I'm going to yell out a scream hear for ya......I'm feeling your pain...the "stuff" is all so overwhelming. Me being somewhat of a hoarder makes the amount of stuff we have...way too much.

I'm trying to get over it though....I don't keep as much is just a matter of getting through the old stuff

I'm just rambling...I prob. don't even make any sense

Good luck...know that your bloggin' sistas are supporting ya. ;)


that was suppposed to be "here" not "hear" in my last post

I think having kids zapped my few remaining brain cells

Mrs Furious said...

I hear you on the toys... we went through and sold a lot of Kid's and then I got pregnant and we kind of regretted selling them for pennies on the dollar. Ah well. At the same time I can attest that Baby is much less interested in baby toys then Kid was and really only wants Kid's stuff anyway. I'm keeping one bin of baby toys.

Sunshine Mom,
Ah don't worry about the typos... I don't ever see them.
I've made some major progress... I'm taking all the bins of "keepers" and stacking them in the driveway which has cleared a lot of floor space for sorting and storing... it is much less overwhelming.

Nutmeg said...

I just want to wish you guys luck with everything!

Mrs Furious said...

I cleared out an entire car load of stuff so I'm feeling much more in control than I did this morning.
I've also had 2 lemon squares and about 5 chocolate chip cookies... so far ;)

Kiki said...

Eating a bowl of Breyers Chocolate Chip Coookie Dough as I write this surrounded by boxes...Ken and I trying to de-personalize our house for the pics the realtor is taking and then the house showings.

By the way, my new house won't be ready until October, so we could potentially have a timing issue here....whatever, I am so not going to think about that, just one thing at a time!!!

Thinking of you though and wishing you lots of strength to get through it all...when you find out for sure about the job, when will you all be moving??? ASAP, or take some time???

Julie said...

Ok, when I saw the first part of the basement area with mr f's desk and the tv area, I thought, "no problem once you get started." Then I started to feel sick for you when I saw the other two storage areas AND then I hyperventilated when you said everything has to be cleared to recarpet. My comment is not very helpful. Sorry about that!

Yes, be careful with toy purge. When we nearly moved to Seattle several years ago, I went a little crazy and gave away some toys that I did end up regretting. Of course, they were pretty essential type toys (like blocks and wooden train set, big cardboard blocks). I did make some other kids very, very happy though. And those damn pretend brick cardboard blocks were driving my crazy. It was the blocks I felt like shit about. What kind of mother gives away wooden blocks before their kids are done using them...although they were becoming a bit of a weapon with the boys. So really it was a safety issue, i guess;)

Mrs Furious said...

one of the things I got rid of is a huge box filled with those damn cardboard bricks!!!

Yeah it's a bit overwhelming... but with the weather nice out and being able to use the driveway as a clearinghouse is helping. It was just impossible to move the keeper bins around enough to make room to actually purge, etc.
Today my mission is seemingly stupid but I think important... I'm going to go through all the holiday bins and purge out the bad stuff and then move them to my mom's out to the way. They take up a lot of space and I want to move them out.

Mrs Furious said...

I assume that we'll have to move pretty quickly. Mr F will start by July I'm sure... we'll just try and sell ASAP. Hopefully we'll get a buyer who is willing to close quickly.

Heather said...

I'm not a property owner and my only "expertise" is from watching shows on TLC, but here goes anyway:

I think you should take the bed apart in that one room and rearrange the mattress/box spring to the other side, perhaps centered under the window. Then focus on purging as much as possible. It's a nice bed, yes, but maybe not your buyer's style and it's easier to envision things with a plain bed. It doesn't matter that the furniture match or the room looks pulled together (in my opinion), what matters is the ability to envision the room's possibilities.

Hang in there. Like Julie I panicked when I saw the extent of the basement -- a part of me wanted to help you just run away from the whole thing. Yikes.

Mrs Furious said...

OK... concur... I have to take the big bed apart to move anyway.
Now what if I told you I have a basic white beadboard double bed frame? It is much smaller in stature. That would actually go better with the dresser and bedside table we have anyway.
We have 3 extra bed fames... so ... the staging possibilities are endless ;)

Deb said...

I think the holiday stuff is a great place to start. You're not using it now, so it's really low-stress and easy to deal with. You're going to do great!

After staging a gajillion houses in the last 10 years, I vote for keeping that bed in the room and putting some simple linens on it. If you have a mirror that matches, hang it in the room to make the room look a little larger. I'd definitely lose the big dresser for now and if you have a small desk or something like that, it would be a perfect way to finish the room (hang the mirror over it?) Then I'd hold off adding any more furniture until after the move. That room is simple and pretty, and you're going to show it off beautifully by just leaving it like that.

I still owe you IP blocking info. It's been insane here, and things are finally calming down, so expect that this week.

Heather said...

White bed sounds good. Simple = better. It's 11 p.m. here in Norway and we're headed to bed. Don't tell anyone, but I'm homesick.

carla said...

oooh my toddler wants the stoolanimalseat things!


Mrs Furious said...

You are welcome to 'em!

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