Saturday, July 19, 2008

Things Are Crazy

Sorry folks but we're in the house and no longer have a consistent reliable connection... as in if I stand right up against the dining room window I can bum off of some unsuspecting neighbor...

I'm headed north with the girls and I'm pretty sure the local cafe there has WiFi... so I'll be checking in.

Remember I'll be back with my old school blogging ways on August 1st.  So get ready for weekly plans, crazy cardio, and some (ahem) weight loss blogging to return in the very near future.


Heather said...

Is the squatter's stuff out? Did you order anti-icky poo? Shall I send some to you? :)

Mrs Furious said...

Yes he cleared out completely yesterday... and the room doesn't smell bad now. I think I might actually have been smelling all the fermenting (rotting) apples that are in huge piles outside our windows (yum)... looks like Mr F has a little yard work to do while we're gone ;)

Elizabeth said...

Have fun Up North!

I wish I was going too, I miss the lake.

Instead I'm dealing with Props for My Fair Lady with only 200$ left. Sigh.

Kiki said...

What about some baking soda in there, or charcoal??? Would that absorb the smell???

In my house I don't get reliable cell service, I have to lay down in my bed with the phone pointing due east or go out in the driveway (tacky). I know all about dodgy service!!! Hang in there and have fun up North!!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm looking forward to getting there. We didn't go up at all last year so it has been a while.
Also looking forward to having some help with the kids... I'm sure your mom & Sally will be more than happy to oblige ;)

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F is on house smell removal while I'm gone... #1 must collect all the rotting apples (who knew we had a mini orchard on our property line?!)... than we'll be able to assess the urine smell better (or hopefully lack there of!)

I clearly need a new cell company & our own wireless hooked up when I get back!

kenady said...

Glad you're in the house! Hope the cat piss smell is gone when you get back. I've got nothin' on how to get rid of that type of smell.

Hope you have a lovely trip north!

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