Thursday, July 17, 2008


"See you later... enjoy your new life."  Mrs F says to Mr F as he walks out the door to work.

"I'll enjoy my new life of loneliness."  Mrs F continues (not quite) under her breath.


Haley said...

Awwww, don't be lonely! :(

I had a dream last night you moved to New Jersey. And so did Kate from J&K+8.

I got issues.

michelline said...

Ah! But you can't be completely lonely, can you? After all, you do have us! How are Baby and Kid taking all this adventure? I'm sure it's not quietly...

hicktowndiva said...

Well, we are here! That is the lovely thing about the internet.

Adjusting to a new place is hard. We have been in the town where we live for 7 years now and I still have occasional moments of "WTF is this place all about, anyway?".

The South is very different. Give yourself some time on that one. It is just...different.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Enjoy your in-between time! It will be like an adventure. :)

We had to live in a hotel (with our huge dog and the cat) for 8 days when we arrived in Halifax from Victoria. In the middle of Winter. On the 9th floor (nice hotel but why up so high when we have a dog that has to pee).

DBF had to go to sea almost as soon as we arrived, so I live by myself with the animals in a hotel in a city where I knew NO ONE.

Funny enough I sort of enjoyed myself. The dog and I would go for drives to explore and I checked out a lot of shopping.

Good luck and cheer up girl!

Chrissy said...

Mrs F - when we first moved to Charlotte, NC from Los Angeles I described everything as PO-DUNK. It's been 8 years and I still think there's a lot of po-dunk (of course, Charlotte is the BIG city so not as much in the city limits) but I do love it here now.

There is an Arts & Crafts Festival at Biltmore Village in a few weeks - not sure if you'll be around but you should check it out. There's always a lot of local potters - very whimsical and I'm sure the girls would love it. There's also a TGI Friday's by Biltmore if you need a Mudslide. :)

Hang in there!

Heather said...

I've moved a million times and here's what's always comforting for me in the first few days and weeks where it feels like an out-of-body experience: find the NPR station. Find a walking route for the dog. Find Target. I'm a creature of habit, so when I'm out of my element I feel bizarro.

Hang in there!

P.O.M. said...

Here's to starting over.

Jennifer said...

I feel like that every day since my husband left! lol. It bites. At least you know that yours is only temporary.

You are a very down to earth friendly person. You will be just fine. :) Are you completely done with Ann Arbor? Or do you have to go back for any reason?

Mrs Furious said...

that is fucking hilarious... if only it were true!

Oh believe me for the last month I've been saying "at least I've got my blog friends!!".

The kids are doing well. I need to get Baby out of this company apt and into the house ASAP as it is not baby proof! I'm really glad we're going Up North next week where I can really just relax and enjoy being around my family... and have help with the girls for a bit.

Hicktown Diva,
"The South is very different"
I can't even describe the weirdness... it just is ;)

Thank you for this comment... "PO DUNK" yes that is the term I've been looking for all day! I don't know if I'm reassured or depressed that even Charlotte is like that!

shopping...yes... that will help ;)

oh you know Target has been calling me like the Mecca it is... I spent a good 1/2 hour tracking it down just needing to be in some place familiar.
NPR... good call... that would immediately feel like home for me.

starting over... sometimes good... sometimes bad... always a chance to make a better impression ;)

no I'm not heading back to AA until the holidays.

and... yours is only temporary too :)

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